Warning: this review will include spoilers for WONDER WOMAN.

Ah, WONDER WOMAN. The Princess of the Amazons, original member of the Justice League, and all around bad ass. What can I say about this iconic character that the average comic book reader doesn’t already know? So for the sake of simplicity, I’m going to break this down into two categories.

Do not fret, it is not a listicle (maybe it is, who knows with these millennials and their definitions). You, also, will not have to click through multiple pages to get through the article. Anyways, here is the good. Anyways, here is the good…

The Good

The Casting

One of, if not the most important parts of a film, and WONDER WOMAN did a fantastic job in this regard. Gal Gadot is WONDER WOMAN. She just is. Could you imagine anyone else? She looks like you would expect an onscreen adaptation to look like. Could you honestly imagine Director Patty Jenkins going with anyone else? Then there was Star Trek captain Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Fantastic choice. Sure, Pine maybe could have buffed up a bit for the part, but overall, he looked like what you would expect Steve Trevor to look.

Wonder Woman

Another aspect of the casting I’d like to give Wonder Woman props for is the number of minorities the film placed in the story, while still making the film seem historically accurate. Throughout the film, You see black Amazons, British regiments of Indians (India at that time being a colony of the British Empire) and even Native Americans. To top that off, when you see that the group of five heroes is made up of all of these different ethnicities; two of them being minorities, it just reaffirms that Hollywood is making good on trying to include as many minorities as possible.

The Acting

Of course, looking the part is only one-half of being a successful actor. You actually have to, you know act — and WONDER WOMAN had this in spades. As much as she looks the part, Gal Gadot truly embodied the spirit of a young Wonder Woman, showing how idealistic and at times naive the character was meant to be. At the same time, Chris Pine’s performance was fantastic as well. His realistic views of war are clearly supposed to clash with Diana’s idealism, and it comes across brilliantly.

The Holy Trinity of DC Comics – Batman, Superman, and WONDER WOMAN

One character I am happily surprised with is Robin Wright’s (Carrie Underwood, House of Cards) portrayal of Diana’s aunt, Antiope. Seeing her in House of Cards, Robin comes across as a borderline evil woman who will let nothing get in the way of what she wants. To see her flip the proverbial script and go back (she was Princess Buttercup in THE PRINCESS BRIDE) this loving character, someone who cares about someone other than herself was truly shocking. I guess that is why they call it acting right? Let’s talk about the script for a second…

The Script

The script in this film was great.As mentioned above, this film was supposed to star a younger, more naive Wonder Woman than what we saw in DAWN OF JUSTICE. And that is what we got. A brash, young, confident woman, this film was a coming of age for the princess of Amazonia, and both the dialogue and the plot let the viewer know that was the case.

The dialogue, in particular, was something that had been lacking in previous DCEU films. Throughout the majority of films set in the DCEU, there hasn’t been great dialogue. There haven’t been great character building moments, nor has the viewer gained a sense of comradery between characters. WONDER WOMAN changes that. Throughout the film, you see how Diana goes from a naive young woman to someone who has a grasp on the world around her.

You get to see how the relationship between Trevor and her builds from her saving his life, to them falling in love. And while DC really should have had these moments throughout both DAWN of JUSTICE and SUICIDE SQUAD, it’s good to know that they are finally making an attempt at giving characters meaningful backstories before shoving 10 of them on screen at once.

The Bad

Ares Human Form

Did Ares have to keep that form while fighting Diana? For the entirety of the film, he has been masquerading as a British politician. But why, when you’re a god, would you keep the same form when fighting another god?  I mean, you’re a god, choose any form you like. Although after watching the film for the second time, it seems as though that’s his form in the beginning so, I guess that is just what he looks like. It might sound petty, but honestly, the mustache removed me from the final battle. Let us be honest, is there any doubt Wonder Woman would beat this someone with a face like this, God or not?

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Wonder Woman

Diana’s learning curve

Look I get that this is a movie, and there is a finite time for things to progress. However. how quickly Wonder Woman “grows up” in this movie felt rushed. I mean one night she talking to Steve Trevor like a homeschooled 12-year-old about the “pleasures of the flesh.” Then two nights later they are spending the night together? Talk about sixteen going on thirty.

Final Thoughts

This film was great. Not only was it a great superhero film overall, but it was also a great superhero film about the most iconic female hero of all time. More importantly, it was a great film for the continuation for the DCEU. Of course comparing superhero films to previous ones is always dangerous (*cough DARK KNIGHT cough*)

However, for the survival of the franchise, I think that is something that needs to happen. You can’t continually roll out bad films and expect a franchise to survive. Especially when to put it in Marvel terms, a universe is in it’s “Phase One.” WONDER WOMAN is a great place to start that turnaround.

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