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When writer Amy Sherman-Palladino announced that theGILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE, a series of four ninety-minute episodes, would all be set in a particular season, it came as a delightful surprise to fans of the show. Not only would we be getting some answers as to what the girls are up to nowadays (the last time we saw the three lovely ladies, there were still some unanswered questions left in our loving minds), but also some indication as what to expect when going into each episode. Being the nerdy, dedicated, obsessive fan I am, I have put extensive thought into why Sherman-Palladino would choose to go this route and have come up with a few working theories.

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The Revival’s premiere begins with an episode entitled ‘Winter’. In literature, winter is symbolic of death and dormancy. In this case, the death is referring to that of Richard Gilmore. Edward Hermann, the actor behind the beloved character, died due to brain cancer in 2014. Seeing as his illness was not publicized, the news of his death came as a great shock to the cast. The cast as a whole took it hard, each of them grieving both before and during the filming of the show. “It was just emotional,” Lauren Graham said in an interview with TV Line. “It’s hard to be here without him…But more than anything, we just can’t believe it. All of the things that had to happen for this to happen.”


Seeing as Richard Gilmore would not be returning for the Revival, Sherman-Palladino wanted to pay tribute to the debonair legacy Richard left behind on the show. It has been confirmed the first episode will deal heavily with Richard’s passing, and its effects on the three women he left behind. In some of the released onset photos and trailers for the Revival, the three have been seen in a graveyard, presumably attending Richard’s funeral or visiting his grave.

This is where the dormancy aspect of winter comes into play. Richard’s death will act as the inciting incident to the Revival as a whole. Death in and of itself is a life-changing occurrence, leaving those left behind questioning their own numbered days and how they are spending them. Is their full potential being reached, are their affairs in order, do they have the ingredients needed to live a happy life? Losing a husband, father, and grandfather will mean something totally different to each of the Gilmore Girls, but all three will not necessarily begin to question their mortality but what they are doing with that mortality.

The next episode in the lineup, Spring, will see the girls trying to answer the questions they have of themselves in the wake of Richard’s death. Traditionally, spring is symbolic of birth and new beginnings. That being said, the Gilmores will have to redefine their separate lives after Richard’s passing. Seeing as one of the big themes of the show is the exploration of life through its different stages, the questions and processes for dealing with this grief will look different for each of the girls.

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Kelly Bishop, the actress who plays Emily Gilmore, has come forward and said Emily will be in for a trying time as she enters widowhood. Indeed, the trailers for the upcoming season have shown the fanbase a totally new side to the sassy, quick-to-the-kill character of Emily Gilmore. For the first time ever — testing, testing one, two, three — FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, Emily Gilmore has been seen in a t-shirt and jeans. This woman didn’t even wear that comfortable of an outfit when the family went to go watch the Harvard v. Yale game way back in the fourth season! The outfit in and of itself is a testament to the fact that Emily Gilmore has been irrevocably changed because of the death of her beloved husband.


There are other writings on the wall Emily is not alright. Or rather, portraits. In the trailer, a huge, wall sized portrait of Richard is shown, much to the disbelief and chagrin of Lorelai and Rory. While this is a literally big indication in and of itself, another key factor pointing towards Emily’s not being okay is her getting rid of her most prized, pedigreed possessions. A major running joke on the show was the fact that Emily not only had a new maid in each and every episode, but also that she had new merchandise decorating that fancy home of hers, too. Emily was the queen of retail therapy on the show’s first run, but now it would seem material doesn’t mean as much to her. Who is this new Emily Gilmore that is appearing in the trailers of the beloved show? It seems the audience will get to discover this just as she does herself. The year will be a trying time for Emily, but with Lorelai to boss around and Rory to fawn over, Emily will pull through in the end.


Another aspect of the winter/spring episodes I am looking forward to is Rory’s story. Rory, the organized, predictable book-worm that she once seemed to be surprised us continuously on the show. From ditching Dean for Jess to choosing Yale instead of Harvard to being Dean’s mistress for a short period of time to stealing a boat with Logan Huntzberger to not speaking to Lorelai for practically a season, Rory had us all fooled throughout the show. While she appeared as a perfect angel, her character makes mistakes like every other character on the show. And it seems, after seeing the trailers, Rory is questioning her past decisions by disguising them as mistakes. “She’s Jack Kerouac. On the roading it. Pass the peyote,” to quote Lorelai. Seeing as the large glass windows behind Lorelai are full of snow and frost when she says this, it would seem Rory makes her decision to lead a ‘vagabond existence’ as Emily so kindly puts it during winter.

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The vagabond existence seems appropriate considering the total secrecy we have concerning her character going into the revival. (Come on, Amy, give us something!) Her current career has not been confirmed, which is interesting considering one of Rory’s biggest ambitions throughout the show’s original seven seasons was the fact she was majoring in journalism to become a foreign correspondent. The only teaser we have regarding Rory and her possible career are set pictures taken at Chilton. Theories range from her teaching there to her giving a guest lecture on Jane Eyre. Why and how she would do either of these baffles me, but as far as the trailer and other sources I’ve tapped into are concerned, I’m not partial to any of the theories I have come across. It seems to me Rory is dissatisfied with the amount of success she hasn’t experienced, especially considering where she started and how hard she worked to get there. A big part of the year for Rory will be finding herself through finding her calling, what and who she is meant to be always needing to be partially defined by her choice of career. Whatever she chooses to do, I am with my sister from another mister ‘til the end.

Besides her career, another big aspect of Rory’s life that is under speculation is her love life. Yes, during the show’s original run it was all fun and games watching Rory go from one steady boyfriend to another (with those few guys in between). Now as she enters her thirties, though, it would be nice for Rory to have somebody to come home to at the end of the day (besides Lorelai, Luke, and Polanka). Dean, Jess, and Logan are all confirmed as coming back on the show, and there are a slew of rumors concerning the three leading men. However, after shamelessly spending hours reading article after article about the revival, I have come to my own conclusions where Rory’s love life is concerned.

As far as Dean goes, I don’t believe Rory will end up with him. Their end on the show was final, what with Dean realizing he did not belong in Rory’s world anymore once she became a Yale girl and Rory not being able to argue his point. Jared Padalecki has been confirmed to come back for one episode and, seeing as when he is leaving Dosey’s Market in the trailer with autumn leaves surrounding the door, I believe his last appearance will be in the Fall episode. I would love to see a Dean and Rory reunion wherein they recognize they were each other’s first loves and end their relationship on better terms than when they were young adults. Time heals all wounds, and it would be nice for the two of them to patch things up in the revival.


That leaves Jess and Logan. In the trailer for the upcoming season, Rory is seen complaining to Jess about how she has “no job, no credit, and no underwear”. She goes on to claim she thought she used to be a contender, to which Jess replies, “You’re still a contender.” Seeing where their relationship was going in the fifth and sixth seasons of Gilmore Girls, with Milo Ventimiglia appearing two separate times, it is possible they have become good friends over the years. (I don’t know who else you would confess your underwearlessness to than a good friend, but who am I to judge?) And, as we are all aware (cough, cough Luke and Lorelai), friendships founded in Stars Hollow can become much, much more. Will Jess and Rory finally be together? Will the two bookworms write their own love story this upcoming November? I sure as Hell hope so because they would have the most intellectual, clever, literary kids this world has ever known.

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And now to Rory’s final option: Logan Huntzberger. While these two didn’t start out on the most conventional terms — Rory a play girl? Who would have guessed it? — they did make for a good relationship in the long run. Logan brought out Rory’s spontaneity, confidence, and ambition. He was the reason Rory finally broke out of her comfort zone, and was able to live her life in blinding color. “In omnia paratus” as the Life and Death Brigade would encourage.

Speaking of the infamous group, members of the LaDB besides Mr. Huntzberger — Finn and Colin most notably — have all been seen in released set pictures. It certainly is interesting that Logan, who left the east coast for a job in San Francisco, is back again with his college buddies. Also, it has been confirmed Logan’s parents have come back to no doubt terrorize the town and the plot. What I wouldn’t do to trade Richard Gilmore for Mitcham Huntzberger.

All that being said, one of the biggest spoilers/teasers for the upcoming season is the fact that there WILL be a wedding during one of the episodes. As to which episode is still unconfirmed, but my bets are on summer or fall. (Seeing as their symbolism is more geared towards stability and finality, it would make sense for a big event like a wedding to occur then. Plus, either season logistically would make for a killer background to such a romantic event). Some believe wedding bells are in order for Rory and Logan, what with him having proposed to her previously.

While this certainly is a possibility, I don’t believe it will come to be. Firstly, even if Rory and Logan do get back together, that would be a very short amount of time for them to plan and undergo a wedding. (Engagements themselves usually last at least a year.) Plus, considering Rory’s character, she would want some time to dwell on the matter and weigh her options. I don’t think it would help matters any that she doesn’t appear to have a steady career to claim as her own, and no man would ever be able to fill that slot for Rory. That is why I believe the first two episodes, Winter and Spring, will see Rory more trying to figure herself out rather than situate her love life. In doing this soul searching, Rory would definitely need to take Logan into consideration. Between all three of Rory’s men, they arguably had the best relationship and, seeing as Rory doesn’t own any underwear, needless to say a ring on her finger, it would make sense for her to question her decision all those years ago when she turned Logan’s proposal down.

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Whatever his mysterious purpose is in the upcoming revival, I am excited to see Logan return to Hartford and possibly Stars Hollow. While I am a big fan of Jess, it might be nice to see Rory end up with Logan in the end. To quote Emily, “Picture her blue eyes and his blond hair,” in reference to grandchildren.

No matter what does become of Rory’s life in the fields of profession and passion, I have no doubt Amy Sherman-Palladino has written a wonderful end for the character who worked so hard to manufacture one for herself. My bets are on the Winter and Spring episodes of the revival being the hardest for Rory to go through, what with all the soul searching she needs to do, but the Summer and Fall ones leaving her with more stable footing. I’m probably wrong about all of this, but, hey, a girl can dream as she theorizes.


The final lovely lady that’s left for discussion is the one and only Lorelai. Lorelai, the comeback queen and goddess she is, is less of an enigma than Rory but still under more speculation than Emily. Whereas Emily’s life needs to be set back into order and Rory’s needs to find its order, Lorelai’s appears to finally be in order. (Shocking, I know). Think about it: Lorelai is still running the Dragonfly after many seasons of battling to do so, still in a relationship with Luke (aka the longest relationship she’s ever been in), and still a part of the kooky mess that is Stars Hollow. Then why, pray tell, in the trailer for the upcoming revival does she say, “I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, where I was going. But lately I don’t know, things seem hazier. We’re happy, Luke and I are. We’re… happy.”

What is that supposed to mean? We went on a seven year journey together, Lorelai, so that you would have a job you loved, man you loved even more, and yet here we are, back at a new beginning. Where the seasons are concerned, Lorelai will be most affected because, while she hasn’t lost a husband and still has good things going in her life, I feel as if there has always been a restlessness in her. She couldn’t bring herself to love Max Medina a thousand yellow daisies worth, couldn’t live the life of luxury Emily had intended for her, couldn’t stop until she finally opened her own inn. Having been away from her for the past nine years, I can only imagine the dormancy Lorelai has experienced since things have settled down a bit in her life. No doubt she is still the captivating and interesting woman we left behind, but who is it we are coming back to?

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Like with Rory, Winter will definitely propagate change for Lorelai. From the pictures and trailers I’ve seen, I feel as if the biggest concern in her life — or maybe just the most advertised one — is Luke. Luke and Lorelai, in my most humble of opinions, were meant to be from the start. But it took a LONG time for those two to realize it, leaving us tense and wanting for a majority of the show. Since they are still together, it will be interesting to see their dynamic on the show. The honeymoon phase has for sure come and gone, and the two never got married but presumably live together as if they do. (The trailer shows a dissatisfied Luke chastising Lorelai and Rory for their eating habits in Lorelai’s kitchen. Ah, how I have missed seeing the three of them together.) No matter what stage the two ruthless arguers are in, I have a strong feeling they will stay together. It took many years to get them together, and I don’t see anyone throwing that away easily.


In regards to the wedding I mentioned earlier, I am almost positive it is Luke and Lorelai’s. Come on, what could be a more perfect end to this show than their wedding? Also, seeing as the revival ends with the episode in Fall, it would be lovely to see scarlet, mustard, and russet leaves acting in place of the traditional rose petals falling down the aisle as Lorelai traversed it. Emily would walk her down the aisle, of course, and Rory would be waiting at the end of it for her, her maid of honor dress complimenting her blue eyes nicely. The people of Stars Hollow would be there to witness the occasion, Ms. Patty and Babette talking rather loudly about how they knew it would happen all along. Sookie would be there, tears in her eyes and on the cusp of yelling at Jackson in her emotional state. Lane and the rest of Hep Alien would be readying themselves to play the most rocked out wedding reception television has ever known. Meanwhile, Michel would be trying to covertly hide his tears as he quietly celebrates his boss’s long awaited happiness.

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Anyway… GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE is coming to a Netflix near you. Whether my theories about how the seasons intertwine the three Gilmore Girls, I won’t know until November 25th. However, right or wrong, I will most definitely enjoy testing hypothesis after hypothesis while I consume an inordinate amount of food, and dry my youthful eyes with Kleenex after Kleenex. Join me in celebrating the final legs of a show that exemplifies the human existence throughout its progressive stages, puts back into the word comeback, and attests to the strength it takes to find something to laugh about each and every day.

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