Zombieland End Credit Sequences

We are not here to tell you how to live your life. The choices you make are you own. That said, you might be curious if there are a ZOMBIELAND DOUBLE TAP Mid Credit Sequence and/or End Credit Sequence in the new film. We are here to alleviate those questions.

The rules are as follows. If you want to know if they exist and only if they exist, read between the first picture below but stop at the second picture/the spoiler warnings. If you really want to know not just if the exist but what the scenes are — if they do indeed exist keep right on — reading past that second picture. The third rule? If you cannot help yourself and spoil this aspect of the movie by reading even though you swear you don’t want to know anything going in to ZOMBIELAND DOUBLE TAP you do not get to blame us.

Zombieland Double Tap Mid Credit
Woody Harrelson and the rest of the crew welcome you to the space after the movie. (Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

Soooo…Does a ZOMBIELAND DOUBLE TAP Mid Credit Sequence Exist?

You bet. This one you basically can’t miss because, unless you sprint for the doors, it will start playing before you even make it out of the theatre.

Oh Wow…I Guess That Means There is No Chance of an End Credit Sequence Then?

Wrong, buster! Not only is there a chance, it is a certainty. You are going to have to wait to the literal end of the credits, through Woody Harrelson covering Elvis Presley and the return of the “yes, this is mostly a comedy but this part is dangerous” musical sting, though. If you have that fortitude, that inner strength, the gift of an End Credit Sequence awaits you.

End Credit Sequences Spoiler
You’ve been warned. (Courtesy of University of Maine)


Zombieland End Credit Sequences
Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg are baffled by you continuing on to Spoiler Country. Don’t let them dissuade you. (Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

Does Either the ZOMBIELAND DOUBLE TAP Mid Credits Sequence or End Credits Sequence Point to A Sequel?

It does not.

So Are They Jokey Ones?

I think it is fair to say they are predominantly of a humorous nature, yes. But that’s not the reason they don’t point to a sequel?

Oh? Why Then?

Well, both the ZOMBIELAND DOUBLE TAP mid credits sequence and end credits sequence concern a time before the film.

How Far Before?

The very early moments of the zombie apocalypse. If these scenes are not showing us the outbreak of the zombie virus, they are certainly showing us an incident early enough on that society very much was still chugging along.

Are You Going to Tell Us What They Are or Just Keep Drawing This Out?

I don’t recall you asking?

Ugh, Fine. What is the ZOMBIELAND DOUBLE TAP Mid Credits Sequence?

This scene is sort of, in the vaguest way, spoiled already by the trailer. You may recall a scene in the trailer of the dearly departed (in the ZOMBIELAND world, anyway) Bill Murray on what appears to be a junket. You do not see this scene at all during the film itself.

However, as the credits start, Columbus (Jessie Eisenberg) pipes in via narration to say he is still feeling guilty about his shooting of Bill Murray in the previous film. As a way to exorcise his grief, he is showing us some Bill Murray pre-death footage.

In it, Murray us in the midst of a GARFIELD 3 press junket. When the outbreak starts, Murray rises to the occasion with a vaguely sociopathic ease. As he walks through craft services, he dispatches these newly undead with whatever is at hand while drily cracking quips.

And the End Credits Sequence?

One of the things that Murray must contend with pre-zombies is that every reporter, including the likes of Grace Randolph and Josh Horowitz in cameos, want him to “do a hairball”. In the End Credits sequence, we go back to the early part of the junket. One of the reporters is from a Spanish speaking outlet. We watch as Murray opts to show her how the hairball sounds in her native tongue. It is a short good gag that has even less to do with ZOMBIELAND then the Mid Credits one did.

So I Should Stay for The ZOMBIELAND Mid Credits Sequence and End Credits Sequence?

They’re funny enough, especially if you like Bill Murray. Besides are you really too busy not to look at the names that made the movie possible? Do you really have no time to honor those hard workers for what they accomplished?

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