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The name or term "Blurr" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Blurr (disambiguation).

Blurr is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family.
He runs faster than ten fast men.

This page is best read at high speeds.

Blurr is positively and incontrovertibly without possibility of any doubt the fastest-thinking, fastest-talking and fastest-driving data courier and messenger from the planet of Cybertron, and if you or your friend or anybody else you know or anybody else you might not know or in fact anybody at all wants to send any kind of message or dispatch or parcel or data or in fact anything at all to any base or station or out-of-the-way depot, barracks, headquarters, outpost, or post office and it is absolutely essential to deliver it immediately or at the earliest opportunity and without any delay of any kind regardless of Decepticons or obstacles or foul weather or gloom of night then Blurr's the one to pick, sir, so just give him the good word and the item in question and Blurr is off like a Cybertronic race horse, if there were such a thing as a Cybertronic race horse, and if such a beast was able to break the sound barrier on land and leave only dust clouds and lingering after-images, because Blurr leaves only dust clouds and lingering after images, but he'll be off that quickly with your message in hand, and if any hostile power or enemy or Decepticon ambush should get in the way then he'll hit them with a blast from his electro-laser which will reverse the polarity of their microcircuits and they'll be stopped. Dead.

His Targetmaster partner is Haywire, who sometimes becomes his head as a Titan Master.



Generation 1 cartoon continuity

I'm faster than Tom Kennedy on SplitSecond and Whew! I could beat the Gauntlet of Villains in less than 30 seconds!

Blurr first raced onto the scene during the Battle of Autobot City and continued to serve under Rodimus Prime for years afterward. In one splinter timeline, he became a Targetmaster, while in another, he became a Headmaster. In both, he went fast.

Marvel Comics continuity

Marvel The Transformers comics

Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Blurr was four million years old. Skin Deep

Hundreds of years ago, Blurr and Hot Rod were captured by aliens from the planet Tyroxia, but Hot Rod managed to escape in a ship. The ship was pursued by the Tyroxians, but the aliens were intercepted a ship piloted by the Autobot Kup, an old-timer who was suffering from combat fatigue and had sent himself off to pasture. Hot Rod implored Kup to help him and Blurr, but Kup maintained that he was done with the war and was of no use to anyone. Ultimately, Kup had to rescue Hot Rod and Blurr from the Tyroxians one final time, and the old mech decided to give the war one more go. Kup's Story!

So much for the Tolerant Left Arm!

Blurr was part of Fortress Maximus's unit on Cybertron when the commander reached a turning point. After Blurr helped free a group of captive Autobots being herded into the smelting pool, Fortress Maximus announced that he was quitting the war and leaving for the peaceful planet Nebulos. Blurr and the others were stunned by this announcement, but nonetheless decided to join Fortress Maximus in his exile.

Blurr was sent as an ambassador to the Nebulan capital city, Koraja. However, the politician Zarak did not trust these visitors to his world, and so he sabotaged the meeting to convince the others to rise up against the Autobots. While Blurr spoke, Krunk fired a magenetic polarizer weapon at Blurr's arm, which caused it to spasm and topple a fountain sculpture. As the debris bounced around, endangering the surrounding civilians, Zarak's personal militia retaliated, and Blurr fled.

Fortress Maximus didn't give up on peace with the Nebulans, however, and he took Blurr and the others back into Koraja. In order to prove to the Nebulans that he could be trusted, Fortress Maximus offered his head to them. A few other Autobots followed his lead and offered their heads, while Blurr and the rest surrendered only their weapons. Ring of Hate!

The headless Autobots were kept under surveillance by the Nebulans, while Blurr's group of weaponless Autobots retreated to the forest, where they began construction of their headquarters. When the Council of Peers arrived to inspect the Autobots' efforts, Blurr showed them around. He pointed out Hot Rod, who was listening in on their Cybertron headquarters, but not transmitting anything, lest the Decepticons learn their location. Zarak and Vorath took this opportunity to lock onto the frequency, and they later used this information to contact the Decepticons. Broken Glass!

Wonder what happens if you forget to catch them.

The Decepticons arrived, and after both sides adopted the Headmaster process, the Headmaster Autobots were captured by the Decepticons. Blurr and the remaining Autobots who lived in the forest remained weaponless, so they teamed up with various Nebulans who sided with the Autobot-allied Nebulan Galen and thus were considered criminals by the Council of Peers. Blurr's partner was Haywire, who had, like the others, undergone the Targetmaster process to become a weapon for his partner.

Blurr and the other Targetmasters headed for The Nursery, where they found themselves under attack by Scorponok and the Terrorcons. The Autobots' new Targetmaster powers overwhelmed the Decepticons, but not before the Nursery was reduced to rubble. Zarak, who was Scorponok's Headmaster partner, realized that this war was quickly destroying the planet he loved, and so he freed the Autobot Headmasters, allowing the Autobots to leave Nebulos. The Decepticons followed Blurr and the other Autobots to Earth, where they wished to respond to an Autobot distress signal. Brothers in Armor!!

When Galen died on Earth and his role as Fortress Maximus's Headmaster partner was assumed by Spike Witwicky, Spike led Kup and the other Targetmasters on a mission to the Decepticon's island headquarters to rescue his brother, Buster Witwicky. After Blurr and the other Targetmasters were attacked by the island's defense measures, the island transformed into a spaceship and launched into space. The Desert Island of Space! Soon, Fortress Maximus's Autobots met up with the Earth-bound Autobots led by Grimlock, and the two Autobot camps wound up witnessing a battle between Grimlock and Blaster for Autobot leadership. Blurr, along with the Autobots from both camps, began to watch this battle on Earth's moon when Ratbat's Decepticons unleashed a surprise attack. Totaled!

Blurr was enjoying some downtime aboard the Ark when Thunderwing and a motley crew of Decepticons attacked. Responding alongside his commander, Blurr joined in blasting the would-be Decepticon leader and forcing him off the ship. Assault on the Ark!

Blurr's keyboard doesn't even HAVE a spacebar.

When the Decepticon Air Strike Patrol attacked MacDill Air Force Base on Earth, Optimus Prime (who had returned to command) led most of the Autobot Army into battle, including Blurr, leaving only a skeleton crew behind on the Ark. The Resurrection Gambit! After Scorponok's Decepticons arrived as well, Prime ordered Blurr and the rest of his troops to return to the Ark, suspecting an unknown entity was orchestrating this battle behind the scenes. All the Familiar Faces! When Blurr and the others returned to the Ark, they discovered that not only was Ratchet missing, but in his absence Blackjack had disabled the skeleton crew and placed bombs on board. Blackjack, who was startled by the Autobots, dropped the bomb, which started the countdown. Kup refused to allow the Autobots to flee the Ark in its shuttles, citing the lack of time to evacuate their fallen comrades in the medical bays, which prompted Blurr to panic. Blurr and the others were saved when Ratchet, who had been kidnapped by Megatron (the mastermind behind the whole affair), arranged for the bombs to be teleported to Cybertron. Instead of blowing up the Ark, the bomb detonated inside Megatron's headquarters, apparently killing both Megatron and Ratchet. Skin Deep

News of Ratchet's demise sent Optimus Prime into a depression, and Hot Rod took it upon himself to snap Optimus out of it. Concocting a scheme wherein a Guardian Mark V battle droid would go "berserk" ended with the unit going on a genuine rampage. Blurr was knocked aside by the Guardian before Prime eventually snapped out of his funk and defeated the droid to save the day. Yesterday's Heroes!

When Thunderwing invaded the Ark once more, this time possessed by the Matrix, Blurr used his speed to good advantage, dodging the Decepticon's attacks and punching the Matrix-aura demon repeatedly. These blows accomplished little, though, and the aura punched him back. All Fall Down The Matrix was believed to be lost in this battle, and so Optimus Prime, who feared the imminent arrival of their race's godlike enemy, Unicron, took drastic measures. The Autobot leader surrendered his forces to Scorponok's Decepticons, hoping to secure an alliance against the coming Chaos Bringer. This did not please Blurr and the other Autobots, who were forced to turn over their weapons and Nebulan partners. Surrender!

Though Unicron was defeated during the Autobots' and the Decepticons' armistice, the latter faction, true to form, turned on their allies in short order. Now under Bludgeon's leadership, they rampaged on the planet Klo, slaughtering its organic inhabitants. The Autobots, likewise under Grimlock's new management, followed Bludgeon's troops, but wound up stumbling into an ambush as soon as they made landfall. Blurr was among the casualties of the battle, his busted-up corpse littering the ground alongside many of his comrades. He was presumably resurrected by the Last Autobot, who arrived to turn the tide of battle alongside Optimus Prime and the Neo-Knights. End of the Road!

Marvel UK future timelines
The movie adaptation, originally published by Marvel US, is in italics

In the future year 2003, Blurr was among the many Autobots stationed at the Ark when Ultra Magnus began his plans for a new Autobot City on Earth. It was his responsibility to send a hyper-speeded radio signal to Earth's governments, informing them about the secret plans for the city. Apparently, the Autobots decided regular codes would be too much work, so they just had Blurr dictate the plans! Ark Duty He was also on-site a year later at the grand opening of Autobot City, and helped defend their honored human guests from an assault by Shockwave and the Decepticons. Aspects of Evil!

In 1990, Blurr, Kup, and Hot Rod were captured by Megatron, but managed to escape thanks to the efforts of a double-agent named Warmonger. Aspects of Evil!

Megatron went on to lead his Decepticons in an all-out offensive against Autobot City, only to be beaten back by Optimus Prime. Blurr witnessed the Autobot leader pass on the Matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus before succumbing to the fatal wounds that had been dealt to him in this fateful duel. The Planet-Eater!

Looking rather green in the gills

Shortly after the attack on Autobot City in 2006, Blurr received some psychic coaching from Unicron to follow the new Decepticon leader, Galvatron, back through time to 1986 and stop his plans. Blurr was joined by Kup and Hot Rod, and upon materializing in the 20th century they joined forces with the local Ultra Magnus. Being as colossally powerful as Galvatron was, Blurr and his allies decided subterfuge was the better course of action than brute force. In order to get Galvatron to return to the future without a fuss, they manipulated him into believing he had traveled cross-time to an alternate 1986, where his actions in the past would have no effect on his future. To this end, Blurr and his allies stashed Starscream's inert form out of the way, Target: 2006 Stargazing disguised Skywarp as the former, and goaded Galvatron into destroying him. It really proved to be that simple, as Galvatron now believe his timeline couldn't come to pass, with Starscream having perished far too early. Galvatron returned to 2006 with his cronies, and Blurr, Kup and Hot Rod quickly followed suit. Target: 2006

Back in his own time, Blurr was among those gathered to hear a message from Bumblebee and Spike as they reported Unicron's encroachment on Moonbase Two. As the Autobots prepared to head towards their allies and help them against the monster planet, they came under attack from Galvatron and his array of goons. Splitting into two groups, they narrowly managed to evade their pursuers by boarding a couple of shuttles and blasting off into space. Judgment Day!


Blurr's group wound up on the planet of Junk, their shuttle badly damaged. They barely managed to get any work done on their ship before Galvatron tracked them down again. Ultra Magnus was torn to pieces in the ensuing battle, and Galvatron took off with the Matrix of Leadership in hand. Blurr bemoaned that, without the Matrix, all hope was lost. Before any other opinions on the matter were offered, the hostile Junkions sprung forth! Thankfully, another ship carrying Hot Rod and several other Autobots arrived, and managed to talk peace with Wreck-Gar, the Junkions' leader. Wreck-Gar's troops rebuilt Ultra Magnus, and everyone on Junk readied for a final confrontation against Unicron. In the clash, the Autobots' ship speared through the titan's eye. Blurr the rest of the crew were separated from Hot Rod inside Unicron, but the former's group found Spike, Bumblebee, and Jazz. They were soon rejoined by Hot Rod, but in his absence he had reacquired the Matrix of Leadership, which had both upgraded him into "Rodimus Prime" and begun a chain reaction inside Unicron, culminating in his destruction! With Unicron's threat now dealt with, the Autobots gathered around Rodimus Prime, who announced that this day would mark a new chapter in Cybertronian history, one that would hopefully contain much peace and happiness. The Final Battle!

And thrust!, 2!, 3!

After Unicron was defeated in 2006, Galvatron again fled back in time. Unaware of this, the Autobots searched high and low for the missing Galvatron, eventually forced into giving up when no trace of their quarry turned up in months. In Galvatron's absence, Blurr and the rest of the Autobots continued to battle the Decepticons over control of Cybertron, with Shockwave leading the enemy's armies, and Rodimus Prime now as the newly risen Autobot leader. Blurr was part of an Autobot ambush against an airborne hunter squad when, upon the mission's completion, the Autobots finally learned of Galvatron's whereabouts. Wanted: Galvatron — Dead or Alive! Blurr was once again on the team that went back to retrieve him, this time teamed with Kup, Wreck-Gar and Rodimus Prime. Burning Sky! It was déjà vu all over again, as the future Autobots again joined forces with 20th century Ultra Magnus to counter Galvatron's latest scheme. The evil Decepticon planned to use a magma siphon to drain power out of the planet's volcanic core, and gain the strength of a god in the process. Mere seconds after locating Galvatron and engaging him in combat, however, Blurr and Kup were knocked off-line when Galvatron hurled Ultra Magnus's beaten body at them. Hunters After regrouping, the Autobots concocted a plan to steal Galvatron's time-jump trigger device and rewire it to propel them all back to their proper place and time. While Blurr and the others distracted Galvatron, Wreck-Gar and Rodimus Prime attempted to make the proper modifications. In the end, however, only the Autobots were launched back to the future; Galvatron had modified the device so that the temporal backlash did not affect him, and he stayed in the past. Fire on High!

Blurr remained one of Rodimus Prime's finest soldiers in the future. In 2008, he helped defend the Autobot position against a massive Decepticon offensive, The Legacy of Unicron! and accompanied Rodimus Prime on a rescue mission to Earth when the Quintessons lay siege to Autobot City. Space Pirates!

When the timestorm exploded over space in 2009, Blurr joined Rodimus Prime and several other Autobots in travelling back to 1989, in the hopes of somehow removing the menace caused by Galvatron's long-term temporal distortion. Unfortunately, the mechanics of the time-jump mass displacement shunted Optimus Prime and other Autobots of 1989 into Limbo as they arrived, leaving smoldering earth in their wakes. The neophyte Autobot sub-commander Fortress Maximus jumped to the wrong conclusions and led his 20th century warriors into battle with their 21st century counterparts. Blurr was double-teamed by Scattershot and Wheeljack before Optimus managed to communicate with Maximus through the Matrix in Rodimus Prime's chest and call an end to the fighting. Despite being thrown for the loop, AND shot by Galvatron once the Autobots all lined up on one side, Blurr held out through the entire fight, and was still standing during Optimus Prime's climactic brawl with Galvatron, after nearly every other warrior had been downed. Time Wars

Why couldn't Haywire be a Headmaster partner? Oh.

After the Time Wars, the Autobots returned to 2009, but found it radically changed in their absence. It seemed the timestream had rebooted itself as if Galvatron had never left for the past to cause the timestorm. With Galvatron still around to lead the Decepticons, they had managed to maintain control over Cybertron after the war with Unicron, and the Autobots held only a meager resistance movement on their homeworld. Blurr, Rodimus and the others returned to this "new" war as best they could, but were hopelessly outmatched on Cybertron. After suffering a communications breakdown with one of their outposts, Rodimus Prime and allies arrived only to find Galvatron had taken control of the base and slaughtered the Autobots present. He saved a particularly gruesome fate for Blurr, and actually tossed the poor Autobot's severed head at Rodimus Prime once he arrived. Aspects of Evil!

In another version of the future, Blurr actually survived! He lived 'til at least the year 2510 when he personally delivered the news to Rodimus Prime that the last Decepticon had been killed and the war was over. Of course, a new war between the Technobots and the Wreckers broke out within a solar cycle, so Blurr still had a chance to get killed in battle. Peace

Rhythms of Darkness!

In yet another alternate future, the Autobots faced near-extinction in 2009 when Unicron destroyed Cybertron and Galvatron had very nearly conquered Earth. Blurr and Kup were killed by Scourge and Cyclonus during the Decepticons' rise to power. Rhythms of Darkness!

Regeneration One

Regeneration One continues from the Marvel US series, and does not include the UK stories or any subsequently published stories.
Hot rod blurr grapple loose ends.jpg

In 2012, while Optimus Prime was away on Earth, Blurr was stationed on Cybertron under the command of Hot Rod. Upon hearing that Soundwave had breached the Hall of Silence and enveloped it in a null field to prevent Autobot intervention, Blurr rushed to Hot Rod's side to inform him as much. Loose Ends, Part 4 Unfortunately, he couldn't provide any useful advice on dealing with the situation. Loose Ends, Part 5 Blurr attempted to find any variance in the null field's field harmonics, but after looking over its entire dome fifty times over, still couldn't find any way to breach it. Without options, Hot Rod was forced to order the destruction of the Hall, inadvertently covering Soundwave's escape with Thunderwing's remains. Natural Selection, Part One

When Scorponok arrived on Cybertron and began corrupting Autobots' programming, Blurr remained unaffected. He saw Perceptor using the "Gene Key" on Over-Run, and knew what to avoid after that. Along with Crosshairs, Grapple, and Hosehead, he formed a small group of survivors. Natural Selection, Part Three They met up with Grimlock and the Dinobots at the Nursery, and joined forces. Natural Selection, Part Four At the Civil Defense Hub, Blurr and the others fought through the evil Autobot and Decepticon defenders, retaking the defense grid. Unfortunately, Ultra Magnus and the Valiant were returning from Earth at that time, and the Decepticon Clones had already keyed in an attack sequence. Even Blurr's speed couldn't race through all possible combinations of the deactivation sequence fast enough, so Crosshairs shot one of the Clones and promised to shoot the other if he didn't shut the missiles down. The Decepticon complied. Natural Selection, Part Five

Blurr worked security at Eugenesis Plaza during Hot Rod's first disastrous speech as leader of the Autobots. Destiny, Part One He later defended the Presidium on the parapets during the Decepticon uprising. Destiny, Part Five

Afterwards, Blurr joined Ultra Magnus in hunting down Galvatron, but they were ambushed by Unicron cultists and lost their quarry. The War to End All Wars, Part 1 He was also seen with a group of Autobots speeding to the rescue of the Primordial Cybertronians when the Primum Fugae attacked. The War to End All Wars, Part 2

Blurr served on the bridge of Rodimus Prime's command vessel Priam when they attacked the Hub Network, but even his hyper-reflexes weren't fast enough to raise shields against Jhiaxus's counter-attack. The War to End All Wars, Part 3 After being held prisoner, the Autobots escaped the Hub after Jhiaxus was taken down by the Underbase. The War to End All Wars, Part 4 Back on Cybertron, Blurr and the Autobots discovered their world corrupted into a global necropolis by the Dark Matrix. They tracked the threat through the space bridge to Nebulos and Earth, and Blurr joined Ultra Magnus's squad on the first world where they defeated the possessed Galvatron and Fortress Maximus. The War to End All Wars, Part 5

Transformers in 3-D

Blurr took part in a mission to an asteroid to find a new source of energon. When Lightspeed discovered a small life form, Blurr had great fun playing with it, until Lightspeed insisted on conducting tests. After Magnus took the others in pursuit of Ratbat and ran into a bunch more Decepticons, Blurr was instructed to bring Fortress Maximus to the battleground. Blurr did so and even got to take a swipe at Galvatron, but was promptly picked up and tossed into the distance by Scorponok. He came back pretty quickly, though. The Test

When Monitorus arrived on Cybertron with the news that Tau-Ursa had been attacked and leveled by the Decepticons, Blurr rushed him to Optimus Prime and started alliterating a lot in his speech. They were soon interrupted by a Decepticon attack, which Blurr took part in an attempt to repel. As it turned out, the attack was a diversion while Galvatron used his new Nullification Cannon to nullify Cybertron's energon supplies.

Later, Blurr and Hot Rod traveled to Tau-Ursa to inspect the damage and search for stray Decepticons. They stumbled on Ape Face, who had found a Logicon warning beacon. A struggle ensued, and Blurr was able to wrest the beacon's recording tape from the Decepticon. The pair high-tailed it back to Cybertron, where the tape turned out to contain the coordinates to Metascan Alpha, a planet containing a vast storehouse of energon. Blurr accompanied Optimus on a mission to the Decepticons' base on a derelict space destroyer to destroy the Nullification Cannon. The War Against the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3

Sticker Adventures books

Blurr was part of the crew of an Autobot ship that was studying the Universe. He asked Springer to make note of several nearby stars. After being hit by meteors, they were forced to make landfall on the nearby Junk planet. Once they had landed, Blurr scouted out their surroundings, unaware that he was being watched by the Junkions. Wanting his engine, that Junkions chased him down and attacked the Autobots. The fighting stopped when Kup arrived on-world, and used the universal greeting to calm down the Junkions. Now friends, the Junkions and the Autobots worked together to fix the damaged ship. Blurr and the Autobots then blasted off and went on their way. Battle on the Junk Planet

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Galvatron Attacks

Marvel coloring books

Blurr was part of a small strike team of Autobots assembled by Ultra Magnus to help the Dinobots, who were currently engaged in battle against the Decepticons, just outside of Autobot City. After they defeated the Decepticons, Blurr and the others were cheered on by the nearby oil rig workers as they drove back to Autobot City. Battle at Oil Valley

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The Invasion of the Decepticon Camp

Blurr was returning from a road trip with Daniel, Hound and Hot Rod, Bumblebee, Kup, Wheelie, Springer, and Sunstreaker when the group paused to eat at a rest stop. As the Autobots ingested Energon Cubes, Hot Rod asked Kup to tell a story. Kup told the others the story of how, upon first crash landing in Mt. St. Hillary, the Ark had lost an enormous shipment of Energon Cubes that remained lost to the day. Enthralled by Kup's story, the rest of the group were all eager to go looking for this lost treasure. When they realized that Laserbeak had been spying on them the whole time, and would soon inform Galvatron about the lost Energon shipment, BLurr and the others rushed back to Metroplex to inform Ultra Magnus. Blurr was the first to reach Ultra Magnus, but as he was talking too fast, Ultra Magnus could not understand a word that Blurr was saying. After a brief conference, Ultra Magnus led his troops to the Ark's crash site. Finding the Decepticons there already, the two factions began to fight. When the Energon stash was uncovered, it was completely gobbled up by Starscream who proclaimed himself the most powerful Decepticon. With nothing left to fight over, BLurr and the Autobots left Galvatron and Starscream to their squabble. The Lost Treasure of Cybertron

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Hot Rod's Escape

Toy pack-in material

Blurr participated in a tumultuous battle on a moon base, wherein he joined forces with Springer and Metroplex. Together, they tried to slay Galvatron. Decipher the Decepticon

The Decepticons having stolen the Matrix of Creation, Blurr was called up by Ultra Magnus to help retrieve it. The Autobots used an army of decoys to distract the Decepticons, while Blurr, Hot Rod, Kup, and Ultra Magnus infiltrated their base. Blurr then blasted the Matrix out of the crystal that held it, and the Autobots made their getaway. Start Your Own Decoy Collection

Desert of Danger

The following summarizes one or more multipath adventures. Details vary depending on the paths taken in-story. See the book's page for information on alternate paths.

Blurr was stationed on the planet Nebulos when the Decepticons hatched a scheme to smuggle on-planet Attack Squad robots. He was available as back up to the more active Hot Rod during his missions. Desert of Danger

Autobot Alert!

The following summarizes one or more multipath adventures. Details vary depending on the paths taken in-story. See the book's page for information on alternate paths.

Alongside Springer and Beachcomber, Blurr was assigned a secret mission; to uncover the location of a sphere of cybertite, containing an ancient Autobot formula. When Decepticon storm troopers blasted their way into the Autobots’ research lab, Blurr was able to escape the skirmish and report back to Autobot headquarters about the situation. Upon his arrival at Metroplex city, Blurr learned that the Autobots had just learned of another crisis at hand; the Decepticons were taking over Earth’s communication satellites. In spite of this, both he and Kup insisted that dealing with the Decepticons who stole the coded message should take top priority.

If Ultra Magnus agreed to prioritize theft of the coded message, Blurr was part of the captive audience that listened to Kup divulge information about an ancient Autobot formula. Blurr took off towards the Autobots’ desert research centre along with a number of other Autobots. Once there, they learned from Springer that the Cybertite sphere containing the formula was discovered by humans during the 16th century. If the Decepticons had decoded Springer's message, they would be searching off the coast of California, where the ship containing the sphere had sunk. If they hadn’t decoded the message, the Decepticons would still be digging in the nearby crater.

If the Autobots decided to scope out the nearby crater first, Blurr raced Hot Rod to it, finding it void of any Decepticon activity. Combing the crater, the pair then found Beachcomber tied to an explosive device, and set out to rescue him. Once freed, Beachcomber informed the pair that the Decepticons had long ago broken the code and were already en route to retrieve the cybertite sphere. It would now be much to late to catch up to the Decepticons, and all hope to retrieve the orb before them was lost.

If Ultra Magnus decided to assume that the Decepticons had already decrypted the message, he ordered his forces to split up to more efficiently address the situation. Blurr was sent ahead to scout out the crater while the rest of the Autobots headed for the California coast. Fast as he was, Blurr was able to make it to the crater, double back, and meet up with the rest of the Autobot forces just as they arrived at the California coast. En route, he had spotted the incoming Decepticons, and warned Ultra Magnus to act quickly. The Autobots then needed to decide whether they would raise the ship themselves, or try and ambush the Decepticons after they had done so.

In one of the possible plans that Ultra Magnus came up with, Sludge and Hot Rod worked together to retrieve the sphere from the ship. Blurr was then tasked to return the sphere to Metroplex, while the rest of the Autobots lay hidden, ready to ambush the Decepticons. Autobot Alert!

Ladybird Books continuity

Blurr was one of the Autobot Targetmasters who ruined a Decepticon energy operation at the Nebulan north pole by using thermal lasers to sink Scorponok into the melting ice he had rested upon. Decepticons at the Pole

Dreamwave Generation One continuity


After Shockwave's "joint" takeover of Cybertron with Ultra Magnus, Blurr was among the Autobots who rebelled against the idea. He joined an underground Autobot cell led by Kup and Hot Rod to oppose Shockwave. Along with fellow cell members Hot Rod and Springer, he observed a Decepticon shuttle (actually piloted by the Dinobots) from the Wastelands. Cold War

Later, after Gnaw brought an unconscious Optimus Prime to their base, Blurr and Wheelie tried to subdue the legendary Autobot from mistakenly pounding Gnaw to death after he woke up. (Blurr's attempt was to punch Optimus in the face, which nearly broke his hand. Points for gumption.) Passive Aggression Soon after, Blurr participated in Optimus Prime's Autobot uprising, battling the Decepticons and Guardian robots, which ended Shockwave's rule. Countdown to Extinction

IDW Generation 1 continuity

Blurr communicator Devisive.jpg


Blurr was a participant of the Autobots' battles against the Decepticons throughout the ages, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of Grapple and Optimus Prime himself. A New Battle!

When a deadly nano-virus infected the Autobots stationed on Earth, Blurr, along with the rest of the Targetmasters and Headmasters, found himself immune to it. Blurr and the rest of the healthy Autobots traveled to Nebulos in order to retrieve a cure concocted by Supreme Scientist Zella. Once there, Blurr determined that there was no Decepticon activity via their ship's computer. Suspicious nonetheless, Kup left Blurr in charge of the ship's computer while he led a squad into the field. Kup's suspicions were confirmed when it was revealed that a squad of Decepticons had hidden in inner-space nearby to avoid detection. The Autobots retrieved the cure nonetheless, and Blurr was commended for his heroic actions when he returned to Earth. The Fierce Fighting on Planet Nebulos

Kre-O online manga

Blurr Kreon.JPG

Blurr ran away in fear from Predaking, the combined form of the Predacons. Behemoth Combination! But They're Cute? The Predacon Unit

Titans Return marketing material

Blurr was on Velocitron, competing in the planet's biggest race opposite Wheelie. However, Scourge and Crashbash attacked the race to try and capture Blurr's Titan Master Hyperfire. Titans Return: The Power of the Titan Masters

Beast Wars: Uprising

During the latter days of the Great War, Blurr was partnered with Haywire and Hyperfire as a Headmaster and Targetmaster. Trigger Warnings

Commercial appearances


The Transformers: Battle to Save the Earth

I can transform too! *flump*

Along with his fellow Autobots, Blurr protected Earth from the menace of the Decepticons. He was ostensibly under the command of Rodimus Prime. The Transformers: Battle to Save the Earth

The Transformers (PS2)

Voice actor: Phil Gibbon (English)

When Shockwave threatened the universe using Zel Quartz in 2010, Blurr was one of the Autobots warriors who travelled back in time to 2003 to prevent Zel Quartz from ever being cultivated for use by Cybertronians.

Decepticon story

While searching for Zel Quartz in the present, the Decepticons hunted down several leads, including a drill bit forged from a meteorite. Separated from the rest of his team in the crash, Blurr confronted the Decepticons in the desert as they searched for the drill.

Autobot story

Blurr rejoined the present and future Autobots in their campaign after the second false lead for the quartz on Zel Samine. The Transformers (PS2)

Transformers Legends

Following a Decepticon attack on New York City, Blurr joined Mirage's team of infiltrators on a hunt for Decepticons. They were thwarted by three of the Combaticons. War Dawn Blurr joined a team led by Bumblebee to help track down the Predacons. Call of the Primitives

Blurr was involved in a conflict with Galvatron and his Decepticons, which led to his Autobot teammates, Rodimus Prime, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, and Spike being forced to take cover in the Autobot Mausoleum. Dark Awakening

In the aftermath of the restoration of Cybertron, Blurr was part of a team led by Sky Lynx which attempted to map the changes to their planet. They were briefly delayed by Spinister and Acid Storm. The Autonomy Lesson

Transformers: Battle Tactics


Blurr participated in battles against a variety of opponents, both Autobots and Decepticons. Sometimes there were many of him! He was an Uncommon character that could be recruited by collecting 55 units of Cybermetal, and 24 units of Transmetal. Transformers: Battle Tactics


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  • No matter the continuity, Blurr's pattern of speech inevitably becomes inspired by his original cartoon portrayal's speed-talking. You can try to write him differently. Bob Budiansky did. Shane McCarthy did. But it won't last.
  • declared Blurr to be the fastest fictional car, beating out Speed Racer's Mach Five by a top speed difference of over 500 mph.[1]

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Blurr (ブラー Burā)
  • English: Wally (Omni Productions dub)
  • French: Brouillo (Canada)
  • Hungarian: Blörr, Hadari (The Movie, "Sputtery")
  • Italian: Flash
  • Mandarin: Luōsuo (China, 啰嗦, "Wordy")
  • Russian: Blurr (Блер Bler)