CLOAK AND DAGGER Season 2 came out last month and it packs a serious punch! The show doesn’t waste any time showing us what Ty and Tandy are up to after they took down the Roxxon Corp back in season 1. Not only that, but we also get a deeper look into the psychological state of Ty and Tandy. Season 1 left them with some serious baggage to carry, and the show doesn’t shy away from the ramifications of those experiences.

Ty and Tandy are also learning how to strengthen their powers as well as healing their traumas. Even though they were victorious in their battle against the Roxxon Corp. in season 1, our heroes are still left with problems to solve. Their problems lie both within themselves and against newer (and older) antagonists. Let’s take a look at the first five episodes of CLOAK AND DAGGER season 2. We’ll learn what has happened to them within that time and we’ll investigate what could happen to them as the season progresses.

Dealing with Past Traumas

Cloak and Dagger
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When we meet Tandy at the beginning of the first episode, she and her mom are in a group counseling meeting. Tandy discovered that her father was abusive towards her mother in season 1 and is now trying to come to terms with that. She saw her father as a good dad her whole life, so to now be faced with such a shocking revelation is causing her serious internal turmoil. Ty is dealing with his own demons as well in the first episode. His brother’s wrongful death still haunts him, and he is currently on the run after being accused of a murder he didn’t commit.

Instead of talking about his issues, Ty takes out his anger and frustration with local crime syndicates. He teleports into their hangouts, steals their drugs and money, then vanishes. Instead of facing his inner turmoil, he channels it through crime fighting. In season 1, Cloak and Dagger are realizing they have powers and they have a villain that needs to be taken down. So much was happening to them so fast that they barely had a moment to sit and reflect on what they were going through. When we are introduced to them in season 2, we see the fallout of season 1 in a very natural way. Instead of facing a physical enemy as we saw in season 1, Cloak and Dagger are facing their inner problems. The natural growth and development of our characters so early into the new season is incredible to see.

Cloak and Dagger Back in Action

Cloak and Dagger
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Tandy is dealing with her problems in a similar fashion. While she is in a group session in the first episode, she notices a girl named Mikayla who is worse off than the others. She is regularly physically and emotionally abused by her boyfriend. Tandy learns of her struggle and becomes enraged, so she decides to pay the boyfriend a visit. She wrecks his house, intimidates him, and leaves a note carved into his wall to leave his girlfriend alone. Tandy committed her act of vandalism and intimidation because she wanted to stick up for someone who was made powerless but also to work out her own frustrations. Her father is dead and so her new found issues with him can never be resolved.

Both Cloak and Dagger deal with their personal demons very similarly. They consistently want to use their powers to resolve the issues of others that they themselves never can. What is interesting as well, especially in the first episode, is that Cloak and Dagger are working independently. Tandy is giving abusers of women some payback while Ty is chipping away at the empires of street gangs. As we move forward with the season, however, we’ll come to realize those two corners of crime will soon walk hand in hand.

Cloak and Dagger’s Main Mission for Season 2

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It was clear that the main antagonist group in season 1 was the Roxxon Corp. The main antagonist in Season 2, however, is arguably more sinister than the giant evil company. Our heroes are now facing off against human traffickers. Cloak and Dagger discover these heinous villains after they hit them a little too close to home. In a group session, Tandy learns that Mikayla is still dating her abusive boyfriend, and she loses it. Tandy screams at her, telling Mikayla to walk away from the abuse. Instead, Mikayla walks away from the group.

After Mikayla leaves, she goes missing for a few days. In the quest to find Mikayla, Cloak and Dagger learn some vital new information. First, they learn that the criminal underworld is using old ambulances to kidnap wayward girls, drug them, and sell them into slavery. Secondly, they learn of someone else who is trying to stop them. Pretty great revelation, right? Someone on your side, helping take out the bad guys! Nope. The person hunting down the traffickers isn’t just freeing the kidnapped girls, though that is what she’s doing, but also brutally murdering the kidnappers. Someone sounds like a PUNISHER fan. The thing is, though, the person who is committing these brutal acts of heroic violence is a character from the comics that the showrunners teased at the end of season 1. The vigilante is none other than Mayhem herself.

CLOAK AND DAGGER: Season 2 Villains vs. Season 1

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While the Roxxon Corp. was a deadly adversary in season 1, it was nothing compared to the real horror of human trafficking. The Roxxon Corp. was the sole entity that, once exposed, would topple and be brought to justice. Human trafficking, on the other hand, is everywhere. The kidnappings are woven into the gangs of their community. Anytime Cloak and Dagger rescue a group of girls, there are more that will be taken and sold.

Then we have Mayhem, who is a little more complex than your average villain. Not only is she a dangerous foe due to her inherently dark nature and murderous drive, but she also appeals to Tandy’s dark side which has been slowing growing this season. While Tandy overall disagrees with Mayhem’s methods, we see in these first five episodes that there is a part of her that sees where Mayhem is coming from. If Mayhem’s influence on Tandy grows, it would be detrimental to the superhero duo.

Mayhem can offer Tandy what Tandy thinks she needs, to give in to her dark side and truly punish those who have committed the terrible act of human trafficking and abuse. With Tandy’s history of unresolved issues dealing with abuse, she may very well give in to her inner darkness, and Mayhem would be the one responsible. Mayhem has the potential to split up Cloak and Dagger, which is a new element added in season 2 that did not exist in season 1. Making the villains more real, influential, and harder to defeat for our heroes really shows the maturity of the show from what we saw in season 1.

Mischief, Mayhem, and… Well More Mayhem

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Now, we’ve talked about Mayhem a lot so far in this article. Let’s get into who she is, shall we? Mayhem is a product of Detective O’Reilly mixed with Roxxon chemicals. In season 1, we saw Connors shoot her and she fell into a body of water, then later we saw a more sinister O’Reilly crawl to shore. The version of O’Reilly we saw in when she emerged from the water wasn’t actually O’Reilly at all. O’Reilly split into two separate entities when she was exposed to the Roxxon chemicals. One is the normal O’Reilly we know and love. The other is known as Mayhem, a highly aggressive version of O’Reilly with a lust for blood.

When Mayhem first comes to be, she thinks she is the actual O’Reilly because they have the same memories up until the point of the split. When she discovers she isn’t, however, she doesn’t waste a moment to satisfy her urge for revenge. Before she became a slayer of human traffickers, her main mission was to find and exact vengeance on Connors, the man who shot her. Seriously though, the Punisher would love this woman! Anyway, after Mayhem learns that Connors is missing and his trail has gone cold, she takes on a new mission. Her new mission was to track down all the missing girls in the area. She would then free them from their captivity and kill the men responsible. One of her missions is when she first crosses paths with Cloak and Dagger, and they don’t approve of her superhero-ing methods.

Enter the Darkforce Dimension

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In a run-in with Cloak and Dagger during a kidnapping rescue, Mayhem starts unloading the bullets of a machine gun into a group of gang members. Cloak, however, was not okay with that method of vigilante justice or murder, as some would call it. Ty steps in front of a gang member as he is about to be shot. He then opens up the portal to the Darkforce Dimension through his chest. When he opened up the portal, Cloak pulled Mayhem into the dimension the same way he pulled Connors into the Darkforce Dimension in season 1.

Ty and Tandy realize, after the encounter with Mayhem, that they need the information she gathered on the gangs kidnapping these girls. So, Tandy decides to enter through Ty into the Darkforce Dimension to retrieve her. Tandy finds a way to escape the Darkforce Dimension after being stuck there for some time. Tandy, however, brings the wrong person with her back to the physical world. She brings back Connors instead of retrieving Mayhem as planned.

Not the Bad Guy I was Expecting

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Connors is now back on earth after his not so pleasant stay in the Darkforce Dimension. However, Connors came back very differently than our heroes remember. The months he spent in the Darkforce Dimension changed Connors. He feels regret for all the terrible things he has done in the past. Specifically, Connors regrets framing Ty for the murder of a cop and for killing Ty’s brother. Connor wishes to turn himself in to the police, much to Ty’s surprise and suspicion. While Ty is dealing with Connors, Tandy is digging deeper into human traffickers.

Her group’s council leader, Lia, used to date an abusive man who is well connected to the drug underworld. Lia tells Tandy that he has a hand in every organized illegal activity in the area. She double-crosses Tandy, however, when Tandy goes to interrogate him. Lia tases Tandy and helps put her in the back of one of the fake ambulances. The mid-season villain twist really shows us that the writers know how to keep fans on their toes. The showrunners added depth and development to Connors after showing him as a heinous bad guy throughout all of season 1. We also get to see just how truly terrifying the new villains of CLOAK AND DAGGER season 2 are. We see that the criminal underworld is everywhere. The villains have no names and no faces, they exist among our heroes, and they are ready to strike at any given time.

Where Do Cloak and Dagger Go From Here?

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A crazy first half of the season, right?! Season 2 has begun to tie up older story arcs from season 1. We are getting closure with Connors’ character as well as a pay-off from the mayhem tease. The show has also introduced new elements of conflict as well as a deeper look inside Ty and Tandy’s emotional turmoil. It’s believable that these two eighteen-year-olds are going through a rough time emotionally. They have been through so much since the beginning of the series. It is really refreshing to see that kind of honest pain and anguish on screen. Their pain and past traumas are what help shape them into better and more mature heroes, so to make that aspect a key part of the show is impressive to see.

Now that we are halfway through season 2, where will our characters go from here? Tandy has been kidnapped by human traffickers and Ty is working alongside his arch enemy. Plus O’Reilly has a crazy evil twin! It is likely Tandy will escape her captors, but can Ty really trust Connors? Connors has been nothing but bad throughout all of season 1. Could his time in the Darkforce Dimension really have changed him that much? Speaking of the Darkforce Dimension, will Mayhem escape its clutches? Find out next week on Dragon Ball Z! I’m just kidding.

Seriously though, CLOAK AND DAGGER season 2 has been very enjoyable to watch. The season has been intriguing, honest, and overall a lot of fun. Most importantly, CLOAK AND DAGGER has grown as a show since season 1. Through their story writing and character development, the showrunners have given CLOAK AND DAGGER the natural maturity it deserves. I can’t wait for the conclusion of this epic season!

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