The ComicsVerse comics podcast was founded in 2012 after I completed a course at Columbia University titled “Comic Books and Graphic Novels as Literature.” I approached who I believed to the smartest person in class, Kathy Wisneski, then a graduate student in the midst of writing her thesis on comics and now an assistant editor at Marvel Comics, and asked her to do a podcast with me. More than three years later, ComicsVerse has grown into a website with original articles, reviews, interviews, videos, comic con coverage and so much more.  Kathy and I are still co-hosts of the podcast, but after being lucky enough as to discover a team of interns and contributors like none other. We decided to let the interns have their turn hosting a series of podcasts.

LISTEN: The first appearance of Jamie, Kay, Alex, Brian and Chris on a ComicsVerse podcast all about Grant Morrison’s NEW X-MEN.

In the above podcast, ComicsVerse interns and contributors discuss what the working environment is like at ComicsVerse in addition to what comics inspire and motivate them. They share their favorite moments at ComicsVerse and the various comic conventions we attend.

The ComicsVerse Family at Special Edition: NYC.
The ComicsVerse Family at Special Edition: NYC.

This podcast was recorded in July of 2015. On the podcast, you’ll hear former intern Kay Honda discuss how recently she joined the team. Kay has now risen to the position of production coordinator for all of ComicsVerse. Jamie, a former intern, is now a content editor. Since we recorded this, Kay and Jamie have become great friends along with new recruits, Malia Knight and the OG intern of ComicsVerse – Angela Yih. Chris has had an opportunity to interview INJECTION co-creator and artist, Declan Shalvey (MOON KNIGHT, DEADPOOL, VENOM) on another episode of our podcast. Recently, Kay, Jamie, Angela and Malia have joined forces with Comics.Tumblr.Com editor-in-chief and comic book feminist — Marlene Bonnelly as well as Kathy to develop an all-female podcast with Marius and myself appearing sometimes to throw our two cents in.

HEAR: Jamie hosts her first podcast with Kathy in Episode 48: Kelly Sue DeConnick’s BITCH PLANET!

It seems like so long ago we recorded this when just getting to know one another on a deeper level, it wasn’t long after that we became more than that — a family. I’m so proud of our staff, interns and contributors. Here’s a chance to get to know them better and hear what they have to say!

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The following members of the ComicsVerse family were a part of the recording of this episode:


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