DC Comics’ Wonder Woman #72 brings together a creative team with a deep understanding of Diana’s inner life and an empowering visual style.


Wonder Woman #72


Art by Tom Derenick, Jesús Merino
Written by G. Willow Wilson
U.S. Price 3.99
On Sale: Jun 12, 2019

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Diana and her compatriots have crossed from our world into a shattered land where no earthly feet have fallen in eons…but that doesn’t mean that everything there is dead and gone! If this is indeed the road to the lost Themyscira, Wonder Woman will face any danger to reach its end—but that doesn’t mean that those she’s traveling with will survive!

Wonder Woman #72 Preview Images

Wonder Woman #72 cover no textWonder Woman #72 variant coverWonder Woman #72 page 1Wonder Woman #72 page 2Wonder Woman #72 page 3Wonder Woman #72 page 4Wonder Woman #72 page 5

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