Mayor Fisk

Mayor Fisk Storyline Begins in DAREDEVIL #595

Marvel Legacy has been unveiling new thrilling stories daily. Now Marvel announced that Wilson Fisk will become mayor of New York City in DAREDEVIL #595 by Charles Soule and Stefano Landini. Clearly this is going to have a profound effect on the Man without Fear. As a lawyer, Matt Murdock has always held the law in high-esteem. However, with his archnemesis in charge of his city, could we see Daredevil break from his code of justice?

Mayor Fisk

Wilson Fisk as mayor will affect more than just Matt Murdock. All street level heroes will have to deal with the consequences of a power vacuum in the New York underworld. We should see this play out through JESSICA JONES, LUKE CAGE, and IRON FIST but most notably in THE DEFENDERS comic. DEFENDERS will have the story “Kingpins of New York” which will involve several crimelords battling for Fisk’s old seat as head of the crime world.

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The Mayor Fisk storyline should create a totally different tone for all the superheroes in the Marvel Universe. New York, most of the superheroes’ home, will now be a superhero-hostile location. I expect to see a lot of stories which involve Fisk’s involvement. Marvel has already announced that Fisk will have a major part in a VENOM storyline where he deputizes Kraven the Hunter.

Overall, I think this is fantastic news because it furthers the story of Daredevil and Kingpin. Kingpin is one of Marvel’s greatest villains, and it is great to see the comic utilizing him so well. This development also makes a lot of sense as it further pushes Matt Murdock to the edge. Much like he did in DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN, Fisk has the power to destroy Daredevil’s life.

Mayor Fisk stories could have amazing resonance today in a time where we struggle to trust some of our politicians. This will provide a new wrinkle in the entire Marvel universe that will prove especially enjoyable to longtime fans and newcomers.

To see the inauguration of Mayor Fisk, check out DAREDEVIL #595 on November 8th!

DAREDEVIL #595 Preview

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