Super Bowl LIII has come and gone. Regardless of how entertaining you thought the actual football was, the first looks at some of this year’s upcoming movies certainly were. Which Super Bowl LIII TV Spot was the best and most entertaining? Let’s take a look and rank them from least to best.

(This list will only focus on the TV spots offering first looks/new footage, not those we’ve already seen prior such as ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL or WONDER PARK.)


First off, we have SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK. Written by Guillermo Del Toro, this film is based on the children’s book series of the same name by Alvin Schwartz. What’s interesting about this book series is that the three books in that series are essentially collections of short scary stories. Likewise, there were a series of different spots during the Super Bowl, each featuring inspirations from these stories such as “The Big Toe” or “The Red Spot.”

Super Bowl Movie Spot
Image from CBS Films

While these spots certainly have intriguing elements, they were pretty short, about 15 seconds.. There was enough for a jump scare, but not enough time to provide ample context to the overall narrative. The most interesting aspect is that the story has been written by Del Toro, a master of the monster/horror genre. All said and done, the other TV spots in the Super Bowl were a little better.


Next, we have HOBBS ANS SHAW, a FAST & THE FURIOUS spin-off film. The film will see Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham reprising the titular roles from the hit franchise. While both characters have been at odds in the past, this new plot will force them to work together to take down Brixton, a cyber-genetically enhanced villain played by Idris Elba.

Super Bowl Movie Spot
Image from 20th Century Fox

The Super Bowl TV spot is pretty humorous, featuring some pretty funny scenes. One, in particular, features Hobbs and Shaw’s collective disgust upon hearing they have to work together. They reply in synch with one another saying that the other guy is an asshole. Idris Elba’s character looks like he’ll be a pretty cool bad guy, albeit at the expense of suspending the audiences’ disbelief that much further in a franchise that already thrives on existing on the edge of what’s possible and the unreal.

HOBBS AND SHAW get another plus for having an extended trailer available online, with additional content. You can watch it here. That being said, the Super Bowl TV spot for HOBBS AND SHAW is lower on the list. This is only because the top 3 go the extra mile and brought out more of my own personal excitement.

3. CAPTAIN MARVEL: Higher, Further, Faster

Next up is the CAPTAIN MARVEL Super Bowl TV spot. Featuring all-new footage of the upcoming Marvel film releasing next month, this spot begins with Carol interacting with her wingman Maria Rambeau. Rambeau talks about showing these boys how it’s done, to which Carol Danvers responds with, “Higher, Further, Faster.” We then get this same phrase as a sort of mantra, coupled with several new action shots, such as Carol in her jet being pursued by what I’m assuming is a Skrull ship. The concluding shot of the TV spot is incredible, with Carol jumping out of a Quinjet, fully powered, and punching through the pursuing ship.

Super Bowl Movie Spot
Image from Marvel Entertainment

This TV spot is super exciting and awesome, succeeding in growing the hype for this film that’s already pretty high. Next month’s CAPTAIN MARVEL cannot come soon enough! However, this is a film that has now had a few trailers and television spots previously before the Super Bowl. While we did get some new footage (always exciting) it’s prior marketing saturation puts it a little lower than those in the top two.

2. TOY STORY 4: Bo Peep is Back!

The TOY STORY 4 marketing team is smart. They were teasing a new look at the film hours before kick-off, waiting till the end of the game to release it, thus having fans anxious and even more excited to see it.

The most surprising element of the TOY STORY 4 Super Bowl TV spot is the appearance of Bo Peep, the love/girlfriend of Woody from the previous TOY STORY films, with the exception of TOY STORY 3. This is why seeing her in the Super Bowl TV spot is so surprising. In TOY STORY 3, Andy is in college and has grown up. He only has a few toys remaining, those being the main characters.

However, we learn early on that Bo is one of the toys Andy got rid of a while back before the film’s start. So, seeing her with Woody looking for Buzz at a carnival is huge. Where has she been all this time? How did she find her way back to Woody and company, especially now that Andy’s toys have a new owner, Bonnie? We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

Super Bowl Movie Spot
Image From Disney/Pixar

The TOY STORY 4 Super Bowl TV spot also has a very incredibly funny exchange between Buzz Lightyear and the two carnival plush toys who are voiced by Jordan Peele and Keegan Micheal Key. They keep kicking Buzz in the head until Buzz flips his helmet right on one of their feet. This was a super great TV spot, even if it was shorter. The reveal of Bo combined with the comedy was really great and the spot beginning with the “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” theme really turns the nostalgia hype up to 11. BUT… there’s one Super Bowl TV spot that surpasses all others…

1. AVENGERS ENDGAME! No Moving On For Those Left Behind


…ahem..sorry…AVENGERS: ENDGAME’s Super Bowl TV spot is incredible. It’s dark, tragic, and somber. It’s everything you would expect the aftermath of Thanos’ Decimation to be and more due to the heavy emotional weight that’s felt in this spot and the trailer we got back in December.

ENDGAME Superbowl spot
Image from Marvel Entertainment

There’s a lot of cool reveals: We see Ellis Island looking like some sort of refugee center. There’s a poster that asks, “Where do we go, now that they’re gone?” Steve Rogers is in a support group. He’s clean-shaven and says that some people move on, but not them. He’s referring to the remaining Avengers! We get a confirmation that Nebula is with Tony on the stranded ship, and it looks like they’re attempting to repair it. We also get another confirmation that Rocket is with the Avengers, having fought alongside Thor in Wakanda and the being the last Guardian standing after the Decimation. Ant-Man is seen suiting up with War Machine as well.

Captain America
Image from Marvel Entertainment

Lastly, we see Clint Barton, now Ronin, and then see Steve tightening the strap on his shield. He’s got it back since leaving it behind in CIVIL WAR. The Super Bowl TV spot ends with Steve repeating that they haven’t moved on, as the last-surviving Avengers look to be heading to battle.

There’s so much that they packed into one 30 second teaser. By the end of it, I was freaking out, scrambling to Youtube to watch it another 5 times. There’s so much excitement for this film. It’s the culmination of films spanning over a decade. How could this teaser not top the list as the winning Super Bowl TV spot? It’s too epic!

Disney Dominates The Super Bowl TV Spot

Even with these all-around great TV spots, I feel as though the offerings were pretty slim in comparison to years past. Warner Bros and Sony didn’t have anything. I would have expected some more, even from Disney who already had 3 films presented this year. I thought for sure we’d get some new footage for the live-action ALADIN and LION KING films. In any case, there were some great first looks/new footage this year.

They did a great job of creating plenty of excitement for me, and for several others I’m sure. What were your favorite Super Bowl TV spots? Is your list different from mine? Let us know in the comments below!

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