An ominous cover by Miguel Sepulveda with a skull inside a defunct X-O Manowar helmet. Within, the story is set “Before”. The new recruits, Malgram and Reebo among them, are graduating to real hunters. They are introduced to colorful Gin-Gr vessels, theirs if they survive. The Gin-Grs “awaiting new friend assignments” seemed more like Furbys or Tamagachis rather than threats…disarming the reader and separating them from those who  would go on to decimate Mexico City. The group’s First Hunt was a success. They hunted “The Armor”… (Hence the name). The X-O armor (and the creature inside it) was hunted without mercy. Although the focus was on Malgram and Reebo, Lilt had an important scene revealing him as more of a pacifist. Helix remained wooden, or rather, robotic. Venditti does create an interesting story here, lots of action. Artist Diego Bernard creates wild aliens making up the brigade. The landscapes and scope of things are really exotic and beautiful. I am glad for a half time break in the action to get better acquainted with our invaders.  While it did seem jarring for the break to be in THIS title, it was needed. The next issue (and the last half of the event) promises to deliver the action and story.

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