Beware: spoilers for WONDER WOMAN #34 abound!

From writer James Robinson comes the next adventure for Diana Prince! In WONDER WOMAN #34, our titular hero finds herself finally meeting her long-lost twin brother: Jason. This meeting is a highly anticipated one since Jason’s first appearance in JUSTICE LEAGUE vol. 2 #50 back in 2016. Now, the character finally gets to meet his sister and reveal where his loyalties lie. So, did this climactic moment in Robinson’s “Children of the Gods” arc excel? Find out below!

wonder woman #34
WONDER WOMAN #34 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Something Called Twintuition

Unfortunately, this particular issue falters in its most climactic moments. Despite this, the opening of this installment proves to be compelling as it depicts Jason’s origins. The Amazons delivered an infant Jason to the Argonaut, Glaucus. This flashback quickly transitions into the present moment in which these godly siblings finally meet each other. Jason explains that he strived to maintain a simple life, one in which his true identity would never be revealed to the world.

As a result of this solitary lifestyle, it appears as though Jason resents his mother Hippolyta as well as his father Zeus. Interestingly, said resentment becomes apparent through the revelation that Jason has formed an alliance with Darkseid’s daughter, Grail.

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A House Divided

This reveal is perhaps the highlight of WONDER WOMAN #34. It’s abrupt, and even a tad shocking, particularly in the sequence depicting Wonder Woman’s defeat by Jason and Grail. With this, I hope that future issues build on Jason’s sentiments towards his Amazonian bloodline because he’s yet to become an actually intriguing character. Of course, we readers have only just met Jason. So, there’s still much to learn about him. However, he’s the brother of Wonder Woman. It would be quite disappointing if his character never develops the dimensionality he should attain.

Regarding the other aspects of this issue’s narrative, there’s a subplot surrounding Steve Trevor’s investigation into an artifact from Apokolips that seems potentially interesting. Unfortunately, not much is developed regarding said subplot since the primary focus of this installment centers on Jason and Diana. So it seems this issue exists largely to set up bigger and better story arcs that will hopefully enthrall readers upon their release.

wonder woman #34
WONDER WOMAN #34 page 6. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Many Hues of WONDER WOMAN #34

The collaboration of artist Sergio Davila and colorist Romulo Farjado Jr. results in a light tone throughout the issue. With this, they truly depict some beautiful landscapes, particularly in the panels below. However, the majority of this installment lacks a much-needed vibrancy, particularly since the narrative stumbles. Jason’s world feels drabber than it usually should. With this, the depictions of the primary characters seem inconsistent. The shape and definition of Jason and Diana’s facial features vary throughout the issue. So, in addition to flaws with his characterization, it’s difficult to truly get to know Jason as a character.

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Despite these flaws, I admire the intricacies of Wonder Woman’s costume design that have been maintained throughout the series. It preserves an appearance of sturdy armor while maintaining a regal elegance that exemplifies Diana’s Amazonian nature. Compared to this, it’s worth noting that Jason’s appearance doesn’t give away any of his empowered nature. He dons casual jeans and not much else. So, despite his character flaws, it’s a nice touch that the artists depict Jason as totally removed from his family.

wonder woman #34
WONDER WOMAN #34 page 8. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

What Lies Ahead

In order for the introduction of Jason’s character to be a success, the narrative must dig deeper. It must delve into his perception of his mother, as well as his unique abilities. There needs to be a greater understanding of the way Jason sees himself in order for readers to gain an interest in him. Overall though, there are a variety of aspects of this issue that seem to be heading towards something fascinating. Hopefully, said aspects become ones of greater focus in future issues of this series.

WONDER WOMAN #34 by James Robinson, Sergio Davila, Saida Temofonte, & Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Though the conclusion of the issue features an exciting twist in the narrative, the majority of the issue unfortunately fails to be compelling.
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