Diana’s twin brother, Jason, returns in WONDER WOMAN #42 and is ready for battle! In part two of the “Amazons Attacked” arc, Jason and Diana come face to face with Darkseid’s daughter, Grail. The problem is, neither side is willing to go down without a fight.

Writer James Robinson brings new revelations to the surface in this installment of the series. Jason seems to have affirmed his alliance to his sister despite his previous affiliations with Darkseid. The question that remains, though, is whether these powerful siblings can stop Darkseid in time before his plans threaten the lives of millions? Well, find out, right here!

wonder woman #42
WONDER WOMAN #42 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

A Gift for a God

Upon the conclusion of the last issue, Jason made his grand return donning a new suit of armor. He tells Diana and Steve Trevor that he’s struggling to remember what exactly has happened over the past few days. However, he senses that the armor he wears was given to him as a gift. As a result, though, Jason also senses that he must do something in return for said gift. Perhaps the most important revelation in this reunion is Jason’s expression of regret about his former alliance with Darkseid and Grail. Now, Jason vows to fight alongside his sister to stop Darkseid’s plans.

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After a lengthy confrontation with Grail, Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth to compel her to reveal Darkseid’s schemes. Simply, he plans on amassing an army to reclaim ancient relics that will ultimately return him to the throne of Apokolips. Unsurprisingly, this reclamation will result in the devastation of Themyscira.

This revelation is beneficial in regard to the pace of this particular story arc. It moves the plot forward, especially with Jason’s newfound characterization. Despite this though, WONDER WOMAN #42 doesn’t really bring much substance to the overall work. Integral characters such as Grail and Jason still feel one-dimensional. As a result, readers might be left wanting more from this story.

Hopefully, upcoming issues will build upon the motivations of Darkseid and Grail to establish a more solid opposition to our titular hero.

wonder woman #42
WONDER WOMAN #42 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Many Hues of WONDER WOMAN #42

Artist Jesús Merino maintains some beautiful imagery throughout WONDER WOMAN #42. I love the way he captures the intensity of Wonder Woman’s conversation with Grail. It’s an intimate sequence that captures Grail’s rage and Diana’s fears. These aspects are juxtaposed by colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s palette. He executes a gorgeous balance between blue and red hues that breathe life into those specific panels. Ultimately though, I wish these positive elements of the issue’s art were present in the entirety of the work.

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At times, I felt as though certain character depictions were inconsistent. I found this to be especially apparent in Jason’s flashback. His expressions wavered a lot throughout those pages and ultimately needed more detail. Additionally, I felt as though many of the panels lacked dimensionality, particularly in the backgrounds. This made it hard to engage in the world of these characters, though the coloring of the panels compensated a lot for that flaw.

Overall, though there are missteps in the issue’s art, it does prove to be one of its stronger aspects.

What Lies Beyond

Jason’s back, but are his loyalties genuine? Right now, that appears to be the case, but only time will tell where his allyship truly lies. With these revelations though, the questions regarding his new suit remain. We still don’t know where he acquired his armor and who gifted it to him. Hopefully, future issues will bring more substance to Jason. His character still reads one-dimensional to me, which is unfortunate considering he’s Diana’s brother.

Grail has revealed her father’s plans to Diana. Now, we must wait and see if Wonder Woman will be able to confront her foes with or without the help of her twin brother.

WONDER WOMAN #42 by James Robinson, Jesús Merino, & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Though WONDER WOMAN #42 is a step forward in regard to the overall plot, it only scrapes the surface of the story's potential.
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