WONDER WOMAN #34 hits shelves soon, and DC Comics has given ComicsVerse the exclusive preview! Previously in WONDER WOMAN, Grail, the daughter of the notorious supervillain Darkseid, embarked on a journey to kill those with the life of the gods in them. This murderous spree is no random quest. Rather, she is attempting to refuel her father with the energy he once had so he can return to his former glory. So, as she continued her violent frenzy, Darkseid expressed an interest in a young man named Jason. To Grail’s surprise, Darkseid revealed that he had no intentions on killing the young man. Instead, he had something else in mind for him.

Why did Darkseid choose not to kill Jason, at least not yet? Well, because Jason is the twin brother of Wonder Woman. His character made his first appearance in JUSTICE LEAGUE VOL. 2 #50. However, he was first revealed to exist during The Darkseid Wars when Grail’s dying mother, Myrina, informed Wonder Woman of her brother’s existence. As Myrina passed away, the only words she managed to say declared that Jason is the “true chosen one.”

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The preview for WONDER WOMAN #34 hints at a return to the series’ conventional narrative form. We revisit Wonder Woman’s perspective after exploring that of Grail’s. This issue also serves as the third part to the “Children of the Gods” story arc, and it looks like there will be a significant shift in the plot as Wonder Woman finally meets her twin. In regard to the images provided by DC Comics, the reunion between the two siblings appears to be a happy one!

Despite this, one cannot help but wonder if this joyous bond will last for the two. Also, why did Myrina call Jason the chosen one? Does Darkseid have an ulterior motive with Jason? Will Jason and Wonder Woman subsequently form an alliance by the blood they share, or will Jason express resentment towards his Amazonian family?

So many questions, so little time before we get the answers in WONDER WOMAN #34!

Can’t wait until November 8th? Check out our exclusive preview below! 

WONDER WOMAN #34 Exclusive Preview Image Gallery

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  1. Vamroc

    November 9, 2017 at 1:04 am

    He’s the one the prophecy speaks of i
    The one from Earth who shall become the new ruler of Apokalips


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