Victor Dandridge

At Wizard World Philadelphia 2016, ComicsVerse made sure to take full advantage of the wealth of comic book writers and artists that were present. One creator we were fortunate to interview was Victor Dandridge, the President and Editor-in-Chief of Vantage:Inhouse Productions. Dandridge founded the company with the intention of writing and telling his own stories, and six years later, the company is still going strong.

Having launched in 2010, Vantage:Inhouse’s flagship title is THE SAMARITAN. Pitched as “The Punisher with superpowers,” this title focuses on one person whose fights are not grandiose battles with supervillains, but street-level conflicts with villains that he holds a massive advantage over.

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Aside from his comic creations, Dandridge also dedicates part of his time to education. His U Cre-8 Comics initiative aims to stimulate creativity, reading, writing, arithmetic, and more, with sequential art at the core of the study. Citing examples like KINGDOM COME, SPIDERMAN: BLUE, and WATCHMEN, Victor explains how comics can be used to gain insight into so much more than the stories you get on the surface.

One thing that sets Dandridge apart is his tendency to produce award-winning comics. THE KINDER GUARDIANS is one such title, which also happens to be geared towards younger audiences. Also available are ORIGINS UNKNOWN, THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE, and NEVER TOO LATE.

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With a work ethic and an energy that cannot be matched, it’s easy to see why Dandridge has been finding such success in the comic industry. His writing is top-notch, he works with some stellar artists, and his work demonstrates that there is a vast range of subject matter within his abilities. One thing is for certain: you can expect to see Victor Dandridge for a long time.

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