It’s no secret that the X-Men get into some pretty wild and unbelievable adventures! This one, however, seems even crazier than the others. WHAT IF? X-MEN #1 focuses on what could’ve happened had the mutant gene been related to cyberspace. Will Domino and Cable succeed? Check the preview below to see how their new adventure gets started!



Written by: Bryan Edward Hill

Art by: Neil Edwards, Giannis Milonogiannis, Rachelle Rosenberg

Cover by: Rahzzah

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From the publisher that gave you OLD MAN LOGAN and HOUSE OF M… The X-Men as you never imagined! Welcome to the EXE/scape, a digital wonderland of business and pleasure accessible to anyone with the social (or monetary) capital for the bio-mods needed to log in… Or you can bypass all of that by being born carrying an .EXE/gene! But circumventing the login regulations is exactly what got the likes of Charles Xavier and his .EXE/men banned and driven underground in the first place… Free-roamers u/Domino and u/Cable have taken every dirty job there is on the ‘scape, but when a simple data scrubbing job turns bad, the life of bio-mod magnate Erik Lehnsherr hangs in the balance, and with it, their very society… It’s a whole new world of X-Men by Bryan Edward Hill (Detective Comics), Neil Edwards (Justice League) and Giannis Milonogiannis (Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network)!

WHAT IF? X-MEN #1 Preview Gallery

what if? x-men #1 what if? x-men #1 what if? x-men #1 what if? x-men #1 what if? x-men #1 what if? x-men #1

what if? x-men #1
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