Ever wake up one day and feel like your whole life has fallen apart around you? We have all had those days, but none of us have ever had to live them. Welcome to the world of Kara Zor-El, or she is better known as Supergirl. For those not familiar with her she is actually Superman’s OLDER cousin, but was stuck in stasis. As the story of Kara plays out we get to see she is 16, and finishing up the trials that would allow her to wear her family crest–the S-shield we all know and love from the Superman mythology. This is something we see Kara flashback to frequently in the first arcs, as she is a daddy’s girl without a doubt. So much so that he even lets her off easy on a few of the trials. These little things help make Kara feel more tragic and her own character in the Nu52. She is not just a cookie cutter of Superman’s origin. This time both her dad Zor-El and Superman’s dad Jor-El had plans for the of the world. I won’t go into detail about Jor-El’s plan since we all know Superman’s origin in one form or another. Zor-El on the other hand had a crazy plan to bring his people off-planet using stolen force field technology. Only he wouldn’t put his most precious cargo–his daughter–Kara in the dome. She was in her own escape pod much like her baby cousin. All while doing secret experiments on her before sending her to that faraway star known as Earth. Except she had a few year detousr as she floated in orbit around the sun, directly exposing her to the Sun’s yellow rays. When she finally does crash in Kansas, she does it with such force that she plows through the planet right on to the other side and comes out in Siberia. Confused and super powered as giant metal robot appear. She notices right away she should be freezing and she is not, her heat vision kicking in and firing a beam. It should be noted in the New 52, Kryptonians do not appear to be invulnerable like they did pre-Flashpoint. We find out that the costumes are body armor , and they are invulnerable. We even see Kara’s first real villain, or her Lex Luthor , Simon Tycho test this. We also quickly see most of Kara’s powers display themselves–she has all the powers we expect out of a Kryptonian. Flight, strength, X-Ray, Heat vison, and then she gained asSonic scream that we see used a few times , and a pulse wave of her internal energy released all at once. Then her baby Cousin shows up speaking Kryptonese–or Kryptonian, if you will–out of the text book , which freaks her out more. So before I go any farther keep in mind this mostly the first arc of the Nu52. I haven’t even gotten to the cool stuff with her dad and the new Cyborg Superman. First of all the one human she can trust may turn out to be her arch enemy. Since she is the new version of the Silver Banshee and we have already seen her fight her father the Black Banshee. Kara also happens to be trampling on that friendship like when she takes off, for space when she had kryptonite poisoning. It was H’el and his crazed plan to bring back Krypton, and playing on her heart strings that lead to the Kryptonite poisoning in the first place. This was another example of Kara and Kal suffering from the sins of their fathers though. H’el was a science project gone bad. Jor-El sent some Kryptonian cells into space to study which radiation did what to them, and after a few decades, they grew into a big bag of crazy known as H’el. He even calls himself that due to his ship being called the House of El and being a little slow he called himself H’el. So he comes back with this plan to seduce Kara and make her his Eve to his Adam. ( his own words out the Villains month Superman 23.3) Poor Kara buys his plan only because of him, the giant dragon he sics on them which we later find out is a clone, but it all brings her hope. Which she feels Kal has none, since he grew up as the orphan and doesn’t know what he is missing. When you look at these issues I am surprised she is a hero. To be honest as I read this book , there has been many times that I feel Kara. The sense of loss, and being a stranger in a strange land. If you have every had to move suddenly and transplanted to a new place you have a had that feeling on a small scale, now imagine that on the largest most epic scale you could, and take away any person or stability you have in your life. We are talking friends, family dogs, anything. This just the start of this poor girl’s journey. Add in that for that the first few months, she couldn’t even speak the language, and try coming to grips that now you are super powered. Sounds great, except when you are mourning your family, and the only person you have, is supposed be a baby. That same guy also tells her what to do like she your baby, since he happens to be Superman the most respected super-hero on this new planet. Then there is the fact that, even though she has done nothing but heroic things, nobody has trusted poor Kara yet. She has been shot at, and dogged since the moment she woke up. Well except her only friend that has demon inside, whose darkness threats to consume them all. Which as a reader causes you to worry. Emotions run high as you read this book, or they should, in my opinion. You read along and you actually start to see the flaws in humanity, and see we lack compassion even in this tragedy. As I mentioned earlier we see the roller coaster of emotional with H’el. Here is a boy, which is promising her everything, and anything she has wanted since waking up from her bioship. Her home back. So blinded by the hope, possibility she falls for a madman’s promise. Which I have lost a parent, I understand, that darkness all to well. When that wound is fresh you would do everything to have them back. I could see very clearly why she would she fall for his plans, add in the attraction for him. I know I have and many others have done stupid things for the people they thought they were in love with, and they didn’t promise to bring back dead relatives, or blown up planet. It was hard to see her fight the Flash, though I’ll admit that, is when I as a reader was going Kara snap out of it. Unfortunately when she finally does, much like in real life we war witness to the train wreck of emotions that cause an even worse decision she has to stab him in the chest with the Kryptonite shard powering his machine which causes her to suffer from massive Kryptonite poisoning. Enter more tragic gut wrenching moments, now our plucky heroine is dying. This girl can’t win for losing, so says good bye to her only friend, and heads to space. She decided if she was going to go she was going on her own terms looking for other survivors, and living her life. Out in space she encounters the craziest reboot in the Nu52, I think Cyborg Superman. Cyborg Superman is nothing like when seen before, and as we uncover more his origin it puts all the tragic little pieces of Kara journey from Krypton to Earth together in a nice little bow. So her dad Zor-El while comparing notes with his brother Jor-El, finds out about Earth and gets the plans for the escape bioship. He genetically modifies her to make sure she survives the journey. Which Zor-El not being the scientist his brother is or because of another source she ends ups stuck in stasis floating around the sun for years. While he and Argo city float off planet with some help from a time traveling Superboy. This bad idea of using Brainiac’s stolen tech works for a very short time. Ultimately it causes over 7 million people their lives including Kara’s mom Alura. Which in the moments before Zor-El so desperate to save his people and see his daughter again by some miracle calls Krypton’s greatest enemy. Brainiac arrives just before Zor-El dies. Stripping him of all of his memory he sends him off to find perfection in the universe. This crazy so now we find out that Jor-El, is the very monster that is chasing her down and she doesn’t know. Brainiac now what Kara for her poised body and Cyborg wants her body to become whole again. In that moment of cosmic wonderment father and daughter are reunited but they don’t know it. She never finds out and he cannot remember his life before being the Cyborg. In a very touching moment Zor-El who you can’t help but feel for as the lovable loser or complete screw up at this point gets turned normal. The other guy that was there, and he tells him to give Kara a message, instructions to make sure he will buy he time to escape and then changes back to Cyborg just to protect his daughter. The heart breaker for me was after almost 25 issues I was hoping they could have gotten to see each other for the final goodbye, or for her to find out her is still there. The power of that moment, the realism in it. Any parent would give their life or freedom to save their child. To sacrifice your freedom and your life once more for your child, but this time without them knowing.I loved the Previous Cyborg Superman but this one is even better to me. I feel his pain, it is better than the old rip off of the Fantastic Four. I understood the tough choices he made for his daughter and if you give it a read I hope you see it too. It looks like he can shape up to be a really interesting character for the general Superman universe. I love this book. Not just for the ability to be part of the Superman family, but aside from an issue here and there or the few crossovers, I can read it on its own. The first two trades alone have some of the most amazing art by Mahmud Asrar. Sadly, when George Perez does a story in the second trade it actually takes me out of it if you read it straight through. I highly recommend checking out this unsung hero of the Nu52. Plus she is one the first that gets to tangle with the new Lobo, love it or hate it. Then she will get angry, like most teenagers do, but to a point that it gets the Red Lanterns’ attention. I really cannot wait. If Supergirl was just a fill-in character to me before, now she is just as important to the mythology as her cousin if you ask me, and this has just been the start of the journey and now that we got the warm up laps out of the way I cannot wait to see how we see he develop from here. Does she go more toward the dark side due to all the tragedy in her life like Batman and the Red Lantern ring ? Or is that going to be a few issue attention grabber to sell some books. I hope she keeps it to continue to make her stick out from Superman. Only time will tell until then go check out what I am talking about, and see if you agree with me. Grab those trades you will not regret it.

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