X-MEN BLUE #15 brings us the exciting sixth entry of the “Mojo Worldwide” story arc! The villainous Mojo has begun executing his plan to terraform New York City so that a new addition of the Mojoverse can be established. Of course, our favorite mutants heroes aren’t letting this plan slide. The Blue and Gold teams of the X-Men have united to stop Mojo once and for all. The question is, will they succeed?

x-men blue #15
X-MEN BLUE #15 page 4. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The fifteenth installment of X-MEN BLUE commences with a battle between the united X-Men and Mojo’s minions. The X-Men are attempting to infiltrate Mojo’s control room so that they can cut off his resources and end his connection to the Mojoverse for good. With the assistance of Mojoverse citizen Longshot, Jean Grey, Old Man Logan, and others race against the clock to end the terraforming process. As they begin to battle Mojo, Magneto, Danger, and Polaris make their entry. Jean Grey reveals that she called to them for assistance, and her decision ends up paying off. The magnetic father and daughter create an electromagnetic pulse that ultimately ends Mojo’s connection to the Mojoverse.

The Games Begin

Interestingly though, during the events of the battle, Rachel Summers makes the daunting discovery that Magneto has been working with the X-Men Blue team for quite some time. During this period, Kitty Pryde and other members of the X-Men Gold squad were under the impression that the notorious X-Men foe was dead. So, this revelation leads to a bit of tension within the X-Men, resulting in a confrontation between Kitty Pryde and Magneto, in which she expresses her distrust of him. However, Colossus intervenes and expresses his belief that she should acknowledge the good he did in saving New York City rather than dwell on past faults, at least for the moment.

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X-MEN BLUE #15 primarily focuses on its action sequences. However, this does not take away from Cullen Bunn’s engaging narrative and characters. Bunn doesn’t shy away from humor, which only enhances the entertainment factor of the issue. I especially enjoyed the brief yet poignant moments between Old Man Logan and Jimmy Hudson during the battle. The two have distinct differences in their characters but, overall, they maintain the same resolve to be a part of something for the greater good. As a result of these aspects, the issue cultivates a great balance between action and story that makes for a wildly entertaining entry in this awesome series.

x-men blue #15
X-MEN BLUE #15 page 5. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of X-MEN BLUE #15

The artwork of X-MEN BLUE #15 is astounding. Jorge Molina presents some beautiful panels that exemplify the issue’s fast pace. Even with said pace, the characters never once get lost in the fray. The depictions of each and every character are consistent and unique. With this, the intricacies of the panels are wonderfully engaging. The stand out sequence in this issue is on its second and third pages. Molina illustrates the battle of the X-Men Blue and Gold teams against Mojo’s soldiers on an epic scale. He showcases the prowess of each member of the X-Men, breathing life into their characters.

Colorist Matt Milla livens this sequence further through his vibrancy. He makes every character distinct through their own respective color palette. As a result, the panels feel dynamic.

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For the most part, the tone throughout the issue is consistently light. However, there are moments where Milla will starkly contrast the lighter sequences with more monochromatic ones. In those moments, Mojo’s prowess is often emphasized through Molina’s portrayals. As a result, readers get an enticing juxtaposition between the tones of good and evil.

Thus, there’s no doubting that the imagery of X-MEN BLUE #15 is impressive.

What Lies Beyond

Though the results of the final battle in X-MEN BLUE #15 seem to imply Mojo’s end for good, the final page reveals that this may not be the case after all. In addition to this, there still remains tension within the X-Men regarding Magneto’s role in their lives. Many challenges lie ahead for our titular team of heroes. The question is though, will that challenge come in the form of Mojo himself or something far worse?

X-MEN BLUE #15 by Cullen Bunn, Jorge Molina, & Matt Milla
In another entertaining entry of X-MEN BLUE, Cullen Bunn and company take readers on a fun adventure that never has a dull moment.
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    Trio? It was only Magneto and Polaris who creates an electromagnetic pulse that ultimately ends Mojo’s connection to the Mojoverse, just saying.


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