WONDER WOMAN #5 opens with a conversation between Etta Candy and Sasha Bordeaux, detailing what has happened to Steve Trevor and his team in Bwunda. Their discussion leads to a well-known ‘fact’ that if Steve or Diana is ever in trouble, each will come to the other’s rescue. Etta puts it like this: “They’re bound to each other.” In this case, she and Bordeaux leave Steve’s fate in the hands of the Amazonian princess.

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Meanwhile, in the depths of the Bwundan jungle, Steve comes to verbal blows with his captor, Cadulo, in an effort to push Cadulo to make a mistake. However, Steve’s bravery only singles him out as a possible vessel for the villainous god, Urzkartaga. All the while, Diana and Cheetah move closer to danger, both opening up about their fears and the struggle to remember who they were.

Wonder Woman

Previous installments of ‘The Lies’ dealt with Wonder Woman finding and recruiting Cheetah to aid in her quest. In WONDER WOMAN #5 she finally opens up to her former friend, admitting that she is afraid of what awaits at the end of her journey. This particular conversation is full of melancholy, with Greg Rucka’s words evoking a past that both women yearn for, and Liam Sharp’s inks detailing a lost Diana, her head hung in sadness and a despair creeping into her eyes.

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Sharp’s inks are lovely to look at. His paneling style is perfect: he uses tight boxes for one-on-one conversations, while opening up borders when the action dictates. There are two particular moments that stand out in his artwork. The first is Diana’s memories fragmenting, with glass shattering and different aspects of her life gorgeously rendered on the reflective surfaces. It’s a beautiful, energetic spread that really shows how confusing her memories are. The second is more simplistic, but just as effective. It’s a combination of clever paneling and use of light. Steve’s team is trapped in a wooden cell, the bars providing the panels. As they stare out into the darkness, they see an advancing light, a glint of metal. Emerging from the inky black of their surroundings is a battle ready Wonder Woman, half coated in shadow. The execution of this scene is perfect and gave me goosebumps.

Wonder Woman

Laura Martin, however, is the colorist who really sets the tone of the book. Deep within the Bwundan jungle, Martin adds deep thick greens and earthy browns that convey the sense that our heroes are surrounded on all sides, almost buried beneath trees and vines. She gives a claustrophobic feel to each scene which adds even more tension to the issue.

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With hints of what’s to come in ‘Year One’ and a much-anticipated reunion between Steve and Diana, the series continues to deliver stunning and engaging stories. Full of fantasy, pathos, and an empowering heroine, DC have struck gold with WONDER WOMAN.

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