In recent news, voice-over actor Tara Strong revealed that TEEN TITANS season six could happen if the upcoming film, TEEN TITANS GO!, is successful enough. Now, if you need some catching up, TEEN TITANS was an animated series that ran from 2003 up until its cancellation in 2006.

Not only was the show popular for its consistent entertainment and various quirks, but it was also known for its ability to tackle dark, unconventional storylines in the mode of children’s animation. Following the show’s cancellation, Cartoon Network developed a more comedic series as a spin-off to the original. This new series, entitled TEEN TITANS GO!, maintains very little relevance to the original besides the voice-over cast.

As a result, the new series doesn’t really reach out to the same audience as its predecessor. Ironically though, TEEN TITANS’ shot at revival may rely on that very spin-off. So, if a sixth season does happen, and I fervently hope it does as a die-hard fan of the original, here are just a few storylines that the series can pick up right where it left them off.

teen titans season six
Red X as featured in TEEN TITANS. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Reveal of Red X

One of the many loose ends TEEN TITANS maintains due to its cancellation lies in the character of Red X. The mysterious anti-hero is first introduced in the season one episode, “Masks.” In this episode, it is revealed that Robin was actually masquerading as Red X in order to get close to the Titans’ archenemy, Slade.

However, after Robin’s secret side-job was revealed to the rest of his teammates, Robin abandoned the identity altogether. He also vowed to never cross the line into anti-heroism again. Interestingly though, Red X would make a return to the series in the season three episode, “X.” Though this time, Robin was not wearing the mask, and we never actually find out who was.

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Thus, the mystery of Red X’s identity is one of the more prominent questions the series leaves unanswered. Though there is a sense of excitement that revolves around that possible moment of unmasking the character, there is arguably a greater draw into the exploration of one of the Titans’ possible suspects.

In “X,” there is a scene where the Titans are trying to figure out Red X’s identity. As they brainstorm, Beast Boy presents a board of various theories. On this board, Jason Todd is depicted as Red X’s potential identities.

teen titans season six
A sneak peek at Jason Todd in TEEN TITANS. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Life and Death of Jason Todd

Now, if that name is unfamiliar to you, you should know that Jason Todd operated as the second Robin after Dick Grayson retired the alias in the comics. However, he may be best known for his 1988 arc, “A Death in the Family,” when he is murdered by The Joker. Many years later though, Jason would make his return to comics as the villainous Red Hood, yet he has since operated as an anti-hero who avoids killing.

TEEN TITANS season six could answer one of the series’ burning mysteries while bringing in a notable comic book character. Additionally, Jason Todd could serve as an intriguing foil to Robin while exploring facets of Robin’s past. TEEN TITANS rarely delves into the pasts of its primary characters. We actually don’t even know which incarnation of Robin is depicted throughout the series. We only assume it is Dick Grayson through various subtle clues.

Therefore, a sixth season could break that trend by continuing the character-centric formula the show maintained in its run, though, with more exploration of the characters’ origins. Perhaps the most exciting prospect to consider about Red X’s possible return is that Jason Todd himself could serve as the primary villain of season six, bringing a new, unforeseen challenge to Robin and his teammates.

teen titans season six
Terra as featured in TEEN TITANS. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Return of Terra

Along with Red X, one of the more memorable supporting characters of TEEN TITANS is the geokinetic Terra. Like Red X, she too straddled the line between good and evil. Thus, she is arguably the most complex character of the series as her season two arc depicts her betraying the Teen Titans and operating as Slade’s apprentice.

Though, she would eventually redeem herself when she defeated Slade and sacrificed herself to save the Titans. In honor of her sacrifice, the Titans made a memorial to commemorate her heroism. Now, this heroic moment initially seemed like the last we would see of her character. However, the final episode of the series, entitled “Things Change,” brought Terra’s character back.

Well, kind of.

teen titans season six
Terra as featured in TEEN TITANS. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Resurrection or Doppelgänger?

When Beast Boy happens to run into a girl who appears identical to Terra, he immediately believes her to be the girl he once fought alongside. To his disappointment though, this girl actually has no memory of anything the Terra he knew did. She claims to be an ordinary high school student and asks Beast Boys to leave her alone.

The final moments of the series depict a disheartened Beast Boy accepting Terra’s wishes and letting her be.

If TEEN TITANS season six were to happen, the mystery regarding Terra’s alleged reappearance could be put to rest. The event of Terra’s return is a storyline that takes place in the comics. Though the comic book storyline is quite complex, it does exemplify the tension between Terra and the rest of the Titans who are hesitant to trust a girl who once betrayed them.

Therefore, the series can adapt that storyline and develop it further by depicting Terra’s reintegration into her former reality. She can complete her redemption arc and truly become a full-fledged member of the Teen Titans. Additionally, it would be interesting to see another epic face-off between her and her former mentor, Slade.

teen titans season six
Slade as featured in TEEN TITANS. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Wrath of Slade

Though TEEN TITANS’ Rogues’ gallery comprises numerous memorable villains (Mad Mod anyone?), Slade is by far the most integral. Sure, one can argue that Raven’s father Trigon is all-powerful and presented one of the greatest challenges the Teen Titans ever faced in the series, but Slade was ever-present. He challenged the Titans physically and psychologically, even lingering in Robin’s psyche when he was dead.

Now, one of the biggest mysteries throughout the show was the uncertainty of Slade’s true identity. In the comics, Slade’s character is known as Deathstroke. Interestingly though, TEEN TITANS creators believed that name was too aggressive to include in a show aimed towards children. So, they changed his name to Slade, which is an allusion to his true name in the comics: Slade Wilson.

Thus, TEEN TITANS season six could result in the exploration of Slade’s identity. We could witness his origins and motives for his descent into villainy. Also, Slade could serve as the main antagonist once more as the last time he was the primary villain of the show was back in season 2. So, yes, season six would be a great opportunity for the series to explore new avenues and new characters. Though, it would also be exciting to see the return of characters who made the show so great in the first place.

teen titans season six
Nightwing as featured in TEEN TITANS. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Teens No More

The five seasons of TEEN TITANS successfully fleshed out each, individual member of the team. Robin, Terra, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy each have a distinct season that explores their respective characters. Interestingly though, Starfire never got her own season. So, perhaps season six will take the time to focus on the Tamaranean with a sibling rivalry.

With this though, TEEN TITANS season six could also mark a transitory point for the teens. The season two episode, “How Long is Forever?” previews the Teen Titans’ adulthood including Robin’s turn as Nightwing. Thus, season six may feature each member of the team fulfilling their destiny. It may also feature new additions to the team since season five featured a plethora of new characters working alongside the Titans.

Of course, though, there is the possibility that the series will not address any of these aspects and will simply return to the basics of focusing on the core five in the vein of earlier seasons.

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TEEN TITANS Season Six and Beyond

The news of a potential revival of TEEN TITANS sent fans of the series in a craze. I felt the seven-year-old in me become giddy with excitement when I saw Tara Strong’s tweet. So, even though I was never a fan of TEEN TITANS GO!, I fervently hope the upcoming movie is successful enough to make a season six happen.

There is a multitude of avenues TEEN TITANS season six could pursue and though many of the possible storylines above encompass narratives I hope to see develop on the screen, my main hope is that the show remains faithful to its unapologetic originality and boldness in exploring the darker aspects of heroism.

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