One may think the imprisonment of a god is an impossible task. Yet, Queen Hippolyta has found a way. In entrapping Ares within the dark chasms of Themyscira, she’s deterred the God of War from unleashing his wrath upon the people of Earth. In WONDER WOMAN #58 though, Ares begins preparing for his escape, one that leads to an unexpected turn of events.

G. Willow Wilson takes over writing duties of DC Rebirth’s WONDER WOMAN run. In this launch, she provides our titular hero with a much-needed fresh voice and fierceness. So, though WONDER WOMAN #58 isn’t a perfect issue, it’s a worthy beginning to a new tale!

Warning, potential spoilers for WONDER WOMAN #58 are below!

Wonder Woman #58
WONDER WOMAN #58 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

A New God Rises

WONDER WOMAN #58 opens with a discussion between Queen Hippolyta and Philippus. Hippolyta reveals her fears that the imprisoned Ares will ultimately learn from his past transgressions, therefore catalyzing a transformation in the God of War.

We eventually learn that Hippolyta’s fears are valid, as Ares reveals to his fellow prisoner Gail that he’s learned that time is greater in value than war. Thus, justice is required to transcend time in order to truly be a victor. After stating this, Grail abruptly slashes Ares across the chest with the God-Killer sword. This act causes a great tremor to ensue throughout the globe.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman learns that Steve Trevor has gone missing in action. She takes it upon herself to find him. As she does, she fights a plethora of soldiers until she comes face-to-face with Steve Trevor, who has seemingly assumed Ares’ identity.  Yet, he vows to fight alongside Wonder Woman against the horrors of injustice and tyranny.

This conclusion to WONDER WOMAN #58 is undoubtedly a doozy. It will surely have readers greatly anticipating Wilson’s journey with this run! Now, in regard to the issue as a whole, I enjoy Wilson’s characterization of Wonder Woman. We witness her exemplify a righteous anger in addition to an assurance in herself, depicted in her decision to find Steve despite her peers’ advice not to.

So, ultimately, I look forward to Wilson’s take on this iconic character. Thus far, it seems as though she will provide Wonder Woman with plenty of depth and give her character an engaging, unpredictable narrative to work with.

The Many Hues of WONDER WOMAN #58

Wonder Woman #58
WONDER WOMAN #58 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Unfortunately, the artwork serves as this issue’s weakest point. I wish there was more dimension in the panels as they tend to feel bare. I also wish some of the character depictions appeared cleaner. At many times, they seem quite inconsistent.

With that being said though, Jenny Frison’s variant cover is exceptional. The colors are absolutely magnetic as Wonder Woman herself conveys an ethereal vibe. I love the way Frison frames the clouds around her, truly establishing an uplifting image.

So, overall, I hope the imagery improves into upcoming issues of this series. A dynamic narrative needs dynamic artwork in order to truly tell the entire story. Therefore, the artwork must be well-integrated throughout its many facets.

What Lies Beyond

WONDER WOMAN #58 is a favorable issue. It presents an intriguing, surprising portrayal of Ares, one that frames new motives for the wrathful god. As a result, Wilson provides us with an organic characterization of a character that’s been around for over seventy years!

Additionally, Wonder Woman truly shows off her epic self in this issue. Her warrior and defender personas certainly takes center stage, and I’m absolutely here for it. It’s exciting to know that Wonder Woman’s character is in the hands of an exceptional writer. Consequently, it will be interesting to see the new avenues Wilson will take such an iconic figure.

There are a lot of paths this series can now take in regard to the events of WONDER WOMAN #48, and I look forward to whatever lies ahead.

WONDER WOMAN #58 by G. Willow Wilson, Cary Nord, & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
WONDER WOMAN #58 is an electric start to G. Willow Wilson's run, giving our titular hero an epic new narrative to work with.
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A new ally, an old foe
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