More news is coming in about the WONDER WOMAN sequel. Titled WW84, we know it will take place in 1984. The first film has more than a few similarities to the first CAPTAIN AMERICA film. Let’s compare the two films and then speculate if WW84 could follow suit with WINTER SOLDIER.

Heroes Out Of Time — Diana and Steve Rogers

Right off the bat, both heroes exist beyond the normal limits of time.

Diana, Amazon Princess of Themyscira, has lived most of her life on a secluded island with her mother and sisters. She’s the daughter of Zeus, meaning that she also has a much longer life span than most. This is why the first film is able to take place during World War 1, the second in 1984 for WW84, and her presence in JUSTICE LEAGUE, which is in the present.

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Steve Rogers enlists to join the army during 1942. He agrees to an experimental procedure to turn him into a Super Soldier for the US. The procedure was a success, and Steve Rogers became Captain America. The film, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, sees Rogers stopping the forces of Hydra led by the Red Skull. At the film’s end, Steve becomes encased in ice for 70 years, kept alive due to the Super Solider serum. SHIELD revives him in the present, which is why his following sequels take place in the present.

This is the first thing Diana and Rogers have in common. Their ability to be heroes and protect others doesn’t have the same time constraints as other heroes that naturally come with a regular mortal/human life.

World War Fighters, Shields & All

The first films for both heroes take place in World Wars. Diana has WWI and Rogers has WWII. They both fight German scientists planning to create terrible weapons, leading their own teams, Diana having Steve Trevor and his friends, and Rogers with his Howling Commandos. Rogers and Diana both defeat their respective villain, Ares, and the Red Skull, and save the War from escalating even further.

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Also, While Captain America may be more attached to his, both he and Diana use bullet-deflecting shields as they fight the German forces. Those German forces and the weapons they want to create also have the influence of supernatural forces. Ares influences the forces in WONDER WOMAN, and the Red Skull’s influence comes from his obsession with the supernatural, which leads him to the Tesseract.

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Sacrifice By a Guy Named Steve

The climaxes of both films offer scenes where the Germans have their weapons ready to fly out in large planes.

In WONDER WOMAN, Steve Trevor gets into the plane. Seeing that they only way to prevent the use of the weaponized gas is to sabotage the plane, he blows it up with him inside. Much to Diana’s regret, he sacrifices himself so that Diana can live on and protect the world.

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In CAPTAIN AMERCA, Steve Rogers is in the German plane full of the Tesseract bombs, designated for major cities. With the Red Skull gone, Steve takes the controls. He sees that the only way to stop the cities from being destroyed is to force the plane down. Once he does, he and the plane are submerged in the icy waters. He is then found 70 years later.

Diana and Rogers — Differences

Despite the number of similarities, there are some pretty strong differences as well. Especially with the heroes and how they view the world.

For Diana, she’s experiencing the world of man for the first time. She sees the corruption, the mistakes, and the violence with fresh eyes. She wasn’t expecting any of this, believing all of the war and problems to be the result of Ares. When she learns that this isn’t the case, her development as a character has everything to do with eventually understanding that humans are only human. She can protect them, and lead them towards a better hopeful future, despite humanity’s flaws.

For Rogers, his sole motivation is to serve his country and join the fight in WWII. Despite his perceived weakness and ineptitude, Rogers’ belief that he can make a difference in the world for good is what earns him the right to be a Super Soldier. He proves that one man can change the world for the better.

As a result of these viewpoints, the tones of the movies are different as well. Diana’s new experiences in WWI cause the film to focus more on the moments of despair, violence, and corruption. It gives WONDER WOMAN a more serious tone than CAPTAIN AMERICA. CAPTAIN AMERICA is more about Rogers saving the day and being the hero he always knew he could be, so the film’s a bit lighter and focuses on the more heroic aspects.

WW84: Potentially Like WINTER SOLDIER?

We don’t know much about WW84, but we do know a couple things and whose going to be in it. Set photos and officially released images have shown Gal Gadot in the titular role of Diana, as well as Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor! We also see Kristen Wiig playing the film’s villain, Cheetah.

Image from DC

Seeing Steve Trevor alive is somewhat curious. He’s supposed to be dead from WWI, not chilling with a fanny pack in 1984. Some theories as to why this could be have ranged from Chris Pine playing a descendant of the original Trevor, to being a figment of Diana’s imagination. Some also suggest that Steve could have survived and somehow been preserved until 1984.

In any case, seeing a believed-dead character return is something we’ve seen before: Bucky Barnes’ return to CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER.

Furthermore, reports say that Diana will face off against the Russian Soviet Union in the midst of the Cold War. Bucky Barnes just so happens to become the Winter Soldier assassin as the result of Russian Soviet Union/Hydra experimentation.

ALSO, Minerva is said to be a friend/ally to Diana in the film’s beginning, to be revealed later as the villainous Cheetah. Captain America had to deal with his supposed friends/allies revealing themselves as evil Hydra agents in Winter Soldier. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

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Actually, it probably is just coincidence, and I’m just reaching.

While there’s plenty of fun comparisons to observe from the first films of some epic heroes, I don’t think this mitigates either film’s entertainment level or impact. There’s enough in each film to make its respective hero distinct and awesome. WW84 is sure to be great and we’ll have more news on it as we get it!

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WW84 is scheduled for release June 5, 2020.

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