X-23 #9

The X-Men have a mystery on their hands in this X-23 #9 preview. After running tests on another cyborg clone of Laura, Beast reaches an interesting hypothesis.With Gabby growing attached to a kindred clone, there doesn’t look to be a clean resolution. That said, there are plenty of questions left to be answered. Check out the preview below!


X-23 #9


Written by: Mariko Tamaki

Art by: Diego Olortegui

Cover by: Ashley Witter

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The mystery surrounding the X-Assassin grows, as Laura investigates its origins and Gabby does her best to find the humanity deep in its robot heart… But the X-Assassin isn’t the only threat facing the sisters!

X-23 #9 Preview Image Gallery

X-23 #9 X-23 #9 X-23 #9 X-23 #9 X-23 #9

X-23 #9
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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