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Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest gift in the comic book universe has arrived. Neil Gaiman has announced that he is introducing us back into the magical world of SANDMAN. Additionally, he’s doing it in an amazing way: by giving us a SANDMAN Universe. We are not only getting an extensive look at the world of Dream, but we also get four new ongoing series!

SANDMAN: DREAM COUNTRY — Dreams Come at a Price

In honor of Vertigo’s 25th anniversary, the SANDMAN Universe will give us an extensive look into the world of Dream, with Gaiman himself curating the universe. Neil Gaiman is kicking off his universe with a one-shot story called THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1. Plotted by Gaiman and co-written by his hand-selected authors, this issue is surely something you won’t want to miss. Yet, this news can only get better! THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1 will feature art from Bilquis Evely and cover art by Jae Lee. This issue will reintroduce us to characters that we haven’t seen since 1996 in an innovative and beautiful way. Keep your eyes peeled and minds open, this comic is going to be released August 8th!

The SANDMAN Universe is the Thing Dreams are Made of

As previously mentioned, this new universe is giving us four new ongoing stories. Yet Gaiman hand-selected each writer for their respective series. Therefore, we can rest assured that these stories are going to be in the cannon and full of magical wonder. Of SUICIDE SQUAD fame, Si Spurrier is working on THE DREAMING, Nalo Hopkinson (BROWN GIRL IN THE RING) will write HOUSE OF WHISPERS, LUCIFER is in the hands of Dan Watters (LIMBO), and Kat Howard (ROSES AND ROT) has BOOKS OF MAGIC. Although their names are familiar, these stories will further explore the magical and mythical world we all know and love.

THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1 will reintroduce us to characters that we haven’t seen in almost 25 years. This will serve as a reminder of where we left off in the world of Dream. The story will also set up conflicts and storylines that the four monthly comics will further explore. Following THE SANDMAN UNIVERSE #1, HOUSE OF WHISPERS and THE DREAMING is set to debut in September. Additionally, it is followed closely by LUCIFER and BOOKS OF MAGIC, which are set to hit shelves in October.

But how will these four tales tie together? Has the world of Dream changed since the series ended in ’96? Gaiman and crew are sure to give us a universe that generations will still want to explore.

Remember to ask your local comic book store to hold a copy for you! The day we all look forward to is August 8th! Also, keep your eyes and ears open for the exact date THE DREAMING and HOUSE OF WHISPERS will drop!

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