Can Kate have a normal interaction with one of her parents, just one time, please?? Regardless of what I want for Hawkeye, things are insane, as always, for Kate and her team! Check out the WEST COAST AVENGERS #10 preview below to see what confessions Kate’s mom has and how the rest of the team is faring against the cult.

[one_half]west coast avengers #10


Published: April 17, 2019

Written by: Kelly Thompson

Art by: Moy R, Triona Farrell

Cover by: Gang Hyuk Lim

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THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE BEAUTIFUL CONCLUDES! HAWKEYE and HAWKEYE lead the fight to save AMERICA CHAVEZ from a cult that believes she’s their prophesized chosen one who will lead them into the light — and also into victory — as they attempt a takeover of Los Angeles. But just as things look darkest, the team is joined by a mysterious and powerful new ally. Amid flying arrows and punching fists, relationships are both blossoming and being torn apart — what does it all mean for the future of the West Coast Avengers?!

WEST COAST AVENGERS #10 Preview Image Gallery

west coast avengers #10 west coast avengers #10 west coast avengers #10 west coast avengers #10 west coast avengers #10

west coast avengers #10
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