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The name or term "Windblade" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Windblade (disambiguation).
Windblade is a Camien Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Windblade is a young Transformer who puts duty and truth first, even when both are difficult. Her friend and bodyguard Chromia can get frustrated at times with the strength of Windblade's convictions, and Chromia believes Windblade trusts too much. This may not be a worldview that can survive sharing a planet with Starscream, and she may learn that at times she will have to choose between truth or duty.

Windblade is a better-than-average swordswoman, but her claim to fame is her rare talent for communicating with dormant Titans, for which she bears the title of Cityspeaker. Like other Cityspeakers, her face bears the markings of Caminus.

I am a child of the Titan Caminus. I am the cityspeaker for the last city on Cybertron. And both are my home. I have only begun to fight.Windblade, Windblade vol. 1 #4



IDW Generation 1 continuity

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Caminus's Angels

Windblade was a Transformer who hailed from the planet Caminus, born from the hot spot within the Titan Caminus who colonized the world and for whom it became named. As on the other Titan colonies and unlike on Cybertron, the citizens of Caminus maintained gender dimorphism, with Windblade being female. Windblade had been eager to become a cityspeaker so as to aid Caminus in any way she could and threw herself into her work even when other told her to hold herself back. If I Know You She was friends with Velocity and Nautica, and sometimes discussed science and engineering with the latter. An Axe to Break the Ice

Long cut off from Cybertron, Caminus' isolation ended with the arrival of Thunderclash; Windblade, her bodyguard Chromia, and quantum engineer Nautica joined his crew in hopes of reconnecting with their homeworld and gaining aid for their ailing planet. A 'Bot and Her City Secretly however, Windblade wondered if she'd been chosen for the mission so Caminus could be rid of her and swore not to fail at the daunting task ahead of her. If I Know You The Chosen One Days after their joining Thunderclash's crew, his ship the Vis Vitalis came across the Autobot sage Alpha Trion, who informed them that his longstanding partner, the Titan Metroplex, was grievously wounded and required help. With Trion unable to help due to a quest that otherwise occupied him, and Thunderclash unwell, Windblade and her friends boarded a fast shuttlecraft and sped to the ocean world of Hydrophena, where Metroplex was currently in hiding as an alchemical virus ravaged his body. The trio set themselves up inside his body, and began attempting to repair him. Burning Bright

They're Windblade and the brain
Yes, Windblade and the brain
One is an organ
The other's fan-made!

After some time, Windblade's group was found by a team of Autobots from the Lost Light, who had been summoned there through complicated means by Metroplex himself. Using their ship's engines, they were able to give Metroplex's spark a jump-start, giving him the strength to space bridge back to Cybertron, where a battle between its inhabitants and the Necrotitan was taking place. Burning Bright Though surprised by the sight of another Titan, Windblade and the other Autobots refused to abandon Metroplex's body; presently, Megatron returned Metroplex's severed thumb, laden with the transmutative Ore-7, to him, healing him allowing him to defeat the Necrotitan. Finis Temporis Following the battle, Windblade asked Metroplex about the ore's origins, and he explained that he had picked it up during his travels and jettisoned it when he was attacked by Ammonites. Windblade related her findings to Ultra Magnus, but was unable to coax any information out of Metroplex that would help Magnus and the rest of the Lost Light crew in their search for the Knights of Cybertron. The Becoming Not long afterwards, Ammonites began to swarm Cybertron, forcing Magnus to radio Windblade to ask Metroplex for aid. The titan needed no encouragement, and began to fight the horde. Black Planet The Ammonites were subsequently destroyed by Metalhawk, after which Windblade and her fellow Camiens were called on by Mainframe to engage the splintered components of Monstructor. ...And the Damage Done

When the fighting was done, Windblade sought out Optimus Prime, to pass on a one-word message given to her by Alpha Trion before she had parted company with him: "Earth". Hello Cruel World The Mind Bomb Prime first had to preside over the trial of Megatron, which Windblade was in the audience for, Towards Peace Predestination: A Beginner's Guide but after that was done, he prepared to leave to follow Trion's trail. Windblade and Ironhide stayed behind on Cybertron, now under Starscream's leadership; Prime warned her to be wary of the Seeker, but Windblade simply returned that she was wary of everyone on this war-blighted world. Hello Cruel World

But aside from that, he's great!

Six months after the battle of the Titans, Windblade had tried settling into life on Cybertron as it had settled into Metroplex. She had an important role as Cityspeaker to the heavily-damaged Metroplex, though she was a novice at it and Starscream, the planet's leader, grew impatient and suspicious of her. Rolling blackouts threatened the city, and after she investigated the cause of those with Chromia, she also sought advice for how to best interact with Starscream. After talking with many of the denizens of Blurr's bar, she came to the sobering realization that Starscream was a scheming opportunist who shouldn't be trusted. Not long after this revelation, an explosion seriously damaged her and put her under medical care. Moments before the explosion, she had seen Rattrap, Starscream's henchman, leaving the scene, and as she awoke from her medical bed, seeing Starscream approach her, she suspected Cybertron's leader had tried to kill her. A 'Bot and Her City


After giving Windblade a veiled threat, Starscream and Rattrap departed. Windblade revealed to Chromia that she had found traces of explosives, before the bodyguard discovered reporters spying on them. Later the two of them met up with Ironhide, who they had sent to guard Metroplex's brain. Windblade searched Metroplex's brain for reasons why Starscream would cause the blackouts, when Chromia noticed that Waspinator had let slipped in an interview that he knew something. Windblade was able to convince him to show her what he discovered despite his unwillingness to talk; a "mine" Starscream had build inside Metroplex, used to sift the Titan for the Regenesis ore in his body. Windblade returned to the reporters and brought them and the denizens of Blurr's bar down there to reveal the mine to them. Three of the Terrorcons guarded the mine, and they were more than happy to try to take down Windblade and her friends. A Long Way Down Though she fought back valiantly, at a moment of weakness Starscream and Rattrap interrupted the battle to arrest Windblade and the others (minus Chromia and Sky-Byte) for "crimes against Cybertron."

While the others were jailed, Windblade was interrogated violently by Rattrap. However, this interaction convinced her that while Starscream may be responsible for the mine, he was not responsible for the bomb that killed several citizens and nearly her. Then, Chromia and Sky-Byte invaded the compound to free Windblade and the others, and Windblade confided in her friend that she had discovered that Starscream was not the culprit they were after, to Chromia's shock. Windblade vol. 1 #3 Starscream and his goons were swiftly upon them, and the battle recommenced. Windblade and Chromia barely managed to duck inside Metroplex's brain room as Windblade attempted to hook up directly to Metroplex and solve everything. Merged mentally with Metroplex, finally she understood everything. She saw other Transformer colony worlds that had also broken off from Cybertron. She saw Caminus before he went lost. And, sadly, she saw Chromia in all her rage, and realized that her friend, her bodyguard, was the one who had placed the bombs in that street corner, that Chromia was willing to murder others to scare Windblade off the planet and to safety.

"I am the Windblade Collective."

Supremely disappointed in Chromia, Windblade nevertheless had to keep the peace for the greater good. She plotted with Starscream to keep things buried, so that there would be a Cybertron for those lost colonies to eventually return to. Windblade left the both of them, wiser, but morally compromised. Windblade vol. 1 #4

Windblade was present when Wheeljack emerged from medical rehabilitation. Recently betrayed by Chromia and bewildered by Starscream's machinations, Windblade sought out the nearly-murdered engineer as someone she could potentially trust. After Wheeljack reluctantly agreed to help rebuild Superion, she and Ironhide observed in silent solidarity. The World of Tomorrow

"But sometimes 'Susan.'"

When Optimus Prime returned from Earth, Windblade, Starscream, and Sludge told him about a series of murders that were targeting Decepticons. City of Steel The murderer struck again outside of Gutcruncher's bar, killing one of his friends, and so she helped Optimus Prime follow this apparent lead. Inside the bar they found a very angry Gutcruncher and an expatriated Sandstorm. It seemed to be a dead end, and the two left, but shortly afterwards the bar exploded, Fight or Flee killing everyone inside. After Windblade returned with them to investigate, Sandstorm snapped at Optimus Prime for killing his friends. This anger was short lived, and the shell of an infernus bullet was found in the wreckage, so another lead was found to follow. Quest for Fire The lead culminated in the brutal treatment and incarceration of the Firecons, and Windblade took this opportunity to raise an eyebrow at the Autobots' violent methods. Things escalate further when it seemed Slug was responsible for the murders, causing Windblade to pull Optimus Prime out of an imminent battle with him. The Killing Jar Optimus Prime realized who the real culprit was, and he enlisted Windblade and Starscream to set up a ruse to draw him out. Ultimately, the murderer was revealed to be Sandstorm. Afterwards, Windblade accompanied Optimus Prime on a personal errand to return the remaining half of the Matrix of Leadership to the spot where he had been given it millions of years ago. Optimus confided in Windblade that he was worried that violent Autobots like Slug and Sandstorm who had trouble acclimating to a post-war climate were the greatest threat to their race's newfound peace. Forever Is a Long Time Coming

On their way home, Optimus and Windblade were attacked by a group of angry Decepticons, but their attackers dispersed following the arrival of Ironhide and Chromia. Windblade escorted the other three back to Metroplex, where she revealed that the Titan's space bridge portal was back online and ready to interact with the long-lost Cybertronian colony worlds. Though she knew that reconnecting Cybertron and her homeworld Caminus could mean rebuilding the latter, she also expressed her worry to Optimus that Starscream could turn her world and the others into mere cogs in his empire. As they suspected, after Starscream learned the news of the operable space bridge, he chafed at the idea of opening up a truly representative system of government, but she and Optimus were adamant this would be the case. Later, after an awkward communication with the Lost Light, Windblade realized that something elsewhere was wrong—Ironhide and Chromia, who had been guarding the active spacebridge portal, had been struck down, and Swindle and a strangely rejuvenated Menasor had traveled through to Caminus! First Contact Chromia and Ironhide were roused, and they dashed into the portal after Menasor, and Windblade followed them once she asked Optimus to stay behind for reasons she'd explain later. Once she was back on her homeworld, she rescued Chromia (though seemingly not 100% pleased to do so), and after sizing up their challenge, she radioed to Optimus Prime for support.

"Can't you see I'm a little busy~?"

Optimus sent Superion, and the battle was quickly over. Quietly, Windblade met with her world's Forgefire Parliament and pleaded for understanding in response to Cybertron's terrible first impression, and then she returned to Cybertron to explain to Optimus why she had asked him to stay behind. Caminus was a theocracy and desperate for help, Windblade explained, and spelled out to Optimus that him being a "living Prime" would mean her people would regard him as a god. This would undercut Starscream's grab for power, but she noted this would be a potentially volatile situation. As Windblade expected, when she and Optimus walked back to Caminus through the space bridge, the Mistress of Flame and her citizens immediately ignored Starscream's bloviating and circled around Optimus to bow. The Sum and Its Parts As Starscream tried to salvage his grab for power, Optimus Prime and the Mistress of Flame bristled at their differences—Optimus insisted on helping Caminus rebuild, the Mistress of Flame considered the Prime's devotion to the will of the people to be sacrilege, and Windblade grimaced at the awkwardness. As Windblade and Optimus attended to survivors, Optimus fielded a call from Prowl, and the former neglected to mention to the latter the involvement of Superion. Windblade noted that recently Optimus had claimed he never lied. The Possible Light

Back on Cybertron, Windblade, Optimus, Starscream, and two other Camiens tried to decide who would be representatives in the council, and Windblade and Starscream once again clashed in ideologies. Just as a group of representatives from the Lost Light had arrived, Windblade received word that Caminus was under attack by Prowl's Devastator, who was determined to cut off Cybertron from its colony worlds in order to stop Starscream from growing an empire. In order to stop Devastator, Starscream created Defensor, who teamed up with Superion to defeat Devastator. Windblade, acting as Caminus's representative, wanted to imprison Prowl on Caminus for his actions for an eventual trial, thus saving him from immediate execution. Mistakes and Mayhem

Although she was busy with her political duties, Windblade found the time to work on Metroplex's space bridge with Wheeljack. As they worked, they chatted about the future and the implications of re-contacting the colonies. Windblade maintained that all Transformers had a common origin in the Guiding Hand, although neither of them knew if they were doing the right thing in following Starscream. You, Me, and the Universe Things quickly heated up after Menasor escaped from captivity and rallied the disenfranchised Decepticons; Windblade was present to see the newly-born Optimus Maximus charge through the space bridge while she and Wheeljack tried to hold their positions against the rioting 'Cons. They were bolstered by the arrival of Starscream and his Badgeless, who provided crowd control. This allowed Windblade to set the space bridge back to Caminus, allowing Chromia and some emigrant Decepticons to help out. No sooner had they restored order before Defensor appeared, dragging the defeated Menasor behind him; Chromia, Starscream, and Windblade joined the fray and helped keep Menasor down.

After the conclusion of the "Combiner Wars", Windblade reported back to the Mistress of Flame, with the news that the Council of Worlds had been successfully formed. Although Windblade was still troubled by her looming duties, the Mistress's words provided encouragement. All That Remains She later returned to Cybertron. Now and On Earth

Oh no, don't get her started on that again.

The Mistress of Flame decided to celebrate the Caminus-Cybertron alliance by declaring an official holiday; Windblade temporarily donned some ceremonial paint in honor of the occasion. Windblade was soon contacted by Chromia, who informed her that Arcee had just stolen the Enigma of Combination. The duo chased Arcee out to the Sea of Rust, where they encountered the Torchbearers: Camien explorers on a mission of their own. In the ensuing fight, Rust Dust accidentally activated the Enigma, fusing the Torchbearers together into the huge and angry Victorion. Windblade and Chromia pulled Arcee to safety before fighting Victorion. After taking out Victorion's weapons, Windblade was able to talk the combiner down and persuade her to disassemble. With the Enigma back in Starscream's hands, Windblade requested that nobody speak of this event to protect the fragile peace. An Uneventful Night

With a growing number of Camiens emigrating to Cybertron, Windblade was forced to intervene in a dispute between the Camiens and Decepticons about the usage of energy from Metroplex. As a result, she was late for the first meeting between Cybertron and Velocitron, another of the colony worlds. Knock Out wasn't impressed by her tardiness or her offers to help Velocitron improve its fuel efficiency, noting that on Velocitron politics were settled by races and no Cybertronian could outpace a Velocitronian. Undaunted, Windblade vowed to Starscream that she'd win over the Velocitronians. To this end, she invited Knock Out and his cohort Moonracer to a party at Maccadam's. Windblade took the opportunity to talk with Moonracer, who confessed that Velocitron was in a period of cultural stagnation. She informed Windblade of a race taking place on Velocitron, and encouraged Windblade to send Blurr in the hopes of brokering an alliance anyway. Windblade discussed the matter with Metroplex, although the Titan's cryptic comments about his brother Navitas proved unhelpful. With Rattrap's help, Windblade, Chromia, Blurr, and Ironhide secretly bridged to Velocitron, where they were immediately confronted with freezing cold, a wall of fire, and the wheeled city of Delta bearing down on them! Windblade vol. 2 #4

Windblade, champion of honor!

The quartet desperately tried to keep up with the city, and with Moonracer's help they were soon safely aboard. Moonracer filled them in on some of the less pleasant aspects of Velocitronian culture - in particular the steep social divide between racers and non-racers. While Blurr registered for the Benefit 500, Clocker showed Windblade and Chromia to Navitas's brain chamber; Windblade hoped to use her talents to help Blurr win the race. However, years of neglect had rendered Navitas all but senile, forcing Windblade to take drastic action. Clambering into the Titan's brain, Windblade took manual control of the Titan, reshaping the racetrack to eliminate the other competitors and guide Blurr to a suitably flashy victory, persuading the Velocitronians to join the Council. Windblade's elation was swiftly quashed when Wheeljack contacted her to reveal that Starscream was about to meet with ambassadors from one of the other colony worlds. Race Against the Light

Try not to think too hard about this image out of context.

The other planet turned out to be Devisiun, which Starscream and Superion had visited while Windblade was adventuring on Velocitron. She was momentarily confused by the dual presence of Devisiun's representatives Vanquish and Fireshot, although they assured her that they would always vote as one entity. Windblade confronted Starscream about his deceptions, and together they agreed to visit the next colony world together. The next day, they bridged to Eukaris. The Eukarian beast mode Transformers proved distrustful of Transformers with vehicle modes, although Windblade's Camien origins allowed her to speak. On Rattrap's advice Windblade concentrated on winning over Blackarachnia and Cheetor. The meeting was cut short by the revival of Chela, who was intent on killing the two offworlders. Windblade tried to reach his brain so that she could negotiate with him, but Chela manipulated his own internal structures to pin her down. Starscream took a more direct approach and simply destroyed the Titan's brain, killing him. Although Windblade was saddened by Chela's death, Blackarachnia consoled her by reciting one of her prophecies: that Chela's death was the first step on changing Eukaris for the better. Windblade vol. 2 #6

Windblade returned to Cybertron disgruntled at how events had gone, but after some encouraging words from Chromia and Metroplex, was soon accompanying Starscream to visit the next titan, Tempo. They found not the ship of pacifistic philosophers they were expecting, but a ship of warriors led by Elita One. When Elita was going to execute Starscream for lying, Windblade managed to talk her out of it and into joining the alliance. She was disturbed, however, at the secrets Elita One's people were keeping: Elita One claimed that her people had renamed Tempo to Carcer when Windblade knew from talking to Metroplex that "Carcer" was in fact the name of a different Titan. The Will of the Few After this, Windblade went to confer with Metroplex regarding the names of the Titan and the lack of records on "Carcer" on either Cybertron or Caminus. Metroplex however said Carcer was a Titan but separate from Tempo. Rubicon

With a steady tide of colonists travelling to Cybertron, Starscream suggested a new holiday in his honour: "Chosen One Day". Although Starscream's egocentric holiday didn't turn out as he had hoped, Windblade, her friends, and several Council members visited Starscream's quarters to throw him a party anyway, putting aside their differences for one night. Choose Me

"An empire has followed me home!"

After Optimus returned from a trip to Caminus, Windblade filled him on on recent events, and the pair watched as the Dinobots came into conflict with visiting Camiens Aileron and Sterling. Aphelion Starscream later contacted Windblade after a Needlenose's Decepticons sparked a riot. Lagrange Windblade and her team tried to maintain order against the Decepticon mob, who were trying to reach Metroplex's space bridge and warp to Earth as part of Galvatron's plan. Starscream and Optimus Prime deployed Victorion and Superion to disperse the remaining Decepticons. After Wheeljack brought the bridge back online, Optimus travelled to Earth and announced that Earth was now a member of the Council of Worlds Perihelion, much to Windblade's concern. Once Upon a Time on Earth The Council of Worlds held an emergency meeting to discuss Optimus's course of action. Windblade suggested that they wait to get Optimus's side of the story, although she maintained that Optimus should not have a seat on the Council, and that the governing body should only limit itself to affairs between pre-existing colonies. Starscream was left agitated by how Windblade was willing to give Prime that benefit, when it was worse than anything he'd done.New Worlds Order

Shortly after, Windblade was left distraught by a broadcast from the Lost Light: her old friend Velocity, among others, facing execution and stating how she wanted her funeral to go. How Bright Their Frail Deeds

Windblade met with the other members of the Council to discuss a recent slew of mnemosurgical attacks on Iacon's Decepticon population, including a supplier of parts for Carcer. Starscream was reluctant to investigate, but Windblade and Obsidian pushed the matter. When the meeting had been adjourned, their guest Ironhide invited Windblade and Chromia to help him deal with a rowdy customer at Maccadam's, but Windblade declined, citing paperwork. Windblade and Obsidian received a summons from Ironhide after things got out of control, culminating in the death of a bystander. Windblade accused Starscream of orchestrating the attacks, causing Starscream to threaten to drop the news about Chromia's bombings. Before they could discuss this further, Circuit revealed that footage of the shooting had already been broadcast live across Iacon. 07:00:00

Droopy wings = Sad Windblade.

The footage incited an angry mob, who marched on Starscream's office demanding the truth about the attack. Windblade stormed into Starscream's office to blame him for his increasingly totalitarian government. At a later meeting of the Council, Windblade was present when Ironhide volunteered to step up as the new head of the Badgeless. As the crowd dispersed, Windblade pressed Starscream for answers about Swindle - thought dead since the disastrous "Combiner War" - but Starscream refused to play along, putting Windblade in charge of shutting down Onslaught and the surviving Combaticons, and once again threatening to spill the beans about the Metroplex bombings. Applicable Skills Following Starscream's instructions to keep watch on Onslaught, Windblade visited Metroplex's brain chamber; when Chromia arrived she revealed that she was being blackmailed by Starscream. Neither one of them were able to recover a cache from Chromia's hidden files which documented the space bridge incident, which had been corrupted by someone else. As weeks passed, Chromia worked to unscramble the files while Windblade played along with Starscream's forces - until things finally came to a head when Rattrap revealed Swindle to the other Combaticons, using the Enigma of Combination to probe Swindle's mind and inadvertently creating a new combiner - Bruticus!. Things We Said We'd Never Do As Bruticus ran amok in the streets of Iacon, Starscream blamed Windblade for failing to keep an eye on the Combaticon leader and demanded that she kill the combiner. Windblade initially refused, but when Starscream threatened to reveal Chromia's secret Windblade finally pushed back and contacted Chromia. Windblade asked her to help the Combaticons expose Starscream's own dirty secrets and return to Caminus before Starscream could retaliate. Windblade tried to talk down Bruticus, but the combiner retaliated against her - only Ironhide's intervention saved the two Camiens. When Bruticus had been reduced to his components, Windblade tried to resuscitate the unconscious Combaticons in the hopes of getting them to talk. With no other alternatives, Chromia finally went on live television and announces that she was responsible for the Acrolight bombings. All Windblade could do was watch as her best friend was arrested. The Line Between Us

The Council later met with Optimus to hear his side of the story. Windblade tried to be diplomatic, although Strika was quick to demand explanations for the Prime's behavior. Although Prime insisted that his intentions were pure, Windblade couldn't side with Optimus on the issue. Ultimately, the Council members unanimously voted against allowing Earth a seat on the council. The Medium and the Message At another emergency meeting of the Council, Windblade witnessed footage of Optimus raising Metrotitan from the ground. No Fair Fights

When a massive energy discharge was detected at the former site of Kaon, Windblade pushed Starscream to investigate, and the two fliers headed out. Shockingly, they found the city intact within a crater, but this matter was quickly forgotten when the two received news that the Sentinel Prime had seemingly returned from the dead, and was slaughtering Decepticons in their ghetto. When the ex-Prime attacked Starscream with a Spark disruptor, Windblade was able to jump the disruptor onto her own spark, where its detonation was non-fatal thanks to the differing frequency of Camien sparks. The pair quickly flew to regroup with the forces fighting Sentinel Prime at the space bridge. The Last Autobot When Optimus and Soundwave returned to Cybertron from their encounter with Sentinel on Prion, Windblade met up with the duo, and encouraged the demoralized Autobot leader to take his victories where he could get them. White Heat

It was at that moment, that Rom knew-

Some time later, Pyra Magna and Soundwave called Windblade to Earth to help deal with the recalcitrant Metrotitan, who had gone dormant and refused to communicate with anyone. However, days of searching his systems turned up no mechanical faults. Informed Windblade remained on Earth, and in the wake of an Ore-13 explosion on Mount Olympus she helped coordinate Autobot relief efforts across the globe from within Metrotitan. When Jazz and Arcee ran afoul of G.I. Joe in Oregon, Windblade arrived as part of the Autobot reinforcements. When a silver alien interrupted the fracas to kill several members of G.I. Joe, Windblade and the other Autobots evacuated the scene to pursue the intruder. Concorde Hymn Their chase took them to Umpqua National Forest, where the alien, Rom, explained that he was tracking the malevolent, shapeshifting Dire Wraiths. The Divine Source of Liberty

Back at Autobot City, the efforts to communicate with Metrotitan continued, until Pyra Magna happened to suggest that the Titan was simply not willing to talk with anyone... except a Prime. Unsure of Metrotitan's true intentions and unwilling to endanger Optimus, Windblade merged her mind with Metrotitan's. The Titan wasn't happy to be communicating with her; he explained that he was merely trying to pass on a message from one of the Thirteen before shunting Windblade's consciousness into Microspace, where she encountered Micronus Prime. The Prime told her that she would have to experience his message for herself - and so her new avatar was set adrift in the entropy cloud. The evil Baron Karza soon found the young Camien and had her interrogated by his wife Lady Shazraella; there, Windblade learned about the war that threatened the stability of the Microverse. One of Shazraella's handmaidens sacrificed herself to set Windblade free as soon as her mistress's back was turned, allowing Windblade's avatar to fade away and return her consciousness to her normal body. Optimus was hesitant to follow through on her plea to help Microspace, as the Prime had misgivings about her plan. Unable to blaspheme against Optimus Prime, Windblade grudgingly promised to follow her Prime and understand his motives. Informed

You can feel the cyber-spittle splattering from here.

When the Transformers and Rom convened to strategize, Windblade argued that helping Microspace should be their top priority - a sentiment that Soundwave agreed with, believing that everything had to be connected. Optimus took command and decided that the Autobots would need to help Earth first. When Rom took matters into his own hands by sending Ore-13 through Metrotitan's space bridge to put them beyond the reach of the Wraiths, the Autobots moved to stop the Space Knight, and Optimus realized the error of his ways, resolving that they would have to find a way to save both worlds. O Ship of State Meanwhile, Snake-Eyes had infiltrated Autobot City and distracted Windblade long enough to sneak into the complex. There, he encountered Arcee and the recently arrived Heliopolis; crew member Acroyear joined the fight and drew the attention of the three Cybertronians. When Windblade investigated the tiny spaceship, she recognized the lifeforms from her own adventures within that realm. The New Colossus Things only got worse when Karza showed up in their universe, and fused with the Dire Wraiths and the technology of M.A.S.K. to form a gigantic super-powered colossus. Windblade realized that the monster was speaking Ancient Cybertronian. Following an impromptu team-up with the resident do-gooders, the team hatched a plan to send Karza back to whence he had came; Windblade used her cityspeaking talents to activate Metrotitan's flight mode, and lifted the entire city to safety. Valley Forge

Dramatic theme music goes here.

After saving Earth and ensuring that the Autobots and other local peacekeepers would keep the planet safe, Windblade returned to Cybertron feeling very unsure of her role in the future. Obsidian offered her reassurance but was cut off when both their communicators pinged alerting them to an emergency. Said emergency was a fleet of undead Titans bearing down on Cybertron. Bringing this information to the Council of Worlds, Starscream declared a state of war. Windblade herself was ordered to Metroplex to assist him in the coming battle. She worked to rewire power to his combat functions but was unable to warn him in time before he was tackled down by his undead brethren with herself trapped inside him. Ping Windblade was soon joined by Lightbright and the two disconnected Metroplex's brain module so that the undead would think Metroplex had perished. Regrouping at the Spire, Starscream informed everyone that despite his repeated pleas, Elita One would not transform Carcer to robot mode. At wit's end, Windblade proposed a risky plan to sneak aboard Carcer with either herself or Lightbright manually reactivating the Titan in the hope that he could be reasoned with to provide the additional firepower to save Cybertron. After Lightbright had been given a holographic disguise to look like Windblade, the group boarded Carcer with Devastator acting as a distraction. Desperate Times

Team Evil: they're always hiring!

With Lightbright's team acting as a distraction, Windblade's managed to access the Titan's brain module only to be confronted by Obsidian who had anticipated their actions. Windblade's team however managed to incapacitate Obsidian and she reactivated and merged with the brain module to try and convince Carcer to help. Much to her horror however, she learned that the Titan was neither Carcer or Tempo but Vigilem. Desperate Measures As the evil Titan was slow to reawaken after so long, Windblade seized the opportunity to take control of his body and puppeteer it to Cybertron to fight off the undead horde. The strain of fighting off Vigilem's influence and the undead horde proved taxing on Windblade and Vigilem was able to retake partial control and agreed to a temporary ceasefire to destroy the undead so that Vigilem himself could later destroy Cybertron. When the last of the undead fell, Vigilem tried to kill Metroplex but Windblade forced him away and then shifted her mental energies to try and stop him from freeing Liege Maximo. Were it not for the last of the undead distracting her, she may very well have succeeded but Vigilem used her moment of weakness to seize control of both their bodies. When Elita arrived to destroy Vigilem's brain, the Titan downloaded his mind into Windblade's sending her into stasis lock. If I Know You To the outside world however, Windblade appeared dead. Rubicon

Her body was brought to a hospital where a doctor deduced that Vigilem's mind was inside Windblade's own. Within their shared mindscape, Windblade fled from Vigilem's massive mental avatar who tried to convince her to merge their Sparks into one so they could both survive. Galvanized, Windblade attacked the evil Titan and swore to be his prison and would gladly die if it meant his death. Vigilem managed to convince Windblade that the two were not so different as Windblade herself had made countless morally grey choices and despite Starscream's worsening mental state, neither Optimus nor Elita were ideal replacements. Offering again to merge with her, Vigilem asked if Windblade had fallen from grace or simply opened her optics to the true nature of the world. If I Know You

Windblade instead doubled down on her attempts at containing Vigilem. Resigned to the fact that she could not defeat him, Windblade opted to defend her brain module until her mind collapsed and killed them both. The stalemate continued until Starscream made a heroic entrance into her mind by blasting Vigilem in the back and announcing he'd selflessly come to help her. Far from being grateful, Windblade raged at Starscream for overlooking the major risk in his plan before Vigilem shot her and proceeded to take Megatron's form before smashing into Starscream's mind. Exasperated at Starscream, Windblade followed into a mental representation of Kaon where she scooped up Starscream's spark before the evil Titan could destroy it. Thinking his foe destroyed, Vigilem began rewriting the Seeker's mind while Windblade glimpsed Starscream's memories and was horrified at the process of cold construction by which he was created. Glimpsing Starscream's spark being placed in one of many identical, pre-built bodies, she speculated Starscream's constant changing of bodies was his attempt to escape the feeling of not belonging that came of not having been Forged. Summoning a mental copy of the Forge of Solus Prime, Windblade began forging Starscream's "true" form out of his spark, each strike summoning a spectre of a Cybertronian who'd had a great impact on Starscream's life to fight off Vigilem before Starscream's mental avatar reformed as a towering version of his "true form", which promptly stomped on Vigilem. Assuming her own titanic form, Windblade shoved Vigilem into her own spark to burn away his impurities until the truth of him was found. Befitting the Titan of Liege Maximo, there was no truth to be found and he was destroyed.

Returning to the waking world, Windblade cheekily smiled at Starscream and told him that by helping him find his truth, she'd found her own as well and would no longer be a mouthpiece for others, but instead her own bot. Your First Mistake

When Earth had chosen an ambassador, Windblade attended the ceremony to commemorate Earth's joining the Council of Worlds. Before Starscream could give a speech, an explosion sent the crowd into a panic. As security conducted evacuations, Windblade noticed someone standing stock still and went to aid them only to find a false Cybertronian filled with Red Shadows. She communicated this to Ironhide, who authorized lethal force. First Strike #1 Even with Optimus as backup, the sheer number of Red Shadows proved a suitable deterrent and she and the Prime retreated back to the Spire where Windblade commented that she didn't share the Prime's faith in Elita or Starscream working together. Her fear was well founded when Elita decided to murder Marissa before launching a genocide against all humans. First Strike #2 When Skyburst and Stormclash arrived on Cybertron, they glimpsed Windblade exasperatedly throwing her hands up during a Council meeting before members of G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. were brought before them with Elita ominously ordering their execution. First Strike #3

Windblade objected to that, feeling the Council should not be reduced to genocide by fear prompting Elita to instead propose mass deportation. After Scarlett had given something vaguely resembling an explanation regarding the Iron Ring's plan, Starscream threw her and her forces in jail. Nonetheless, Starscream ordered a mobilization against the threat with Windblade volunteering to confer with Metroplex. When Optimus offered aid however, she coldly rebuked him later explaining to Ironhide that she tired of his constant military mindset as she pulled up cameras in the central district eventually finding the villains in the filtration systems. Observing everything from the security cameras, Winblade watched in shock and horror as Joe Colton dismantled both squads. First Strike #4 Winblade began brainstorming a plan only to find Optimus had taken his leave. While Metroplex had faith in the Prime, Windblade remained skeptical. Intercepting Optimus outside the prison, she let he and his team pass, if only to prevent further damage to Iacon, but noted that that had been the last time she would bow to any Prime. Windblade then went to Starscream to report on Optimus's actions only to find Obsidian had already done so. When the Council moved out to arrest Optimus, First Strike #5 Windblade remained behind to keep an optic on Metroplex. When the Talisman was activated within Cybertron, the entire planet "screamed" and sent out a communication signal using nearly half of its energon to do so. At Windblade's behest, Metroplex translated the signal to "Welcome. Death." First Strike #6

As Iacon began yet another reconstruction, Windblade was due to retake her spot on the Council of Worlds which Starscream had chosen to commemorate with a photo-op. When Windblade nearly let slip that Liege Maximo had escaped, Starscream kicked out the press shocking the cityspeaker that he hadn't told the populace. Learning that the Mistress of Flame supported this was the last straw for Windblade who stormed out and told Circuit and Longtooth about the truth regarding "Carcer". The resulting news wave resulted in Windblade being banished from Caminus before she was attacked by a sympathetic Camien and a rather miffed Carcerian. After those two had been chased off, Windblade was approached by Blurr, Fat Tankor and Waspinator who pushed her to run for the post of Chancellor. She took their advice and soon garnered enough signatures to become a candidate but faced with the monumental responsibility, she caved and sought solace at Metroplex. She confessed to the Titan that she while she did indeed want to rule Cybertron, she feared that her desire to do so was in fact a remnant of Vigilem's personality. Metroplex told her that Vigilem had listened to no one but Liege Maximo and if Windblade honestly listened to others and worked to make their lives better, she would know herself to be free of the evil Titan's impulses.

Acting on that advice, Windblade organized an event in Maccadam's Old Oil House where bots from all walks of life could come and vent their grievances while offering her advice on how to make Cybertron a better world. Once the event wrapped up, Windblade was approached by Rattrap who revealed that he was behind the recent Combaticon uprising and presented her a briefcase full of devastating kompromat on Starscream. When Windblade queried as to why he didn't use the case himself, the ex-Autobot revealed his uncertainty about whether or not Starscream had genuinely turned over a new leaf. And also since Windblade now knew about the briefcase ignoring the contents was essentially endorsing them so they were her problem now.

Windblade eventually read the contents and discovered Starscream's laundry list of crimes swearing to the Seeker that she would expose him at the debates. At the debates, Windblade spoke briefly of her own past before she praised Cybertron for being a place that transcended differences and welcomed everyone. Starscream spoke next and, in the bravest act Windblade had ever seen, confessed to all his crimes. The result was a landslide victory for Windblade, who decided to change her title from "Supreme Ruler" to "First Delegate". Visiting Starscream in his cell, she presented him with a holo-image of his "true self" as means to symbolize his fulfilling the Chosen One prophecy. By having all of Cybertron turn against him, he'd finally united the planet. The Chosen One

In Thundercracker's biopic of Starscream, the meeting between the two jets was recreated with Aileron acting as Windblade. Starscream: The Movie Once New Prysmos had begun to fill up with Prysmosian refugees, Windblade sent Kup and Ironhide to negotiate with the aliens while sending Wheeljack and Breakdown to examine the Talisman. Schismatic

With Cybertron's energon unpalatable to its people following being tainted by the Talisman's magic, Optimus Prime oversaw the extraction of a large supply of Ore-13 from Earth which he delivered to the assembled Council of Worlds before a solar eclipse struck the planet. Though Windblade was correct in believing this was Liege Maximo's long feared return, the Prime of Lies was now a prisoner of Onyx Prime whom Optimus invited to the surface for a reasonable discussion. Onyx agreed to the request viewing Optimus as none other than The Arisen. Surfeit of Primes In the following discussion, Windblade tried to make her voice heard only for Onyx and the Mistress of Flame to defer solely to Optimus. When Alpha Trion attempted to defend Windblade and Onyx, the Mistress brought the latter's attack on Caminus. An attack that Windblade demanded the Mistress tell her about before an explosion ripped through the Spire. With Optimus, Windblade shielded Marissa Faireborn before Soundwave drew attention to Alpha Trion's demise. Onyx took the oppurtunity to assert authority and declared Soundwave and his Decepticons would be tried by the Primes alongside Liege Maximo. Another Mine

Kre-O online manga


Windblade was one of several Autobots under attack by Bruticus. New Military Unit Combaticon! Bruticus, Combine!

Transformers Legends comic

The fan of the Windblade.

Windblade, "little sister" to Nijika, was created by the Zamojin to keep watch on their dream world of the Legends Universe, where wishes could come true. When it was decided that the experiment had come to a conclusion, Windblade announced the universe's imminent destruction to its denizens and used her fans to form a devastating storm. Rattrap, realizing that the universe could grant any wish, summoned Metroplex to his world; the gigantic robot pulled Windblade from the sky, causing her to reset in the process and forget all about her mission. Bonus Edition Vol. 12

Darn it Japan! Wait, 80% of me is Japan.

Without any memory, Windblade fell into a waitress job at a "little sister cafe" in Akihabara, where she proved skilled at selling very expensive lunches to adoring customers. She also ended up squatting at Tigatron's home, much to the chagrin of Airazor. Windblade Sequel Windblade was among the dimensionally-displaced Autobots and Transformers sickness-afflicted Maximals who gathered to defend the Legends Universe from the intruding Slipstream. Bonus Edition Vol. 16 During Halloween, she dressed up as a schoolgirl to attend a Halloween party with Tigatron and Airazor, but they were interrupted by the trick-or-treating Slipstream, Blackarachnia, and Nightbird Shadow. Windblade teamed up with the similarly dressed up Arcee and Chromia to stop the Decepticons' antics, but all three were defeated and tied up by Blackarachnia. Bonus Edition Vol. 17

As the spirit energy generated by Armada Megatron's greed empowered the Zamojin, they began working to regain control of Windblade, causing her to fall ill. She collapsed in the street, prompting the nearby Armada Starscream to fill in for her at the cafe. When she arrived there herself, she had fallen back under her makers' control and was muttering that she would destroy the world. Getting a hold of herself, she explained the situation to Starscream, lamenting that she was enjoying her new life in the Legends world and didn't want to destroy it. Starscream set out to put at end to Megatron's ambition, but warned Windblade that if it bad came to worse, he'd stop her himself. LG-18 Armada Starscream Super Mode Prologue

Megatron would not give up on his desires, however, and the Zamojin were able to take full control of Windblade. Starscream was ready to sacrifice himself to destroy her in a bid to save the world, but Alpha Trion found an alternate solution that led to both Megatron and Starscream being returned to their own universe. Restored to normal, Windblade was left chastising the local toy nerds for being just as greedy as Megatron when it came to rare toys. Bonus Edition Vol. 18 When Springer arrived in the Legends Universe, Windblade and Chromia were very impressed with his handsome new body. Bonus Edition Vol. 19 She was later caught up in another Megatron's attack on the city after he was turned into the insane Galvatron. Bonus Edition Vol. 23 Windblade was harassed by Wheelie while acting as cheerleader at a soccer game, Bonus Edition Vol. 29 and witnessed Weirdwolf's living transtector run away from him. Bonus Edition Vol. 30

Windblade was working at the cafe when Flywheels came to see her fellow waiter, Grimlock, LGEX Headmaster Set Chapter and was among the citizens pestered by Kickback's clone army. Bonus Edition Vol. 47 Metroplex later recalled how he was brought to the Legends World to defeat Windblade. Bonus Edition Vol. EX When the world was threatened by three out-of-control Targetmasters who overpowered any resistance, Windblade sought out her creator, Katsu Don, and struck a deal: in return for her rejoining the Zamojin, he would convert her into a Headmaster who could combine with the upgraded body of Nijika. With the additional power of her sister on her side, Windblade was able to capture Pinpointer and use him to defeat the other Targetmasters, saving the world at the cost of becoming a Zamojin puppet once more. Before rejoining the Zamojin, she left a message for Tigatron, thanking him for their time together and asking the people of the Legends World to destroy her if she ever returned to attack them again. Bonus Edition Vol. 62

Indeed, it wasn't long before Katsu Don had Windblade assault the Legends World a second time, Jumpstarter Chapter this time using her connection to Pinpointer to take control of the other two Targetmasters and wreak havoc until confronted by the Wreckers. She made short work of Twin Twist by decapitating him, but he survived using the Zodiac and separated her from Spoilsport, who he then used to sever her connection to Peacemaker. Bonus Edition Vol. 65 Windblade then clashed with Topspin before teaming up with Katsu Don to battle the Jumpstarters, only to be defeated by their combined mode, Attack Powered. Fortunately she was mostly unharmed and her defeat served to set her free from Katsu Don's control once more. Bonus Edition Vol. 66


Two separate Windblades were members of a crowd of countless off-worlders in Axiom Nexus's Under City on the morning of the Waruder invasion. One of them had black thighs, the other had red thighs. Cybertron's Most Wanted

Prime Wars Trilogy cartoons

Voice actor: Abby Trott (English)
I'll cry when I'm done killing.

Windblade was a cityspeaker from Caminus. She resented the Mistress of Flame for abandoning the planet in favor of a position on the council on Cybertron. Giving up her job, she vowed to destroy the Combiners that had laid waste to her home world. Prelude to Transformers: Combiner Wars - Windblade She and Maxima encountered Menasor shortly after the Combiner dispatched Computron. Windblade sliced Menasor in two, at which point he revealed that the council had the Enigma of Combination and intended to use it to create an army of Combiners. After mourning the loss of Maxima, Windblade headed to Cybertron. The Fall

There, she attempted to snipe the Enigma, only for Optimus Prime to knock her aim off target as she fired. The Council Attacking the former Autobot leader, Windblade asserted that the Autobots, Decepticons and Combiners were all alike. He eventually managed to relieve her of her sword; however, when she revealed that the Council had the Enigma, he joined forces with her. The Duel The pair paid a visit to Megatron and managed to persuade him to aid them, though not before Windblade had to deck him. Unforgotten

The trio headed to the council tower where they were met with hostility. Windblade accused the Mistress of Flame of deserting Caminus and inevitably Megatron shot Starscream resulting in a clash between the two groups. As the trio fought the automated defenses, Windblade heard a mysterious voice in her head. Homecoming The arrival of Devastator resulted in Optimus, Megatron and Windblade fighting him instead, as he tried to claim the Engima for the Combiners. Things were further complicated by the arrival of Victorion, at which point Starscream used the Enigma to merge with all the Combiners as Windblade and the others watched. A War of Giants

Windblade attempted to attack the out-of-control Starscream, only to be blasted by lightning and fall lifeless to the ground. Darkest Hour Finding herself in a featureless void, Windblade spoke with Metroplex and admitted she was wrong to want to destroy everyone. Recalling her role as a Cityspeaker, Windblade recovered and got Metroplex to crush Starscream, allowing Optimus and Megatron to finish him off. Megatron presented Windblade with the Enigma, and she passed it on to Victorion for safekeeping. As the Mistress of Flame congratulated Windblade on ending the Combiner Wars, the cityspeaker observed that now the Titans had returned. Destruction's Dawn

As the cleanup of the city progressed, Windblade was disappointed that Optimus had chosen to leave. She found Perceptor examining Starscream's remains and left him to it, returning to Metroplex just in time to see a distant light as Trypticon rose from the ground. Aftermath and Rebirth She communed with Metroplex and realized the Titan had been planning to leave Cybertron before Starscream's stunt with the Enigma. Metroplex prepared to battle Trypticon, though Windblade believed he was too damaged to stand up to the evil Titan. She and Perceptor located the Mistress of Flame in the Primal Basilica and raised the alarm. Windblade resolved to stick by Metroplex's side as he fought, even as the reinforcements the Mistress called in were destroyed. Our Heroes Respond

She continued to plead with Metroplex to not battle Trypticon, but her pleas went unheeded, and she was shocked when Trypticon spoke with Starscream's voice. The Fight Begins Joined by Hot Rod, Windblade attempted to assault Trypticon, but was too late to prevent Metroplex from perishing. After Hot Rod rescued Emissary from Trypticon, the Titan Master and Windblade headed off to find Fortress Maximus, At the Last Second arriving there to find Megatron brawling with the Combiners. Once that was resolved, Emissary linked Windblade to Maximus's mind so she could awaken him. Desperate Actions The process was painful, but Windblade managed to persuade Maximus to act before Emissary terminated the link for her own safety. Run for Our Lives


The trio headed back to the city, as Optimus Prime and the Combiners were battling Trypticon, arriving just in time to save Optimus. In Good Hands As Fortress Maximus faced off against Trypticon, Windblade and the others split up to work as a distraction; however, Trypticon ate Victorion, much to Windblade's horror. Trypticon used the Enigma to control the remaining Combiners into attacking Maximus, and when Windblade attempted to shoot them off, she herself was shot down by Computron. She was forced instead to once again convince Megatron to help out, for which he demanded a favor in exchange. Consumed The battle abruptly ended when Trypticon ate Perceptor, and the Matrix of Leadership which Perceptor was carrying rejected him. Once Trypticon expired, Windblade and the others were treated to an appearance by Megatronus, who terminated Optimus before leaving with the Matrix and Enigma. Windblade was inclined to agree with Menasor's plan to kill Megatron, as he appeared to have betrayed them, but he convinced them that they instead needed to work together to face this new threat. All Things Must Pass

Still indebted to Megatron for saving Fortress Maximus, Windblade followed him to Primal Swamp in search of the Requiem Blaster. While searching, their group were attacked by the Dinobots. Windblade tussled with Slug before managing to toss him aside, only for the five to combine into Volcanicus. The Swamp She attempted to combat the Combiner, but he laid her out flat with one punch. Before he could finish her off, he was attacked by Predaking, who soon turned on Windblade and the others as well. Volcanicus She held her own against Predaking, attacking until he released the captive Victorion, prompting her and the others to make their escape. All of them came to a halt, however, as they watched Megatron enter a strange dome. Without Warning As they waited, Predaking began attacking again. Windblade attempted to stop him, but was shot down. She recovered as Megatron emerged from the dome, Blaster in hand, and they discussed their next course of action. Primal

Following Megatron's lead, Windblade and the others traveled to Cataclysm Tundra. Though still unsure of Megatron's good intentions, Optimus Primal reassured her of his honesty as they located the entrance to the Athenaeum Sanctorum. As they began doing research, they were interrupted by Overlord and Hot Rod, now redubbed Rodimus Cron. Athenaeum Sanctorum Windblade did her best to fight against the two, calling Primal a coward when she caught him trying to escape with the Requiem Blaster. As Rodimus prepared to finish Megatron, Windblade stepped into his path to protect Megatron, but Rodimus began strangling her instead. She attempted to reach any remaining trace of the old Hot Rod, but the Unicron within assured her there was nothing left and tossed aside her unresponsive body. Countdown When she came to, Megatron had destroyed Overlord with the Requiem Blaster. Megatron thanked her for saving him, saying they were square, as did Primal for stopping him from retreating. When Megatronus arrived to take back the Blaster, she tried to stop him, but was powerless against the Fallen as he and Rodimus escaped. Though she continued to believe Hot Rod could be saved, the others convinced her that if the time came, they might need to destroy him. After a speech encouraging Megatron to lead them, she and the others headed for the Well of Sparks. Consequences

In spite of being weakened by Megatronus's weapon, Windblade and the others reached the Well. She attempted to draw Megatronus's fire, but she was shot down and very nearly perished if not for Optimus Primal's intervention. Ultimately, she and the others were engulfed in Megatronus's flames, unable to fight back. Collision Course When the flames finally died down, Windblade nearly passed out, but finally got to her feet and resumed attacking the device, now less affected by Megatronus's shots thanks to his weakening state. After watching Primal transform into Optimal Optimus, she and the others tackled Megatron to prevent him from reclaiming the Enigma and Blaster. Megatronus Unleashed She helped restrain Rodimus, allowing Optimal to remove the Matrix of Chaos from him and return him to Hot Rod. When Unicron tried to take control of Megatron, necessitating they both be killed, she desperately sought another solution. Finding none, she was left to mourn her friend's sacrifice. She was, however, overjoyed to see Optimus Prime revived from the dead as a result of their efforts. In the aftermath of the incident, Windblade was named Magistrate of Cityspeakers and worked to coordinate the efforts of all those who communicated with the Titans. Saga's End

Transformers social media content


Windblade was unimpressed by Starscream's online dating profile.[1]

All Spark comic

Windblade was part of an Autobot team led by God Ginrai who helped Bumblebee and Spike defeat Overlord. Looming Threat

Star Trek vs. Transformers

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Transformers Legends

Windblade and Nightbeat were dispatched from the Lost Light to explore a distant planet. There they met a group of Decepticons, and joined forces with them to battle their mutual foes, the Ammonites. Though several Ammonite attacks were thwarted by the alliance, soon differing opinions caused infighting in the group. Eventually, both the Ammonites and the Decepticons were defeated, and the two Autobots returned to their spaceship. Into the Abyss

Transformers: Battle Tactics

"Hi, I'm Windblade!"

Windblade participated in battles against a variety of opponents, both Autobots and Decepticons. Sometimes there were many of her! She was an Epic character who could be recruited by collecting 500 units of Cybermetal, 250 units of Transmetal, and 50 cores of this character. Transformers: Battle Tactics

Transformers: Earth Wars

I'm a main character! RESPECT MAH ATHORITAH!

Transformers: Earth Wars

  • Class: Special
  • Lowest Star Rating: 2 star (was 3 star)
  • Weaponry: Wind has a rifle she fires a few shots from before slashing a target with her sword.
  • Ability: Quick Strike: - Fires 6 rockets at a target, then lands nearby an empty space and engages it!
    • Cost: 5 ability points +2 for reuses.

Windblade at Transformers : Earth Wars Wiki

Transformers: Forged to Fight

"The same thing as last year Goku".

Windblade was one of the Autobots pulled from her universe by the Quintessons and forced to fight. She eventually joins the Commander. There are at least a few of her running around! Transformers: Forged to Fight

She can defeat Cybertronians, but can she defeat AIRMAN?

A controlled Windblade was under the tutelage of Bludgeon. The Way of the Blade Windblade was again exposed to a refined strain of Dark Energon as a test by the Quintesson Scientist, Hearing deafening voices in her head. Optimus urged her to focus and overcome the Dark Energon's effects of amplifying her cityspeaking ability, but she said the voices compel her to focus on his destruction. She believed the spirits of the Titans demand retribution for the wars and destruction wrought by Optimus. Optimus again urged her to resist the figments of her delusion, but she sought vengeance. Oddly, the Commander had a final showdown with Mirage instead of her. Voices

  • Class: Scout
  • Basic Abilities
    • Passive
      • 25% more Critical Hits on sword attacks.
      • Windblade evades Ranged Attacks in jet mode.
    • Critical Sword Attack: 53-66% chance to Bleed, dealing 30-68% damage over 4 seconds.
    • On Bleeding Opponent:
      • Ranged Attacks have a 35% chance to Stun for 1.5 seconds.
      • Inflicting 4 Bleed stacks Stuns the opponent for 2 seconds once until the opponent's active Bleeds expire.
  • Signature Ability: Resolution - Windblade's desire to finish the fight increases Critical Rate based on opponent's lost Health.
  • Special Attacks
  1. Circuit Slicer - An experiment to see what kinds of shockwaves enemies make as they're slammed to the ground. - Stormfall Blast inflicts Shock for 20-60% Attack over 2-6 seconds. If the opponent activates a Power Gain effect, Power Failure will activate, Neutralizing and instant 90% attack will be inflicted as Shock Damage.
  2. Sword Dance - They'll be awe-struck, and sword-struck. - Attacks Armor Pierce 100% of the opponent's current Armor for 6 seconds.
  3. Strafing Run - Blow them apart from every direction. - 35% chance to Stun for 3 seconds.
  • Synergy Bonuses
    • Allies with Ironhide - +1-8% Armor.
    • Swordmasters with Bludgeon and Drift - 3-10% Critical Damage for each non-critical Sword Attack until the next Critical Hit. +6-12% more Critical Hits in Solo Missions.
    • Sky Assault with Waspinator - Opponents' Evade is decreased by 7-25%.
  • Strong Match-ups:
    • Megatron (Revenge of the fallen) - Windblade is able to deftly slice through Megatron’s powerful defenses with her Armor Piercing and Bleed inducing attacks.
    • Soundwave - Windblade can neutralize Soundwave’s Power Gain and inflict extra damage with her Special 1. Soundwave’s Heavy Attack is also very ineffective when Windblade is using her own Heavy Attack because of her ability to make Ranged Attacks miss.
  • Weak Match-ups:
    • Prowl - Prowl deals a lot of damage with the support of his Melee Buffs, retreating and then going for a combo and ending with a Special 2 will be excellent against fragile but high attack Bots.

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The Game Full of Death and Suffering...!

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Thrilling 30

Built by the fans, for the fans, and... incorporating fans.
  • Windblade (Deluxe Class, 2014)
    • 30 OF 30
    • Series / Number: 02 / #019
    • Accessories: "Stormfall Sword", scabbard, tessen
Part of the tenth wave of 2012-onwards Generations Deluxe Class toys, Thrilling 30 Windblade transforms from a jet with tilting, spinning VTOL fans and fold in front landing gear, into a robot with 'facepaint' evocative of Japanese Kabuki theatre makeup. She comes with the Stormfall Sword, a translucent blade with a turbine at the hilt, which she can hold via its 5mm post. The sword sheathes into the included scabbard, which can be held or tabbed onto slots on her thighs and back/cockpit sides, as well as be stored underneath her jet mode. Her headdress can also detach and be used as a "tessen" fan. A port under her nosecone is compatible with some action figure stands.
She comes packaged with a copy of "Burning Bright: Dark Cybertron Chapter 8", and has a designated number as part of the Thrilling 30 line.
Care must be taken when detaching her headdress, as its painted and clear-plastic nature makes it very tight and susceptible to breakage. It must be pulled/wiggled back, not pulled up as the instructions say. Due to a combination of back-heavy kibble and weak swivel tolerances on her heels and hip joints, getting Windblade to stand can often prove difficult, as she will often collapse when trying.
She was retooled to create Legends Slipstream, who was then redecoed into BotCon 2016 souvenir Airazor. This mold also served as the basis of the non-toy Beast Wars: Uprising incarnation of Stiletto and the Combiner Wars character Maxima.

Combiner Wars

Ho! Haha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!
  • Combiner Hunters (gift set, 2015)
    • Accessories: "Stormfall Sword," scabbard, tessen, Spectrospear
The Combiner Hunters redeco of Windblade not only has many of her coloring details changed, but in fact mostly stands out for its new accessory: a gigantic Spectrospear pole-arm which is taller than Windblade herself. The tooling for this weapon was originally used for the 16"-tall electronic version of Robots in Disguise Titan Heroes Bumblebee.
This version of Windblade was only available in a gift set together with Combiner Hunters redecos of Generations Arcee and Chromia, each with their own giant new melee weapons. In the U.S., this set was exclusive to the Hasbro Toy Shop website and the Hasbro Toy Shop booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. In Asia, it was also available at Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong 2015 and subsequently stocked by Toys"R"Us Hong Kong. Later, it was also available at The Falcon's Hangar booth at Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 2015.

Titans Return

And next year, Hasbro will release a different version of me in an exclusive three pack.
  • Titan Force (Gift set, 2016)
    • Accessories: Sword, Sheath
Titan Force Windblade is a redeco of Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Windblade in a colour scheme reminiscent of Fortress Maximus. She was only available in a gift set together with Titan Force redecoes of Sentinel Prime and Brainstorm,
In the United States, this set was exclusive to the Hasbro Toy Shop website and the Hasbro Toy Shop booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. In the United Kingdom, it was exclusive to the A1 Toys website and their booth at London Film & Comic Con 2016 (with Brainstorm renamed into "Charon" for trademark reasons); in China, it was exclusive to Cybertron Con Shanghai; in Hong Kong, it was exclusive to Animation-Comic-Game 2016; and in Canada, it was exclusive to the HasbroStore booth at Fan Expo 2016.

And then Hasbro said, "Wait, we can make anyone into Titan Masters?"
  • Scorchfire & Windblade (Deluxe Class, 2017)
Windblade is an extensive retool of Titans Return Deluxe Class Highbrow (who was already an extensive retool of the same line's Scourge, the three only sharing the innermost torso assemblies and the upper legs), transforming into a VTOL jet. She comes with the Titan Master Scorchfire, who fits into her vehicle mode cockpit and transforms into her robot mode head. As with other Titans Return toys, Windblade can accommodate any Titan Master figure in both robot and vehicle mode. Windblade's two swords can stow on her back or combine into a larger weapon/Titan Master vehicle which can also attach just behind the cockpit in jet mode.


Better red than dead.
  • Windblade (Deluxe Class, 2015-02-14)
    • Japanese ID number: LG12
    • Accessories: Sword, scabbard, tessen
Legends Windblade is a redeco of Thrilling 30 Windblade with various changes in color layout, mostly in vehicle mode which features much more red. Her wings and much of her fuselage are cast in red, pushing most of the black to her tail section and some highlights such as around the VTOL fans. Her nosecone features more extensive white paint and some new yellow eye-like markings on her nosecone, as well as a translucent dark blue canopy. In robot mode she has some changes to be more comic-accurate, like a slightly different hue of her Stormfall blade, red pelvis with black upper legs and much more accurate facepaint.

Pinpointer? I barely knew 'er! (I'm sorry)
  • Targetmaster Windblade (Deluxe Class, 2018-02-24)
    • Japanese ID number: LG62
    • Accessories: Sword, scabbard, Headmaster, Pointech Targetmaster partner
The second Legends figure of Windblade is a redeco of her Titans Return figure, once again featuring paint apps that make her resemble her comic coloration a bit better. Among these are a white nosecone and VTOL fans, completely black shoulders, and black knees with blue highlights (similar to those seen in her character art at the top of the page). Windblade ditches the Titan Master-compatible swords in exchange for a sword and scabbard similar, if not identical, to her Thrilling 30/Legends one. She also gains a Targetmaster partner that uses the same transformation scheme as Recoil, but is decoed to resemble Pinpointer/Pointech. Her Headmaster gimmick remains intact.


The face of democracy.
  • Windblade is the first "officially fan-created" Transformer ever, the culmination of Hasbro's "Fan Built Bot" initiative program. Two polls on Hasbro's official website allowed fans to determine her character and physical traits (well, most of her traits - her Japanese motifs weren't an option in the poll and seem to be the work of the design team).
    • From April 18th to May 5th, 2013,[2] fans decided her faction (Autobot over Decepticon), alternate mode (jet over car, truck, tank, spaceship, terran beast [land], avian beast [airborne], helicopter, motorcycle, and construction), signature weapon (sword over blaster cannon, flame thrower, mace, spear/harpoon, morning star, Cybertronian taser, nunchucks, crossbow, and long-range blaster), color scheme (red & black over green & gold, blue & silver, orange & white, or purple & bronze) and personality (valiant over sneaky, hotshot, secretive, wild man, and grumpy).[3]
    • From May 10th to May 17th, fans voted on name (Windblade over Autobot Eclipse, Charon, Centuritron, Cashtron, Autobot Wraith), gender (female over male), origin (from Kaon over Iacon, Altihex, Kalis, and Praxus) and specialty (telepath over combat medic, bodyguard, recon, and close combat specialist).[4]
    • Subsequently, Windblade was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, where concept sketches of her (and the piece of finished art to the right) were part of the Transformers brand presentation.
    • Some of the concepts that fans voted for were tweaked or outright dropped when Windblade made her official debut. Rather than hailing from Kaon, she originated on the planet Caminus. Instead of being broadly telepathic, Windblade's job was being a cityspeaker for Metroplex.
  • Concept sketches at San Diego Comic-Con showed that European knight (with visor, arm shield, and fencing foil-esque sword) and Roman warrior (with twin swords) concepts for Windblade were considered before her Japanese stylings were finalized. A different pre-production sketch gave her a Japanese hand-fan weapon in addition to her sword. Speaking of her Japanese motifs, her finalized helmet was apparently designed to resemble the hairstyle commonly worn by the onna bugeisha, the upper-class warrior-women of feudal Japan.
  • At Toy Fair 2014, Windblade was noted as being the handiwork of designer Lenny Panzica, who put "probably five times as much energy" into her as the rest of his workload. A gallery of his work was posted by Hasbro on Facebook.
  • Her name works on many levels: "Wind Blade" is a real variety of industrial fan blade; she turns into a jet with VTOL turbofans; Hasbro designers had said they envisioned her coursing more energy into her sword blade through a spinning turbine fan in the hilt; she has a tessen, or iron fan; and, of course, she was the fans' choice character.
  • Like all non-toy robot Kreons in the Kre-O manga, Windblade is made from existing Kre-O parts. She uses the Mirage helmet, the Starscream wing-pack and the curved blade first used by Insecticon and Rampage.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Windblade (ウインドブレード Uindoburēdo)
  • Mandarin: Fēngrèn (China, 风刃, "Windblade")

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