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WELCOME TO THE WAYNE was originally released as a web series on Nick.com from November 14, 2014, to December 26, 2014. Eventually, Emmy Winning creator Billy Lopez was green lit for a full series. His show premiered on July 24, 2017, on Nickelodeon. The series follows the adventures of Ansi Molina (The Rookie) and Olly Timbers (The Heart) as well as Olly’s little sister Saraline (The Brains). Together they form Team Timbers. Their mission? To unlock all of the secrets in the mysterious New York apartment building where they live, The Wayne.

After a full week of new episodes, I must say I can’t wait to see what new twists and turns are waiting in this enigma of a building. Whether you are already hooked like me or you are still on the fence about this new Nicktoon, here are a few reasons why you should Watch WELCOME TO THE WAYNE!

It Takes Us Back to The City

The reason I was first drawn to this Nickelodeon series was the setting. It was the first time since HEY ARNOLD that a series focused on kids living in the city. From the grand design of The Wayne alone we can tell it was created by someone who has seen these towering buildings through a youthful gaze. Billy has commented in other interviews that a lot of his inspiration comes from growing up in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Knowledge is Power

In this Modern Age, we have internet access in the palm of our hands. Kids may not understand how valuable knowledge is. It shouldn’t always be just about Googling something. If you truly care about a subject putting in the effort to read about it makes it all the sweeter. Within the walls of The Wayne, one of the most valuable secrets is the Wayne Library, The Stanza. If Team Timbers want to unravel this mystery, a big part of that is the library. My hope is that children of all ages will come to see the real life magic a library has within it and maybe be inspired to check out a few books themselves.

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This isn’t Gravity Falls.

“Nothing is 0% original or 100% original”

Naturally, there are many who have been comparing WELCOME TO THE WAYNE to GRAVITY FALLS. Both follow kids unraveling the supernatural mystery behind their perspective homes. Take it from somebody who loves GRAVITY FALLS so much he dressed up as Grunkle Stan for Halloween and drinks Mabel juice, this is not GRAVITY FALLS. Unlike GRAVITY FALLS, where the supernatural doesn’t hide in the shadows, within the first few episodes alone Team Timbers comes face-to-face with flying squid creatures and vampires as well as other residents from the librarian of The Stanza, secret agents, a famed archaeologist, and a Shadow Warrior.

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While so many residents know of the weird world of the Wayne, this confidently tells the audience “You may think you know a lot, but the mystery has only just begun.” Maybe the reason you are interested in this show is because of GRAVITY FALLS. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Between theses two series and the upcoming DUCK TALES reboot, we are getting great shows following a fun supernatural trend of children’s TV. Instead of thinking this is a knock off, see this for what it is, a new mystery with a lot of heart.

A Return to the 22 Minute Format

Growing up in the nineties, it was a given that a Nicktoon or Cartoon Network show would be a full half hour long. Either a full 22 minutes of a story or divided into two 11 minute adventures. As the years went on it seemed that having only 11 minutes of new material premiere followed by 11 minutes of a rerun became the new norm. Some people have connected this to commercial time, cutting down on production budgets and the worst one of all: children’s attention span.

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In the early 2000s, studies started coming out which claimed that children’s shortened attention spans were due to TV. But now in 2017 many kids are able to access tablets and smartphones providing millions of YouTube clips and can still pay attention in class? Let’s give our youth some credit. If children want to find out the fate of Team Timbers, they will have to patiently watch these full half hour episodes. Let’s give kids some credit, I’m sure they will be able to pay attention.

At End of the day, They are Kids

“Just because he’s a vampire doesn’t mean he’s bad.”

Whether Team Timbers is chasing squids or being chased by secret agents, they’re still kids. Even when their lives are in danger they joke around and sometimes do silly dances. Most importantly, they’re young enough not to automatically judge somebody. Team Timbers exist to investigate and explore. No matter how a situation may seem or somebody appears they do not persecute without cause or adhere to stereotypes.

If you want to catch up with WELCOME TO THE WAYNE episodes are available now on Nickelodeon on demand! As well as Nick.com!

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