After the recent YURI!!! ON ICE musical concert in Osaka, Japan, the franchise made a major announcement about an upcoming film entitled YURI!!! ON ICE the Movie: ICE ADOLESCENCE. The series’s official Twitter account also tweeted details, confirming a 2019 release date. It’s not clear when exactly in 2019, but it’s better than no date at all! Watch the teaser trailer below:

Yuri on What?

Directed by Sayo Yamamoto (LUPIN III: THE WOMAN CALLED FUJIKO MINE, MICHIKO & HATCHIN) and written by Mitsuro Kubo (MOTEKI, AGAIN!!), YURI!!! ON ICE is a 12-episode figure skating anime. Produced by MAPPA (DAYS, INUYASHIKI), the series originally aired in 2016 and is licensed by Crunchyroll and Funimation.

YURI!!! ON ICE revolves around 23-year-old Yuri Katsuki’s competitive figure skating career. The anime opens with Yuri’s devastating loss at the Junior Grand Prix Finals. As he has an emotional breakdown alone in a bathroom stall, Yuri Plisetsky, the competition’s gold medalist, confronts him. Yuri P warns Yuri K against pursuing figure skating and leaves the defeated Yuri with an insult. With that, Yuri K goes home crestfallen, questioning his future career path.

YURI!!! ON ICE and Gay Representation in Anime

Later on back home, Yuri mimics a skating routine by his idol and competitor Viktor Nikiforov, for his childhood friend at the local ice rink. A video recording of Yuri’s performance is shared online and quickly goes viral. After Viktor sees the video himself, he promptly shows up at Yuri’s home in Japan and offers to be his coach. Now the anime picks up, as we also see the beginnings of a dazzling relationship between Yuri K and Viktor.

From then on, the series follows both Yuris as they compete to win the Grand Prix Championship. YURI!!! ON ICE is a show with stunning skating sequences, drama, romance, and powerful camaraderie.


Initially, the YURI!!! ON ICE film was announced in April 2017 with barely any details. However, days before the live streamed YURI!!! ON CONCERT event, the franchise had finally teased a major announcement for the movie.

YURI!!! on ICE film poster
A teaser poster for the upcoming YURI!!! ON ICE film. | Image: YURI!!! ON ICE Official Twitter

The news revealed not only the film’s title and release date but the staff as well, which can be seen on the movie’s official website. It features a lot of returning folks, such as writer Mitsuro Kubo and director Sayo Yamamoto, character design by Tadashi Hiramatsu, music by Taro Umebayashi and Taku Matsushiba, and music production by Keisuke Tominaga of PIANO. The same studio behind the original anime, MAPPA, will also animate the film.

For now, there’s not much else on the official website or the franchise’s official social media. In the freshly-released teaser above, we see Viktor and hear his voice. The visual shows Viktor in the distance, leaving behind footprints in the snow. Overall, it may be safe to assume that the film will revolve around him.

As for the series itself, there isn’t any word of a second season, but this movie is sure to keep us satisfied for now. How do you feel about the upcoming YURI!!! ON ICE movie? What do you think it will be about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Featured image courtesy of Crunchyroll

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  1. Allaiyah Weyn

    December 4, 2018 at 2:36 am

    There’s nothing new about BL (boy-boy romance) It’s been around in manga since at least the 1970s. & you can’t say it’s not BL because any store selling it in Japan will have it stocked in the BL subsection of animes aimed at women.


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