Beau Smith and Tim Rozon deliver a perfectly paced plot with heart and danger.
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Sensational and Snarky

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WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO #2, written by Beau Smith and Tim Rozon, starts off with a bang — or rather, a scuffle. Dolls, Valdez, Nicole, and Waverly barge into Shorty’s in search of Doc. Of course the man of the hour lounges at a table with his feet up in a casual swagger, sipping from a glass of whiskey, anticipating the confrontation. In the middle of the night, Doc helped Wynonna stock up on government weapons, letting her run off to help her old gang — the Banditos — alone. Tensions are high, but of course her makeshift family isn’t going to let themselves be sitting ducks for long.

Triangle Tangle

After the gang finds Doc at Shorty’s, Dolls is quick to accuse him of not caring about Wynonna’s safety. This, of course, launches a lot of circular talking, intense staring, and a particularly overdramatic fistfight. As the first issue had a slow start, I thought this was an interesting way to kick things into gear. It doesn’t dive too quickly into the main plot line, but still delivers on the action. Besides, I’m a sucker for emotional moments. Any comic that can combine feelings and action into a panel has me hooked.

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In my opinion, the exchange also employs artful characterization. Putting two interesting and lovable characters at extreme odds with one another brings out their personal strengths and weaknesses. Both of them are strong men, and they’re both clearly passionate. However, Doc is notoriously reckless, while Dolls is always a little too by the books. They both care about Wynonna, but they both think they know what’s best for her, and she has so little time for that nonsense that she’s already miles away on a sick motorcycle.

Image from WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO #2, courtesy of IDW.

Barring some pretty great one-liners, the fight between Doc and Dolls is entirely ridiculous and ill-timed. The lovely women who witness the whole affair seem to feel the same. Valdez, Nicole, and Waverly have no patience for their display of dominance, as more important things are at hand. Namely, locating the woman they happen to be quarreling over. Waverly, ever the voice of reason, firmly reminds them that her sister doesn’t need any sort of man in her life, and quickly gets everyone back on track.

Doom Minus the Gloom

While what Wynonna’s mysterious key unlocks still remains a mystery, WYNNONA EARP SEASON ZERO #2 does give us more insight into Alpha X. They’re a group of people who have undergone DNA advancements and have since developed special abilities. While discussing rumors of the group with Valdez, Dolls makes it clear that he believes the most dangerous of all of the “experiments” is after Wynonna. As Valdez mentions her experience with an Alpha X member who is a master tracker, it’s clear that this is going to be anything but a cakewalk for Wynonna and the gang.

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In true Wynonna fashion, our favorite gunslinger doesn’t let the fact that she’s practically on a suicide mission faze her. Wynonna’s not a quitter, and with her merry band of black badge misfits joining her good ol’ biker gang, she’s stronger than ever. They may be staring down imminent danger, but if she has to go down, she’ll go down shooting. And you can be damn sure she’ll go down snarking.

Image from WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO #2, courtesy of IDW.

Compelling Artwork

As always, Angel Hernandez’ art and Jay Fotos’ coloring does a magnificent job of capturing the fun and gritty spirit of WYNONNA EARP. The fight sequence between Doc and Dolls is especially compelling. With every traded blow I flinch like I can feel the impact myself. The startling splashes of red blood heighten both the action and the emotion. Even the panels where the boys lower their fists and duke it out with some extra intense staring action gets my blood pumping.

Image from WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO #2, courtesy of IDW.


This comic delivers the perfect balance of danger and heart. While the first issue might have dragged a little, WYNONNA EARP SEASON ZERO #2 sets an excellent pace. I’m dying to find out more about the key and the other members of Alpha X. I’m on the edge of my seat, too, waiting for some bullets to fly.  I can’t recommend this comic enough.

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