Writer James Robinson simplifies the narrative of WONDER WOMAN #41 by focusing on the relationship between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor. As a result, readers gain new perspectives on the way Steve and Diana perceive their relationship with each other. So, how did this slow-paced issue fare as the introduction of the “Amazons Attacked” story arc? Well, find out below! Warning, potential spoilers can be found below.

wonder woman #41

A Dark Quest

WONDER WOMAN #41 begins with an appearance by Darkseid himself. Though this issue doesn’t focus as much on Darkseid as you’d expect, it’s opening subtly sets up the course of this new storyline. We learn that the notorious villain had employed his Female Furies to retrieve a powerful relic. However, these forces failed him miserably. Surprisingly though, Darkseid grants them another chance to retrieve the precious relic he needs to add to his collection.

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The piece then segues into Steve and Diana’s narrative. They exchange stories about their respective days. However, Diana showcases more restraint when talking about herself. Steve tries to get her to open up about Darkseid and his wrath, but she turns him down. Well, that is until she eventually exposes her vulnerabilities through the form of her concerns towards her brother, Jason. Diana goes as far as saying that she believes he might be dead. The final page of WONDER WOMAN #41 though ultimately reveals the fate of Jason.

Overall, I found WONDER WOMAN #41 to be lackluster. The dialogue between Steve and Diana is slow and lacks poignancy. As a result, their interaction throughout the issue comes across as dull. Thus, this installment is static and lacks significant development in its characters and plot as a whole. So, personally, I would have wanted to see a little more from Darkseid’s perspective. This would have countered the sluggishness of the issue.

With these negatives though, the revelation of Jason’s fate in the final page will hopefully kickstart some energy in this storyline. However, we can only wait and see how this revelation unfolds and affects Wonder Woman.

The Many Hues Of WONDER WOMAN #41

wonder woman #41

In regard to the artwork of WONDER WOMAN #41, I absolutely love Jenny Frison’s variant cover seen above. It’s a vibrant piece of art that encapsulates Diana’s trepidation in exposing her vulnerabilities to Steve despite her affection for him.

As to the content of the issue, I found myself impressed by colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s work. Though the narrative of the issue tends to be drab, the coloring of each and every panel juxtaposes said drabness. He enlivens backgrounds that lack detail, generating more dynamic energy in an issue that tends to be static.

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In regard to the illustrations from artist Stephen Segovia, I’m pretty indifferent. I felt as though there were some inconsistencies throughout the panels. However, I did enjoy his work in the opening pages featuring Darkseid.

In general, I found many of the pages to be clunky in their content. Said clunkiness ultimately contributes to a lack of balance that parallels the imbalance in the issue’s narrative. Thus, though there are positive, individual aspects of the imagery of WONDER WOMAN #41, it fails to transcend the comic’s pages.

What Lies Beyond

The introduction to the “Amazons Attacked” storyline is rough, the ending sets up some potential. So, how will this play into future issues and tie in with Darkseid’s evil plans? One can only guess.

I do hope that upcoming issues continue to focus on Steve and Diana’s relationship. Hopefully, those forthcoming issues will feature more movement in their dialogue. This will help readers get a grasp on their characterizations in regard to that specific issue’s interpretation.

Now, the stage has been set. Darkseid’s plans are in motion. Will Wonder Woman be able to thwart those plans in time? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

WONDER WOMAN #41 by James Robinson, Stephen Segovia, Romulo Fajardo Jr., & Saida Temofonte
Though WONDER WOMAN #41 brings a positive light to Diana and Steve's relationship, it ultimately fails to be an impactful work for its characters and overall narrative.
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