Frankie and Vinnie Tartamella produce a memorable first issue in ‘Through the Woods #1’!

One of the great pleasures of working for ComicsVerse is getting the opportunity to read and review books from independent writers.  In the midst of event fever (and possibly fatigue), these books are a welcome breath of fresh air.  One such book is ‘Through the Woods’.  Siblings Frankie and Vinnie Tartamella have worked together on this issue, with art and story by Vinnie, and story and words by Frankie.

Story-wise, it’s an impressive first entry.  The concept is one that will be familiar to most horror-readers; an attractive girl, Laura Langley, moves to the family home and uncovers a dark secret.  Where the story’s intriguing is that it kind of ties together a murder mystery in the past and a ghost story in the present.  I’m pretty sure there’s also some misdirection of some kind, with a fairly obvious ‘villain’ whose motives seem to reside in pure bitterness.

And then we get to the art.  Vinnie’s work impressed me at Special Edition, and he pulls it off just as well in ‘Through the Woods’.  His figures are strong and dominant; Laura Langley is attractive, Jack Lombardo is physically impressive, and Vinnie’s use of shadows works a treat to create some pretty spooky scenes.  There are some particularly good stand-out moments; I love his shading as he shows Laura driving through the forest on the first page, and the first encounter with Jack Lombardo is inspiring.  Although this isn’t a super-hero book, you definitely feel as though Jack jumps off the page like a super-hero, radiating power and confidence.

Vin-Tartamella-page13-Jack-crop (1)

But the final page of ‘Through the Woods’ is perhaps the best of all, with the curves of Laura standing in the light, and the recognisable figure of the ghost standing in the dark.  Light and dark play against one another in a wonderfully evocative scene, and I’m left seriously looking forward to #2!

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