Wonder Woman has been fighting a war in her series, “The Just War,” against Ares. Writer G. Willow Wilson certainly started her run off with a bang! The country of Durovnia is in ruins due to the Greek gods and other mythological creatures. On top of that, there’s also an underlying tension between two warring factions. Trapped in the middle is Steve Trevor, tied up and captured. Diana has fought against all sides to save Steve and — in WONDER WOMAN #62 — with peace talks developing, Diana must face down Ares one more time!

Warning, potential spoilers for WONDER WOMAN #62 are below!

Wonder Woman vs. Ares: Round Two

WONDER WOMAN #62 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Picking up from the previous issue, WONDER WOMAN #62 leads with the Prime Minister of Durovnia, Steve Trevor, Aphrodite, and Wonder Woman confronting Ares. The insurgents have called for a peace conference, but Ares has decided to face down the Prime Minister in single combat. Wonder Woman takes the Prime Minister’s place. So a dramatic battle rages and Ares again falls to Diana, thanks to help from his former flame Aphrodite. The Goddess of Love whispers a few choice words to Ares, which stop him in his tracks.

The peace talks finally begin, and the Prime Minister agrees to let the insurgents secede and form their own nation. There’s initial mistrust, as the insurgents fear American military reprisal. After a leap of faith, the two agree to further talks. That is, only if the gods and their entire menagerie leave Durovnia immediately! Aphrodite agrees, and Diana has a final talk with Ares.

The Aftermath of War – Is Themyscira Okay?

Ares is distraught that his attempt to change caused so much ruin. Diana tries to offer an understanding ear and mentions the wisdom of Athena. Ares resolves to seek out his sister’s counsel, and he leaves Diana as neither friend nor foe.

Diana goes to check in on Etta Candy, who was shot in a previous installment. She’s recuperating at a US Airbase near Durovnia. Diana and Etta talk about the events of the past few issues, and what might have happened to Themyscira. Etta and Steve both remark on how shaken Wonder Woman is. Diana heads out to the nearby cliff. She says a prayer for her mother and her home and concludes WONDER WOMAN #62 by flying off into the horizon.

G. Willow Wilson Finishes Her First Arc Strong

WONDER WOMAN #62 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Wilson concludes her first arc — “The Just War” — with WONDER WOMAN #62, and she didn’t disappoint. She’s written a tale that leaves a heavy impact, both in terms of continuity change and emotional power. The war between a country’s ruling class and a minority of its citizens is a metaphor for countless conflicts across the globe. Wilson juxtaposes the impact the Gods and the mythological creatures have on Durovnia against American military might; an interesting comparison of power that we don’t often see in this manner.

As for the continuing storyline, the mystery of Themyscira has the potential to be a huge tale. With the cataclysm Paradise Island endured as well as the ejection of all of the Greek gods and related mythological creatures, it’s possible the Amazons are no more. Diana’s agony is two-fold as she’s no longer able to return home. Whatever direction Wilson takes with this book beyond WONDER WOMAN #62 will be a spectacular one. I’m so on board for this series!

Xermanico Makes WONDER WOMAN #62 Very, Very Pretty

Artist Xermanico does some amazing, detailed, gorgeous work in WONDER WOMAN #62. The pencils are tight, and the detailing is truly extraordinary. Credit also goes to colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr. for the vibrancy of the book.

Xermanico’s work on INJUSTICE and ARROW has made those series into fan favorites. His gorgeous work makes clear why Xermanico was tapped to take on DC’s most popular heroine. This issue is one of 2019’s prettiest so far. Granted, it’s early, but it’s warranted in this case.

Is Themyscira Okay?

With “The Just War” over, Diana now has an opportunity to try and find out what happened to her mother, sisters, and home. Does Themyscira still exist? What happened to the island? Where are the Amazons? What other creatures did the cataclysm unleash? Did Darkseid’s Daughter, Grail, also escape from the prison Ares was in? So many questions and Wilson is the woman with the answers. Wonder Woman is in good hands under her stewardship!

WONDER WOMAN #62 by G. Willow Wilson, Xermanico, and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Writer G. Willow Wilson gives us a strong ending to "The Just War." Durovnia has peace, Ares has a quest, and Diana needs to find out what happened to Themyscira. Artist Xermanico draws one of the best-looking books I've seen this year.
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