If you haven’t already checked out our own Sean Bartley’s sparkling reviews on the series, DEADLY CLASS, it’s about time that someone pushes you to go and pick it up! Aside from Rick Remender’s amazing storytelling, the book is worth checking out for its underrated co-creator and artist, Wes Craig. His name and work have permeated the comic book art world through GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, BATMAN, and FLASHbut on a personal level, I was more excited to talk to him about his continued involvement in DEADLY CLASSas well as get more intel on his new original book, BLACKHAND COMICS

We talked about Craig’s kinship with Remender’s storytelling, but also about what Craig would like to achieve as an artist in his own work. If you order a copy of BLACKHAND COMICSyou can see the influence that the macabre or the weird, in both artform and storytelling, have on his work.

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We also discussed how much I enjoy his art style because of his unique and clean approach to color and linework, most effective in BLACKHAND COMICS in that it matches the horrific yet whimsical nature of his carnivalesque stories. If you want to get a taste for his art, it beautifully marries with Rick Remender’s writing on DEADLY CLASS. His work is impressive for its ability to couple the heavy content of murder, emotional dissonance, and violence, with the freeform, devil-may-care attitude that is inherent in everyone’s youth. Of all artists working today, Wes Craig is one of the most successful in expressing this dichotomy visually. If you’re also intrigued by an interesting coupling of innocent almost naive looking art and dark content, honestly, Wes Craig might be just the guy for you!

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