In SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, a big part of the climax was Tony Stark having sold Avengers Tower in favor of a new facility in upstate New York. The tower’s moving day provides the antagonist Vulture with an opportunity to steal all the valuable tech en route. Spider-Man intercepts and stops Vulture then wins the day and learns more about what it means to be a hero.

Avengers Tower
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This is all well and good, but something very important was left out that needs to be answered: Who now owns Avengers Tower?? We never get any information about who buys the building from Tony. There’s potential for some cool buyers from the comics, and the trailer for the sequel, FAR FROM HOME, shows possible renovations being made to the building. Let’s take a look at who the new owner/s of Avengers Tower might be.

Top Suspect: Oscorp Owns Avengers Tower

The number one potential buyer is Norman Osborn. We have yet to see the MCU counterpart to Peter Parker’s greatest foe, the Green Goblin. Rumors insist that he could be a part of the third MCU Spider-Man trilogy, assembling the Sinister Six to get rid of Spider-Man once and for all.

Avengers Tower
Image from Marvel Comics

Norman Osborn is the head of Oscorp, a very large tech and genetics company that rivals that of Stark Industries or the Roxxon Corporation. After exposing himself to an experimental formula, Osborn’s strength and intelligence increase greatly. However, this is at the cost of his sanity. He goes mad, adopting the identity of the Green Goblin, flying around on a glider while throwing pumpkin shaped bombs.

Avengers Tower
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For Osborn’s MCU debut, how cool would it be to have the old Avengers Tower building as the new headquarters for Oscorp? In the aftermath of ENDGAME and the death of Tony Stark, perhaps Norman desires to fill the void, taking his company to greater heights, both literally and figuratively. Perhaps this leads to added pressures on the company, which pushes Norman to test experimental formulas for himself? Did I just create a really cool MCU origin for the Green Goblin for the third SPIDER-MAN film? Yes, I think I just did.

Possibility of Daily Bugle

Another possibility for Avengers Tower is the Daily Bugle. The Daily Bugle is a classic newspaper in New York where Peter works as a photographer. Taking pictures of himself as Spider-Man, Peter sells the photos to the editor in chief J. Jonah Jameson, who hates Spider-Man. Mainly, he feels that anyone wearing a mask has something sinister to hide. He calls Spider-Man a menace and a detriment to New York.

Now, if we do indeed see the Bugle, it will probably be more than just a newspaper. I could see it being a website or some sort of media conglomerate. Some sort of update to justify the purchase of a new building, especially if the said building was once Avengers Tower. It couldn’t be just a newspaper.

Avengers Tower
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Having the Daily Bugle as a buyer would add a layer to the Spider-Man MCU mythos that’s currently missing: Peter’s grappling with public perceptions. It hasn’t yet been a big deal lately due to the fact that he was “interning” for Tony Stark and became an Avenger. Everyone pretty much loves him from what we see from the FAR FROM HOME trailers. No one thinks he’s a menace. However, FAR FROM HOME shows us that several people such as Fury, Hill, and Mysterio will be asking Peter to step up with some greater responsibility, much to his initial resistance.

Let’s speculate that he does take on more (and he probably will). There’s a possibility that the third film creates an opportunity for Peter to make some mistakes. He could potentially mess it up. This could shake up these fickle public perceptions. Who better to usher in that shift from loving Spidey to seeing him as a menace than good ‘ol JJJ?

Could It Be the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building?

While somewhat unlikely, it would be fun if the old headquarters for the Avengers turns into the new headquarters for a new team of heroes. Maybe even a family of heroes. It would be crazy if Avengers Tower becomes the Baxter Building, home of the Fantastic Four. The movie rights to the Fantastic Four are now back under Marvel Studios from Fox, the same as the X-Men. That means that there is now an opportunity very soon in the MCU to see the FF’s debut. What better way to integrate them than to have them live and be based in such a big part of the MCU’s history?

Avengers Tower
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To get technical for a moment, I do wonder if the old Avengers Tower is still powered by arc reactor technology courtesy of Tony Stark like it was in the first AVENGERS film. That could potentially make the building the perfect choice to become the new Baxter Building as it would provide enough power for all of Reed Richards’ experiments and gadgets. Furthermore, it could also have enough space if Marvel Studios wanted to do the Ultimates version of the Baxter Building. In that version, it serves as the headquarters for a government-funded think tank of brilliant minds on which the Fantastic Four are a part of. It’s hard to tell right now, but it’s cool to know that there’s more than a few reasons as to why Avengers Tower would be the perfect piece of real estate for the FF.

The Long Shot: Parker Industries Replacing Avengers Tower?

Now here’s one that would be pretty unlikely but would be crazy to see and has enough of a comic precedent that it’s worth mentioning. What if Tony left his entire company for Peter and Avengers Tower becomes Parker Industries?

Avengers Tower
Image from Marvel Comics

Recently in the comics, Peter Parker inherits Parker Industries from himself. If that seems like a confusing statement, that’s because it is. To clarify, when Doc Ock took over Peter’s body for a while, he started Parker Industries. When Peter got his body back, he inherited the company as well. He did some great things with the company too, like starting a charitable foundation in his uncle’s name. It also provided him with some sweet high tech resources to use in combination with his spider powers. However, Peter tanks the company later on in order to defeat Doc Ock.

Now, if they wanted to, Marvel Studios could riff on this idea. With Tony’s passing, he could have left Peter Stark Industries. It’s certainly possible, as many believe, that Tony Stark will have some sort of role in FAR FROM HOME. We know there’s a scene where Peter puts on a pair of Tony’s glasses. They’re Tony’s so they’re not just glasses. Could it be he left a message for Peter with the glasses? We’ll find out soon. Another theory is that Tony will become a new AI for Peter, which would be crazy too.

It’s Gotta Be Something!

As far as FAR FROM HOME is concerned, I don’t expect any kind of reveal for Avengers Tower to be a big part of this film. It wouldn’t make sense as we know a large part of the film happens overseas in Europe. No, I think we’ll see it in the background as we have in the trailers, with a reveal perhaps happening at the end or even as a post-credits scene.

I just hope it’s something big and memorable. Avengers Tower is such an awesome part of the AVENGERS films. It would be so cool to see it incorporated into the next chapters of the MCU. Who do you think Avengers Tower could become? Let us know in the comments below!

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SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME comes to theaters July 2nd.

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