This honestly should have happened a long time ago, but here we are: Kitty and Colossus are getting married! Even for the casual X-Men fan, this is a huge deal. Kitty and Colossus are some of the most beloved X-Men characters and their relationship is similarly popular. The X-MEN GOLD ‘Til Death Do Us Part arc will feature the wedding and a few other, more action-packed stories. The arc will begin in April with X-MEN GOLD #26 and end with X-MEN GOLD #30 (the wedding issue) in June. The creative team heading this historic comic event includes writer Marc Guggenheim and artists Diego Bernard, Paul Renaud, Michele Bandini, Geraldo Borges, and David Marquez. The cover artist for the entire arc will be the very talented Phil Noto. Check out the gallery below to see the two covers by Noto that have been released!

Guggenheim revealed his eagerness about the arc, saying, “After nearly 40 years, I’m extremely excited — and anxious — about telling the next chapter in Kitty and Peter’s epic love story.” According to Guggenheim, “The wedding is the capstone on a story that is classic X-Men, with Kitty risking it all to save the man she loves.”

A Wedding and a Death: Here’s What’s Happening Around the Marvel Universe

A Wedding to Remember

While there’s sure to be lot’s of gooey scenes between the cute couple, there’s also going to be a lot of action for those less romantically inclined. Marvel promises plenty of fighting, evil alliances, and life-threatening situations in X-MEN GOLD ‘Til Death Do Us Part. In the arc, a mysterious villain attacks the X-Men and targets Colossus. This then forces Kitty to put aside wedding planning and focus on saving her fiancée. It doesn’t look like Kitty and Colossus are going to be getting a lot of pre-marital bliss. It is, after all, a superhero wedding.

If you’re as excited about this upcoming arc as I am, make sure to pick up the X-MEN WEDDING SPECIAL. This special companion issue, written by the X-Men veteran Chris Claremont, comes out in May. It includes three exclusive stories about the wedding party and Kitty and Colossus’ relationship. While not vital to the storyline, the X-MEN WEDDING SPECIAL is perfect for any Kitty and Colossus fans who want to see more of their favorite mutant couple.

The first issue in the X-MEN GOLD ‘Til Death Do Us Part arc will be available on April 18th. The last issue (the wedding issue) will be available on June 20th.

X-MEN GOLD ‘Til Death Do Us Part Image Gallery

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