Yesterday, Monte Cook Games announced a Kickstarter campaign for YOUR BEST GAME EVER: a Role-Player’s guidebook.

YOUR BEST GAME EVER is a resource guide to help tabletop fans improve their games. To quote MCG it’s, “not a rule book, but a tool book.” According to the Kickstarter, YOUR BEST GAME EVER covers three broad topics:

  1. Learning tabletop games.
  2. Improving your skills as a dungeon master.
  3. Creating your own RPG.


    It looks like this book has a lot to offer. (Courtesy of Monte Cook)

YOUR BEST GAME EVER will be 160 pages. It’ll be available as both a pdf and a hardcover book. If you back the Kickstarter, you’ll also receive a copy of the Cypher System rulebook.

About Monte Cook Games

Led by industry veteran Monte Cook, Monte Cook Games is best known for creating the Cypher System: an RPG ruleset that emphasizes exploration, creativity, and improvisation. NUMENERA, their flagship series, has won numerous awards over its relatively short lifespan.

Seen here: an average day in the world of NUMENERA. (Courtesy of Inxile Entertainment)

Aside from NUMENERA, Monte Cook is famous for his work on DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, and numerous products over his 30-year long career.


Presumptuous title aside, I can definitely see this book’s appeal.

I may not be the biggest tabletop fan, but I’m a huge fan of NUMENERA and the company behind it. Monte Cook Games has proven their talent time and again, developing creative worlds, and innovative ways to explore them.

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I’ve always wanted a toolset like this, something to make tabletop games a little less intimidating. I’m also a big fan of world building. The ability to take my own stories and adapt them into a custom-made RPG is like a dream for me. A book like this may be what it takes to finally get me into tabletop games, but only time will tell.

YOUR BEST GAME EVER was fully funded in less than 24 hours, but you can still check out the Kickstarter here.

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