WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO #4 by Beau Smith, Tim Rozon, Angel Hernandez, and Jay Fotos
Beau Smith and Tim Rozon weave even more nail-biting battles and promise bigger baddies, while Angel Hernandez and Jay Fotos get gritty and bloodthirsty with their artwork.
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Deliciously Gruesome
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After the exciting and virtually perfect issue that was WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO #3, I really didn’t know how writers Beau Smith and Tim Rozon could step up their game any further. However, WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO #4 doesn’t disappoint. Smith and Rozon take already high stakes and turn up the heat with new obstacles and enemies. To top it all off, artist Angel Hernandez and colorist Jay Fotos deliver some deliciously gruesome artwork.

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High Stakes and High Tensions

In this issue, our ragtag crew goes a little unhinged. After seeing how much they care about each other and how noble they can be, it’s really interesting to see Wynonna, Doc, and Valdez teeter on the edge for a bit. Dolls is in the hands of Alpha X, and Wynonna’s old crew — the Banditos — dwindles in numbers. Baddie ringleader Keegan suggests that Wynonna join him to save the friends of hers that are still standing. She doesn’t take it too well, crucifying his choices and popping a gun in his mouth, ready to shoot.

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Doc struggles with the loss of the Bandito named Cowboy Bob. Doc hails the actions of Alpha X as “monstrous” and determines that only monstrous acts in return will stop them. From high in their watchpoint, Waverly and Nicole comment that it looks as though Doc has a death wish. Meanwhile, Valdez isn’t doing too hot, either. Valdez loses her Bandito war ally, Death Ray, and then has to face down Alpha X tracker Heiwa. While Valdez had been severing heads before, now she throws her weapon aside and puts all her rage into action to incapacitate the other woman.

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Enemies and Allies

WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO #4 opens in a snowy mansion, with a group of people readers have never seen before conversing about Keegan and Wynonna. The entirety of this story has taken place in the desert land of the Bloody Porch, and switching to such a contrast at the top of the issue made me think I had skipped something. However, it’s an interesting peek at the villainy to come — those who are allegedly worse than the ones currently blowing the Banditos to hell.

It certainly built tension, too, as I waited eagerly to see how the current confrontation would unfold. Jumping on that train of thought, once we break away from the chilly mansion, Dolls proves himself to be a self-rescuing damsel. He breaks free of his ties to help Doc in a fight. His capture could have been dragged out for more drama and emotional impact, but the manful apologies between him and Doc are worth it.

Image Courtesy of IDW Publishing.

As Wynonna battles Alpha X, help makes an appearance in the form of good ol’ Smitty. Smitty’s the Black Badge boss man, and while he’s made appearances in WYNONNA EARP comics since Wynonna was a blonde, it’s awesome to see him crash the party now. Unfortunately, he doesn’t come alone. He introduces Agent Kate Lucado to the crew. While she’s harmless for now, fans of the television show know she’s not the cuddliest ally.

Without giving too much of this awesome story away, the comic wraps up the penultimate issue nicely. The looming baddies are given a name, and Smitty gives Wynonna a slew of warnings as they figure out where to go from here. Most excitingly, Smitty suggests teaming up with one of the Alpha X members, and nobody is happy about it.

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Gruesome Artwork

The artwork by Angel Hernandez and the coloring by Jay Fotos perfectly capture the brutal, off-their-rocker energy of this issue. Whether it’s Valdez holding up severed heads or bullets busting apart skulls, WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO #4 doesn’t pull punches. While the violence of the fight scenes makes me a little squirmy, I don’t find it excessive. It actualizes the danger our heroine is in, and it puts readers in the middle of it all without showing a little too much. The artwork makes me really feel the losses, through a combination of the mastery of emotion and a grip on the vivid action.

Image Courtesy of IDW.


This issue really plunges into something darker, and it does it in a truly masterful way. The tension of this comic stretches so tight that I can’t wait to see what breaks next. On the other hand, I’m eager to see what may heal. While I’m sad to see WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO coming to an end, I’m more than ready for issue #5.

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