Gabby and Laura are going to school in this preview of X-23 #6! Will they be able to solve the case, keep their covers, and not punch anyone they aren’t supposed to? Check out the preview below to see how this mission gets started!

[one_half]x-23 #6


Published: November 7, 2018

Written by: Mariko Tamaki

Art by: Georges Duarte, Chris O’Halloran, VC’s Cory Petit

Cover by: Ashley Witter

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Laura and Gabby go undercover as teacher and student to uncover a deadly secret. Will Gabby be teacher’s pet? Will Jonathan?

X-23 #6 Preview Image Gallery

x-23 #6 x-23 #6 x-23 #6 x-23 #6 x-23 #6 x-23 #6

x-23 #6
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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