Ares has been one of Wonder Woman’s most notable foes throughout her comic book history. Thus, it was quite the surprise when WONDER WOMAN #58 rendered Ares a god of justice rather than war, one seeking an alliance with the Amazonian warrior herself. Now, in WONDER WOMAN #59, Ares reveals his true intentions; ones we saw coming a mile away.

Writer G. Willow Wilson’s tenure on WONDER WOMAN has been highly anticipated amongst fans. Unfortunately, though her previous installment featured an abundance of potential, WONDER WOMAN #59 ultimately fails to meet expectations.

Encompassing a predictable series of events in addition to a one-dimensional villain, this installment leaves us wanting much, much more.

Kneel Before Ares

Wonder Woman #59
WONDER WOMAN #59 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

As seen at the end of WONDER WOMAN #59, Ares and Wonder Woman establish an alliance to enact peace across the world. Together, they embark on a mission to stop a missile from destroying an entire community of civilians. Upon capturing the explosive, Wonder Woman states that they must turn the missile away from the rebel stronghold and into a field where it will harm no one.

Instead, Ares turns the missile towards a populated area, as a way to enact revenge against the tyrant who launched the missile in the first place. Unsurprisingly, Wonder Woman then attacks Ares, stating that he hasn’t changed who he truly is.

Meanwhile, Steve Trevor (who’s not the host for the new Ares, as I previously thought), has been imprisoned by a multitude of mythological creatures. His future remains bleak.

Thus, much of WONDER WOMAN #59 feels anticlimactic simply because the narrative is so incredibly predictable. Because of this, the plot lacks movement. Nothing new is brought to Wonder Woman, Ares, or even Steve Trevor’s characters. Therefore this issue, unfortunately,y comes across as an inconsequential installment.

The Many Hues of WONDER WOMAN #59

Wonder Woman #59
WONDER WOMAN #59 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

In addition to the story of WONDER WOMAN #59, the imagery of the issue falls short. However, Jenny Frison’s variant cover impresses once again. It’s truly a magnificent depiction of Wonder Woman that maintains such awe-inspiring detail. Frison’s variants throughout this WONDER WOMAN run have not once failed to be incredible.

In addition to Frison’s variant artwork, I enjoy Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s colors in this issue. In particular, I love the blending of blue and purple hues throughout the backgrounds. Said hues exemplify an elegance that brings a lightness to the work. Though, the tone of this particular issue does appear inconsistent. The serious content of the story doesn’t always seem to fit the lighter, vibrant colors scattered throughout this installment, therefore contributing to a unique juxtaposition that doesn’t necessarily fit.

Overall, the issue’s artwork appears disjointed. Wonder Woman and Ares’ battle feels especially so. This ultimately makes for a work that is difficult to engage with simply because the action sequences are hard to sustain.

So, in general, it’s undoubtedly a shame that the artwork falters in this issue, particularly for a story that’s so epic in nature.

What Lies Beyond

As aforementioned, the rivalry between Wonder Woman and Ares is one that exists on a grand scale. As a result, that rivalry requires a story with enough depth to maintain those characters. Unfortunately, WONDER WOMAN #59 doesn’t capture said depth.

The story moves slowly and, when it does move, it gives us a wildly predictable outcome. As a result, said outcome begs the question: Where does the plot go from here?

With a voice like G. Willow Wilson, I hope to see Wonder Woman embark on some innovative adventures. I hope to see her engage in battles we won’t see coming. Ultimately, I wish to witness a tale that will keep me guessing.

Wonder Woman #59 by G. Willow Wilson, Cary Nord, & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
WONDER WOMAN #59 struggles to bring a new direction to the series, despite its fresh voice.
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