WONDER TWINS #4 continues to be a wholesome delight, full of lighthearted humor and brillaint visuals. Guranteed to put a smile on your face.
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In WONDER TWINS #4, the Wonder Twins tackle their biggest challenge yet: dating. That’s right, the Wonder Twins are learning to navigate through awkward teenage romance on Earth.  Written by Mark Russell, will Jayna and Zan survive their first dates? Check out this comic to find out! Featuring the vibrant artwork of Stephen Bryne, WONDER TWINS #4 is a delightful treat.

Bad First Dates, Times Two

The science fair is in full swing at school. While Jayna and her new friend Polly share their projects, Zan is getting asked out on a date by a cute girl named Debbie. And it looks like he isn’t the only teen hero to score a date. Jayna meets Red, and he invites her to a party that night. Both twins are super excited for their plans for the evening.

WONDER TWINS #4 Page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
WONDER TWINS #4 Page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Meanwhile, all the supervillains of the DC Universe are having a mixer. As it turns out, Jayna unknowingly got invited to the villains-only party, and that Red is actually a supervillain-in-training. Can things get any worse? Yes, yes they can. Polly finds her dad with the Scrambler. After an angry confrontation, Polly storms off, feeling very betrayed.

Back to the awkward dating, while Zan’s date is still hung up on her ex-boyfriend, Jayna’s date won’t stop talking about himself. In short, two bad dates in one night. Despite being friend zoned by Debbie, Zan has an optimistic view of the situation.

Better luck next time, Wonder Twins.

Brilliant Imagery

Once again, the artwork by Stephen Byrne continues to amaze me. As strange as it sounds, everything in WONDER TWINS #4 looks bright and shiny and squeaky clean. This polished art style really suits the wholesome quality of the Wonder Twins and their adventures. Throughout the comic, there are hidden gems of humor. Zan taking his date to the “Garlic Dungeon” restaurant is just one of many funny little details scattered throughout this issue.

WONDER TWINS #4 Page 5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
WONDER TWINS #4 Page 5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

What’s done exceptionally well are the characters themselves. Their faces are so expressive. For example, Jayna’s look of boredom as her date, Red, boasts about himself. Also, their body language captures each character’s individual personality, like Zan’s confident swagger. And I can’t look away from the two-page spread of a room full of supervillains. All in all, WONDER TWINS #4 is visually gorgeous thanks to the immense talent of Stephen Byrne and colorist Dan Mora.

Humor and Hardships

I’m really digging the overall tone of WONDER TWINS #4. This comic’s brand of comedy is refreshing. The idea of supervillains schmoozing over cocktails is hilarious. Plus, there is a good amount of wit in the dialogue. Some of their lines genuinely cracked me up. For instance, Zan actually makes a comment about the teasers after movie credits. Yes, the Wonder Twins are looking at you, Marvel.

However, WONDER TWINS #4 isn’t all fun and games. There is a brewing conflict between Polly and her father. Dr. Math’s betrayal adds a bit of drama to the story. With their strained relationship, their heavier problems balance out the lightheartedness of this plotline. Overall, the elements of comedy and drama make WONDER TWINS #4 worth reading.

Final Thoughts on WONDER TWINS #4

Filled with lighthearted humor and laughter, WONDER TWINS #4 will brighten your day, as it did mine. While teenagers figuring out dating for the first time may be an overused trope, I don’t mind too much. With their differing personality, I’m interested to see how Zan and Jayna navigate teenage romance. Plus, I’m curious how the Wonder Twins will help Polly since her father is working with the League of Annoyance.

In terms of artwork, Stephen Byrne’s work continues to be a visual treat. Every page is bursting with brilliant vibrancy thanks to Dan Mora. Character designs have personality. Also, so many jokes are hidden in the small details. I recommend reading this issue twice, just so you don’t miss anything.

If a certain T.V. show has got you feeling blue, be sure to check out WONDER TWINS #4. With its wholesome humor and bright images, this comic is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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