What If? Thor

WHAT IF? THOR #1 imagines a world in which Thor is raised by Frost Giants.What if Laufey won? What if Odin lost? What if Thor faced Loki’s fate instead? Will Thor become a God of Ice and Thunder? Check out the preview below!


what if? thor #1


Written by: Ethan Sacks

Art by: Michele Bandini

Cover by: Marco Checchetto

Have you ever wondered, “What if?” Stop wondering and get the answers here!


When young THOR’S father falls to the King of Giants, his life is forever changed. He’s ripped from Asgard to be raised in a world of persistent winter, learning the brutal way of life in Jotenheim. But what happens when the runt of the giants, LOKI, is under the shadow of his new step-brother?

WHAT IF? THOR #1 Preview Image Gallery

what if? thor #1 what if? thor #1 what if? thor #1 what if? thor #1

what if? thor #1
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


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