Anyone who has watched anime within the past two years will recognize the name YURI!!! ON ICE. The anime took the world by storm with its story and animation, becoming one of the best-selling anime of all time. Now, MAPPA, the studio behind the hit anime, in partnership with Avex Pictures, have announced a new show, ZOMBIELAND SAGA. A teaser trailer debuted at Anime Expo 2018 aka the largest anime convention in North America. It’s only a minute long, but it already gives viewers an eerie look into this new series.

Published by Cygames, the anime is expected to hit the small screen this fall! Check out the trailer below:

Zombies like You’ve Never Seen Before

We don’t know much about the show. According to their press release, MAPPA, Avex Pictures, and Cygames hope that ZOMBIELAND SAGA will “give the zombie genre a refreshing new twist.” From the looks of the trailer, it seems like the main characters will take on a traditional “save the world or die trying” approach. And with words like “selfless love,” we can probably assume some romance will take place. The main difference we are sure to see will probably come from the zombies themselves and the world they live in.

Image still from ZOMBIELAND SAGA teaser trailer
“Save the world?” | Image: Avex Pictures

In the YouTube comments for the trailer, fans are getting some pretty strong THE WALKING DEAD vibes. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, THE WALKING DEAD is a long-running thriller on AMC that takes place years after a zombie apocalypse and characters do whatever they can to stay alive, even if it means hurting other humans. Based on the ZOMBIELAND SAGA teaser alone, you can kind of sense why people might think that, but I believe we have to wait until a full trailer comes out to make such solid opinions.

Your Guide to Everything Happening at Anime Expo 2018!


If one thing’s for certain, ZOMBIELAND SAGA will be a hit come this fall. MAPPA is known for titles like KAKEGURUI, TERROR IN RESONANCE, and GARO: VANISHING LINE. Avex pictures, on the other hand, is behind MR. OSUMATSU, NORAGAMI, and ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM. Cygames is responsible for games like GRANBLUE FANTASY and the mobile card game version of RAGE OF BAHAMUT. This won’t be their first time venturing into the world of anime. The gaming company has worked on MADE IN ABYSS, BLADE RUNNER: BLACK OUT 2022, and RAGE OF BAHAMUT: GENESIS. All three companies have worked on YURI!!! ON ICE.

With these three companies at the helm, ZOMBIELAND SAGA is sure to be a must-watch when it releases. Now, all we need is the official trailer! What are your thoughts on the teaser trailer? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image via ZOMBIELAND SAGA Official Website.

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