AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is out in theaters now, and it’s amazing! It also raises a lot of questions about what lies ahead. As it stands, the only certain things we know about the MCU’s future are ANT-MAN AND THE WASP and CAPTAIN MARVEL. But what about AVENGERS 4? As of right now, we don’t even know it’s title. Here’s the prevailing and most popular ideas for plots and possible titles for AVENGERS 4.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Looking Back for AVENGERS 4

The most agreed upon theory is that the past will somehow play a role in AVENGERS 4. Quite a few photos from the set of AVENGERS 4 support this theory. They show various MCU characters dressed exactly as they were in films prior. Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark as he looks in the first AVENGERS movie, complete with his Black Sabbath shirt. Chris Evans is in another photo, donning the Captain America suit from the same film. Another photo shows Evangeline Lily as Hope van Dyne A.K.A the Wasp, sporting the same hairstyle she has in ANT-MAN.

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We know for certain that there will be some looking back into previous films. What we don’t know is whether or not we’ll be seeing a flashback or something more. If it’s something more, It could be a result of a few different factors:


Time-Travel is a definite possibility. While we don’t know for certain that it could happen, the time-travel idea carries some weight due to the fact that one of the AVENGERS 4 set photos has Tony wearing his Black Sabbath shirt, but also what looks to be a SHIELD vest over it.

Stark never wore this in the first AVENGERS, ergo it’s an unseen moment during the events of the AVENGERS, or the Avengers have gone back in time and are attempting to rewrite their past to change their devastating future. My money’s on the latter.

Images Courtesy of Reddit

We also don’t know what happened to all of the Infinity Stones after Thanos snaps his fingers at the film’s close. It doesn’t look like he’s holding the Infinity Gauntlet when he sits down to watch the sunrise. Remember, the Gauntlet has some significant damage after Thanos accomplishes his goal.

It looks like it’s about to crumble right after, just before he teleports away from Thor. Perhaps the Stones were once again scattered, ready to be found once more? If so, the Time Stone would be ideal if the Avengers sought to go back in time.

…Then again, I’m sure someone could just build a time machine. Shuri’s got it.

B.A.R.F Tech… (Gotta Work On That Acronym)

Another possibility for the Avengers to simply look into the past for answers would be Tony Stark’s Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing or B.A.R.F. This tech would allow them to look at one’s memories. We first see it in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, where Tony gives a presentation at MIT.

He shares a memory of him with his parents, his last memory with them, right before they died. If there is a clue to reversing their situation in the past, they just might be able to use this tech to do so.

This would mean that they wouldn’t be doing anything to change the past, as time-travel most likely would. They would just be viewing it.

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And Speaking of Those Pesky Stones…

While the set photos provide the time-travel theory with how they look, they also provide another idea that centers around what they are all wearing on their wrists/hands.

Image Courtesy of Reddit

In one of the photos, Both Tony and Steve are some sort of a device with straps that attach to their wrists and hands. It appears that each device has a single socket on the back of the hand. Perhaps to hold a single Infinity Stone? Many fans are proposing that perhaps the Avengers get a hold of the Stones.

What if Tony and company create these devices as a sort of mini-gauntlet for each Avenger. Each of the original Avengers would have a Stone. Theoretically, if all the Stones took away half of all life, maybe all the Stones could reverse it. Six original Avengers wielding the six Infinity Stones. Now that would be pretty awesome.

A Sacrifice

We know that some of these characters who vanished from existence are coming back. From a purely financial standpoint, hell will freeze over before Marvel and Disney pull the plug on Spider-Man and Black Panther. We all know this. Therefore, the question is not will they come back. The question is how, and what will be the cost?

It’s no accident that all of the original Avengers are still alive. These are the characters that have spent that most time shaping the MCU to what it is today. They are the heart and nucleus of this decade-long story. It would also make sense that we might lose them in order to bring people back. It would also be really hard to watch.

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The best guess is that the original Avengers will be the true price for Thanos’ actions, not those we lose in INFINITY WAR. If they do indeed try to get all of the Stones back, that would include the Soul Stone. So we know a sacrifice will be required there. But what if more than one sacrifice is required?

Also, Thanos isn’t going to let his efforts be reversed without a fight. We’ll have to see, but I would imagine that we will probably lose either all or a good part of the original Avengers team.

Ant-Man, Wasp, and Captain Marvel Join the Fight

It’s almost like we already know what the post-credits scenes for ANT-MAN AND THE WASP and CAPTAIN MARVEL will be. Scott and Hope will have their adventure in the Quantum Realm, and will then most likely see the disappearances happen, prompting them to join the Avengers to set things right.

It would be gut-wrenching to see Scott’s daughter Cassie disappear right in front of him. Furthermore, Janet van Dyne (Michelle Pfeifer) is expected to reunite with Hank Pym after being stuck for years in the Quantum Realm. What if either or both of them disappear as well?

Photo Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Captain Marvel will also probably receive a call to action from the fallout of INFINITY WAR. After we get her origin story set in the 90’s we can find out where she’s been all this time. A great post-credit would have us finding out where she’s been as well as getting Nick Fury’s call that he sends right before he vanishes.

Photo Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Hawkeye will Return (Maybe as Ronin?)

Hawkeye was noticeably absent from the events of INFINITY WAR, much to fans’ disappointment. However, there’s a pretty good reason for it. Black Widow shares that after the events of CIVIL WAR, both Clint and Scott took deals to go under house arrest, in order to be with their families.

Again, how tragic would it be if Clint’s family vanished after the Snap? This would no doubt push Clint to get out of retirement and seek vengeance in AVENGERS 4.

Set photos from AVENGERS 4 reveal that Clint has a very different hairstyle. He has a sort of Mohawk as well as what looks like gold/black boots. Many believe this new look could be patterned after Ronin from the comics.

Image Courtesy of Reddit

Not to be confused with the alien Ronan the Accuser, Ronin is a persona that Clint takes on for a brief period of time in the comics. He took on the persona after the events of the comics CIVIL WAR during a darker time for his character. If fans are right about Clint potentially losing his family after INFINITY WAR, it would be the perfect time for Ronin if there ever was one.

Title Ideas for AVENGERS 4

While the official title for AVENGERS hasn’t been revealed, that hasn’t kept fans from making their guesses and having hopes for what it might be.

AVENGERS: FOREVER was in the running for quite awhile, but was recently debunked by the Russo brothers, the directors of AVENGERS 4 and INFINITY WAR. While that would have been interesting, it would sort of communicate a contradicting message. Some Avengers will most likely meet the end of the road, while new members will carry on. It’s going to be less of a “forever” and more of a new chapter with new characters scenario.

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AVENGERS: ENDGAME is another likely option. This takes its inspiration from the line from Doctor Strange when he gave up the Time Stone to save Tony’s life:

“We’re in the endgame now…”

Right before he disappears, he also tells Tony that there was no other way. This is because before their battle with Thanos, Dr. Strange looks forward in time with the Time Stone seeing over 14 million different outcomes for their conflict. He only sees one where they win. Many fans agree that the one Dr. Strange saw required Thanos getting all the Stones and achieving his goals for the Avengers to set things right later. The events after the Snap would be what Dr. Strange calls the endgame. Cue the title card: AVENGERS: ENDGAME.

Lastly, my personal favorite is AVENGERS: LEGACY. FOREVER makes me think of Batman and Joel Schumacher and I’m sure Marvel could do without that association. ENDGAME feels just a little too on the nose for me. I feel as though LEGACY would be awesome, as we would be seeing the old guard moving on in some shape or form, and trusting others to carry on the legacy they’ve created. It would be absolutely incredible.

Still Early for AVENGERS 4 Theories

While these are all the most popular theories, it’s still conjecture. We have over a year to get more information and ideas. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get the title soon. Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below, and go see AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR again.

If you already have…go see it again!!

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