YOUR PAL ARCHIE #2 by Dan Parent and Ty Templeton
YOUR PAL ARCHIE #2 is as rich as Archie's winning lottery ticket and as sweet as Reggie post-head injury. The characters are enjoyable, and the art is keeping in tradition with Archie Comics through and through.
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As tasty as a hotdog and a milkshake
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You know what Archie Comics has always needed? For Archie to suddenly come into a ton of money and learn about tax shelters. Honestly, I don’t know why they didn’t think of this before! That, and Reggie’s personality finally changing for the better (only not in the way you might think), litter the pages of YOUR PAL ARCHIE #2. Created by Dan Parent and Ty Templeton, this light-hearted comic will delight fans young and old with its silly antics. After all, even as the times change, one thing will remain: an Archie comic will always sit on the rack at the grocery store check out. So, let’s dive into the pages of the latest series!

Money and Amnesia

Your friendly neighborhood redhead is back in YOUR PAL ARCHIE #2! The first story picks up where the last issue ended, for Archie came into fifteen million dollars after winning the lottery. Now, Archie tackles the struggle of coming into quite a bit of cash. Having no idea on how to spend the money, those around him try to convince him to spend money on their ventures. Even Principal Weatherbee tries to woo the young student into investing in his theater production.

The second story is more of a set up for the next issue. Reggie, being his oh-so-pleasant self, knocks over Dilton and spills his experiment all over the floor. To add fuel to the fire, he laughs at the poor boy, ignoring the anger of Betty, Veronica, Moose, and Archie. Later that same day during football practice, Archie tackles Reggie, causing Reggie to hit his head. After this accident, it appears that Reggie lost his memories. This forces Archie to look after the now clueless Reggie.

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Courtesy of Archie Comics

The stand out character in YOUR PAL ARCHIE #2 was Archie, especially during the lottery storyline. It felt like they really kept true to what makes him iconic: his good-natured wholesomeness and silliness. However, the other characters did not impress me quite as much. This was probably due to the overall lack of time devoted to them in the issue. When characters like Jughead, Betty, or Veronica did get time in the issue, they mostly served to deliver a punchline. It just seemed to me that they were only there visually, not as actual characters. This is disappointing to me as a fan of the series.

Comedy and The Teen Experience

Subsequent issues of YOUR PAL ARCHIE keep getting funnier and funnier. With such ridiculous situations as winning the lottery and getting amnesia, the writers do a good job of maintaining the silly tone throughout. The only real problem is the slang used in the stories. I know that the writers attempt to get a general snapshot of how kids speak these days; yet some of their choices of words seemed more keen on punching down at various ideas than being real slang.

Courtesy of Archie Comics

For example, when Reggie informs Moose he cannot join Archie’s entourage, Moose tells Reggie to “give me a safe space or I’ll pound you!” Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive, but it seemed like we were supposed to be laughing at Moose’s use of the phrase “safe space” and, as a result, laughing at the concept of safe spaces. Making fun of safe spaces isn’t something I personally agree with, as such this might be why the joke did not land for me.

This happens again later when Veronica tells Reggie to “mansplain on someone who cares.” I’ll admit, this one landed better, but again, I couldn’t help shake the feeling the reader’s sympathy lied with Reggie. Something about how casually the characters dropped these terms made me want to roll my eyes as these are serious issues. Other readers might experience something different. Despite these gripes, I must say the writers did a fantastic job overall 0f capturing that cheesy yet fun teenager vibe similar to older ARCHIE comics but very much grounded in a new era.

Voguing Like You’ve Never Vogued Before

I’m just going to come right out and say it: Dan Parent and Ty Templeton, I love your designs, but why the hair? Why does Archie have hair bushy on the top with the shaved off sides? Now it’s not just Archie who’s been struck with this Abercrombie and Fitch plague! Moose too succumbs to this style trend; only Moose chooses to spike his hair upward (leading many to question how his hair remains so tall). Even if it just came out of his football helmet, it remains standing.

However, these gripes about hair really encompass all of my complaints about the art. Overall, I love it. I love how distinct yet similar it appears to previous Archie comics. The thick lines with the simple character models always make me think of “Archie Comics.” These characters don’t need a lot of explaining, they simply are. I love how each character does look different from another: it really helps give the series its personality.

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Final Thoughts on YOUR PAL ARCHIE #2

In the end, YOUR PAL ARCHIE #2 tells fun stories. These antics read as just that: antics. Who doesn’t love some good, light-hearted comedy now and again? I appreciate the lengths gone to make Riverdale look modern while still keeping to the relatively cheesy humor that’s a staple of the brand. The times change, yet Archie comics remains endearingly the same.

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