Legendary STAR TREK star William Shatner (Captain Kirk) talked to ComicsVerse at New York Comic Con 2017 about his role as Two-Face in the animated BATMAN films by DC Comics. The best thing we learn from this William Shatner interview? In a time of constant re-invention, William Shatner just goes deeper into what made him an icon in the first place — himself.

William Shatner Interview: The Role of Two-Face and the Mother of Re-Invention

ComicsVerse: Brandon Bloxdorf here at New York Comic Con 2017, talking to the great William Shatner! You’re watching ComicsVerse.

William! So, you’re actually part of the Batman Universe now. How is that for you?

William Shatner: I’m a little twinkling planet in the universe of Batman. It’s great fun. I’ve always loved the BATMAN comic books, even when I was a kid I was reading them, and admired the movies and all that kinda thing. Adam West was great fun, and I’m delighted to be in this film.

ComicsVerse: Nice! Playing Two-Face, what was it like for you, as an actor, doing voice acting, and what did you bring to this Two-Face?

William Shatner: Well, I brought me, of course. I couldn’t leave me behind. I just attempted to do the voice that emerged from this nice guy, Harvey Dent. There was this evil person inside him. We all have many voices inside us. I attempted to tap into something inside me that was a little bit two-faced.

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ComicsVerse: Is it a bit more reminiscent for you, seeing that the show came out in the 1960s during your STAR TREK days? What’s it like to go back and reinvent yourself?

William Shatner: Well, I don’t know about — I never understood the word “reinvent.” It’s comics and the way Adam and the company did BATMAN in those days was greatly entertaining. And it was very much a style and a hoot, you know? “Argh.” “Bam.” Those are great fun. It was meant to be fun as this movie is meant to be greatly entertainingly great fun. So, it’s a delight to be able to do that!

ComicsVerse: Nice! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us.

William Shatner: My pleasure.



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