The Wonder Twins make some new friends, and some new foes in WONDER TWINS #2. Written by Mark Russell, the twins learn about being real heroes in this issue. Who better to learn from than another young shapeshifter? Which DC hero makes a guest appearance in this issue? Check out WONDER TWINS #2 to find out! 

Not So Wonderful Field Trip

In WONDER TWINS #2, the twins are going on a field trip at school. Unfortunately, it’s not to the zoo, but to the Lexicon Prison. While there, Jayna questions how effective jails are in rehabilitating criminals.

Later on, the special cameo is revealed to be none other than Beast Boy. He’s in charge of guiding the twins and showing them the ropes. He also sets Zan and Jayna with their first League mission: to take down the League of Annoyance. Think League of Doom but with C-list supervillains. Their goal is to cause some minor mayhem around town. Some of the wannabe baddies include the Scrambler, a “Mind-Switcher,” and Drunkula, a sober vampire.

WONDER TWINS #2 Page 4. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
WONDER TWINS #2 Page 4. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

When the vampiric menace tries to bite civilians, the Wonder Twins are there to save the day. After they defeat the subpar supervillain, Jayna is still unsure if sending him to prison is the right solution.

Towards the end, fans will be happy to know that Gleek, the Wonder Twins’ blue monkey from the original cartoon, finally joins this series.

Serious Message in WONDER TWINS #2

What surprised me the most about WONDER TWINS #2 is the commentary on the penal system. Throughout the comic, Jayna questions the impact of jails on criminals. She considers other ways to rehabilitate villains. She even tells Beast Boy, “You can’t just solve a problem by throwing it in a box.”  I love how Jayna is becoming this strong-willed, progressive heroine.

While WONDER TWINS #2 shares an important message, I have to wonder about the younger target audience reading this comic. Mixed in with all the light-hearted comedy, does this message belong with this kind of story? Will young readers fully understand the weight of such a serious topic? To be honest, I’m not so sure.

WONDER TWINS #2 Page 5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
WONDER TWINS #2 Page 5. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Beast Boy And the Twins

In my opinion, Beast Boy is the perfect DC character to make an appearance in this series. Like the Wonder Twins, he too has the ability to shapeshift. Not only that, they are all around the same age. It’s nice to see the twins relating to another young hero in WONDER TWINS #2. Plus, Beast Boy acting as their mentor is a brilliant idea. I hope he continues to be a part of their storyline. With him as their guide, Beast Boy is a hero that the twins can aspire to be like someday.

Vibrant Visuals

Stephen Byrne deserves all the fist bumps for the wonderful artwork in WONDER TWINS #2. The bright bursts of color is such a refreshing sight. Those iconic purple uniforms really pop off the page. Also, check out that funky shade of blue of Gleek’s fur. Even Beast Boy’s green skin and hair is very eye-catching.

All the characters have this smooth, polished appearance. The overall art style is incredibly crisp and clean. And the character designs for the League of Annoyance are hilariously quirky. Seriously, just look at the Scrambler’s costume.

Final Thoughts on WONDER TWINS #2

All in all, WONDER TWINS #2 is a fantastic issue. Mark Russell has does a wonderful job revamping the Wonder Twins for a new generation. Bringing Beast Boy into this story was such a smart move. He’s a character that can really relate to the twins. The lighthearted humor in this comic is a breath of fresh air. This brand of comedy pairs nicely with the vibrant artwork, created by Stephen Byrne. Every page is filled with color and brightness. Truly a visual delight.

Also, Jayna is becoming a forward-thinking heroine. Her message of challenging the prison system and reforming villains is interesting. Although, I’m still not sure if this is a topic that should be aimed towards a younger audience. I’m worried an important message is being lost and wasted on young readers.

So, finally, Gleek has arrived and the classic Wonder Twins team feels complete. I’m genuinely interested in the twins and their journey to become real superheroes. Overall, WONDER TWINS #2 is definitely worth reading.

WONDER TWINS #2 is a fantastic comic. Mark Russell has revamped the classic Wonder Twins with a more modern, progressive storyline. Adding Beast Boy to the mix was a genius idea. Filled with color and brightness, this issue is also a visual delight.
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