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It was a crowded day at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016, and the weekend had been exhilarating. With so many artists and writers at the convention, ComicsVerse was spread far and wide, collecting interviews from everyone we could. One creator we were able to catch a few minutes with was Michael Dolce, who is best described as a jack of all trades.

With a history of writing, illustrating, hosting a radio show, and more, Dolce is certainly a man of many hats. It takes a great passion and enthusiasm for what you do to muster up the energy for all that activity, but speaking with Dolce, it’s easy to see how much he loves what he does.

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He’s created several comic titles, two of which are THE SIRE and DESCENDANT. THE SIRE, twisting the superhero genre on its head, tells the story of a man whose need to fight crime comes not from some tragedy or sense of duty, but from his costume acting with its own will. Meanwhile, DESCENDANT tells the story of an intelligence agent who is hiding superpowers.

THE SIRE also jumps off the page and into the airwaves as part of the title of Dolce’s radio show, THE SECRETS OF THE SIRE. On this show, hosted on talkingalternative.com, Dolce and his guests discuss movies, pop culture, and comic books.

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With such a variety of experiences, it’s hard to imagine that Dolce finds the time to continue developing new projects, but he discusses PLAN 10 FROM OUTER SPACE, a project that makes a commentary on how cell phone technology zombifies humanity.

For more from Michael Dolce, you can check out www.mikebooks.com and www.secretsofthesire.com. Don’t forget to keep checking ComicsVerse for more coverage of Wizard World Philadelphia 2016!

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