WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #4 tells the tale of Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, as he finds himself face to face with the ruler of the demon realm Humongous. Behind Humongous rests the iron door, the entrance back to the land of the living. As Gilad fights for his life, he discovers he is not the only one awaiting his resurrection.

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This comic is all about the ending. The cliffhanger is incredibly interesting and sets up the entire series for a very compelling second act. The twist makes so much sense in the context of the Valiant universe, and seems so obvious after the fact, yet is still hard to see coming until it actually happens. It is difficult to go into more detail without spoiling the end, but the future for WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR is set up wonderfully in issue #4.

Wrath of the eternal warrior 4 page 1

The parts of the story that can be talked about are also fantastic. The battle with Humongous is brutal. This issue really does a phenomenal job of building off of the tension and anger Gilad shows in the previous three issues. The payoff of the violent battle between Gilad and Humongous is perfect. Each is desperate to kill the other: one for pride, the other for his life. Writer Robert Venditti creates a narrative that continuously builds emotionally and issue #4 is a flawless climax.

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There is also the story of Gilad’s family and his firstborn son Kalam, as he tries to come to terms with the fact that father he never knew in life is leaving him again in death. There isn’t a lot of time spent on this narrative, but it is clearly setting up Kalam as a very important future character.

Wrath of the eternal warrior 4 page 5

The artwork is fantastic throughout as well. WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR has a very clean look, relying mostly on multi-panel pages. The decision to have such panel-heavy pages, sometimes having as many as ten individual panels on a page, really creates a fluidity to the story. It keeps the action very dynamic and allows artist Raul Allen to really focus on each intricate aspect of the fight between Gilad and Humongous.

In the end, WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR #4 is an amazing conclusion to the first arc and sets up a great future for the series. This comic book is a must read.

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