Welcome, welcome, World Travelers, to a land of mysticism and fairy tales. A world where your favorite storybook characters have come to life, and talking mice abound! No, we’re not talking about Disney World. We bid you welcome to Fabletown, the heart of New York City’s vast magical community!

Through ComicsVerse World Tours, you have seen the majestic golden halls of Asgard, the skylines of Metropolis and Gotham City, and the green light of the planet Oa. Yet, as school approaches, interdimensional travel might not be the most poignant option. Do you want a family friendly trip close to home? ComicsVerse World Tours has you covered! No matter where you live, take a flight to the Big Apple itself. New York City awaits! At its heart is a realm of mystical joy and wonder like none you have ever seen.

Few know about the abounding magic that lies just inside Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Even fewer know why. Centuries ago, the fine folk of the Homelands, the realms we know of from fairy tales, were driven out by the mysterious Adversary. Snow White? The Big Bad Wolf? The Flying Monkeys? Yeah, they’re all real, and they live just over on Bullfinch Street. Thanks to recent events, the population of Fabletown has opened its doors to the public in a gesture of goodwill and has offered a number of stately rooms for guests. So included in this travel package is a five-day stay at the Woodlands Apartments, where you will be introduced to some of the fine folk who make Fabletown run. Don’t forget to pack your breadcrumbs because it’s time to journey into the world of stories!

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Fabletown — Come Experience Adventure!

Image courtesy of Vertigo Comics.

Centuries ago, the Fables came to this world a broken lot. All most of them had were the clothes on their backs and the community around them. As more and more magical creatures crossed into our world, the Fables realized that their impact could nearly change the course of human history. So, deciding to keep themselves hidden, the Fables formed dozens of small communities across the world. As time passed and the Western world became a place of economic plenty, the Fables trickled into the heart of New York City. They even helped build the city that we know and love today. The Fables hold a secret history behind the Woodland’s doors, and many were present to see it unfold.

You see, the people of Fabletown, due to their mystical existence, don’t typically age (to the chagrin of some residents like Pinocchio). Though Snow White and Bigby Wolf look as if they are in the prime of their lives, they are, in fact, centuries old. So imagine the educational experience this could be for any children in your care! Imagine the possibilities!

Unifying Forces

Most importantly, your trip to Fabletown and its associated facilities acts as a unifying force. The people of Fabletown have feared us “Mundies” for centuries, scared that revealing themselves would be the end of their way of life. I don’t see why. It’s not like we set up witch trials every time they had been revealed in the past… Anyways, now that they have opened their doors, it’s up to us to learn and understand their history and way of life. Therefore, we are ambassadors of peace!

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So please don’t stare at the trolls. They really don’t like that. Here are some of the amazing sights you will see during your visit to Fabletown!

The Woodlands Apartment Building

Image courtesy of Telltale Games.

The main hub of your vacation, the Woodlands, was the first Fables-run building founded in New York City. Though it’s now a grand tower in the heart of the city, this building started as a meager collection of wooden shacks. Fabletown was once very literally a small village in the heart of New York City! As you pass through the front gates, be sure to admire the lush gardens of the Woodlands’ front courtyard. Many of Fabletown’s most beloved (and notorious) residents spend hours admiring the myriad assortment of worldly flora.

Do note that Jack Horner, a.k.a. Jack of the Tales, spends many a day seated in the gardens. This man is a liar and a cheat, and any deals made with him are deals with a mortal devil. If you see him skulking about the Woodlands, be sure to tell him he owes me $300! Remember, though, that this is the same Jack that is the noted Giant Slayer and trickster, so take heed.

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Moving past the front courtyard, we enter the front lobby. I would love to introduce you to Trusty John, the former doorman, but he has been…let go in recent months. Instead, admire the beautiful Victorian architecture, the Persian antiquities and the ornate woodwork throughout. Ignore the man in the orange jumpsuit eating flies over his mop bucket. That is simply Flycatcher. The one from “The Princess and the Frog?” Apparently, the transformation back to a sweet prince wasn’t complete, and he still craves flies on his lunch break. He’s working off, at present, 242 cases of near reveal of the Fables community to the Mundy world.

Bigby Wolf’s Office

Image Courtesy of Telltale Games.

Your first stop on the tour is one of necessity — to the main security office. Bigby Wolf is a gruff, by-the-book sort of fellow and asks that all Mundy guests stop by his office for a quick…question and answer session. I swear, he’s completely harmless in human form, and this is not an interrogation. Bigby simply fears for the people under his watch and asks that you leave any and all weapons at home. Trust me, follow the Woodland’s rules. Bigby’s last name is not just a family title. Do you remember the three little pigs? Well, Bigby might look human, but when he gets angry or grumpy or upset…or anxious…or hungry, he’s apt to transform into his true form: a ten-foot tall adult wolf!

For this reason, please ignore the horrid stench of cigarette smoke that blankets Bigby’s office. As the literal Big Bad Wolf, his senses are superhuman, and his sense of smell can drive him…wolfy. So think about the number of people that live in New York and the amount of random chemicals they bathe themselves in every day. Perfumes, deodorant, mouthwash: to a super nose, these are torture! So you will always see Bigby smoking a cigarette or lighting his next, just so he can drown out the Mundy stink.

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Business Office

Image courtesy of Vertigo Comics.

Though stuck with a boring name, the Woodlands’ Business Office is one of the most interesting locales in the entire building. It’s also one of the few where the true magical nature of its residents is recognized. When the Fables came to our side of the Veil, all magical items and texts were given directly to the Fabletown leaders for eventual use against the Adversary. So all of these items are stored in the Business Office, and what a sight it is.

As you enter, take note of Captain Hook’s ship floating above your head. The great Tree of Life on the far side of the office, holding the hanging body of the cryptic and mystically sustained corpse of the Forsworn Knight, fills your view. To both sides, rows of books and statues mark the history and grandeur of Fables’ society. A blue flying monkey named Bufkin hides in the corner drinking…I want to say apple juice, but we both know it’s whiskey.

The coup de grâce? Seated in the middle of the room is Fabletown Deputy Mayor Snow White. Don’t be dissuaded by her typically unhappy expression. Perhaps her adulterous ex-husband Prince Charming is making trouble. Or maybe Beauty and the Beast are having more economic and marital problems, so the Beast has turned monstrous again. Either way, Snow White has a lot on her plate, but she is very happy to see you all. Still, do be careful not to add to her problems. Ms. White wields the Wonderland Vorpal Sword, so any transgressions may lead to an untimely death.

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The 13th Floor

Image courtesy of Vertigo Comics.

Fun fact: many modern hotels don’t have a thirteenth floor. Based on superstitious beliefs of the unlucky nature of the number, hotels will simply skip it on their elevator panels. Not Fabletown though! They take pride in their 13th floor as it holds the residences of the magical members of the community. Need a spell to charm a lover? A glamour to hide a pimple? Want to spend your weekend running around Central Park as a Puma? Then come on up to the 13th floor!

Frau Totenkinder, the current sorceress supreme of Fabletown’s witches and wizards, promises an exclusive tour through some of the most notable apartments. Don’t worry, though: Frau Totenkinder might be the witch who tried to eat Hansel and Gretel all those centuries ago, but she’s (mostly) harmless. Just don’t accept candy from strangers, kiddos! The resolution of the Fabletown Compact forgave all past crimes, though Hansel still holds a deadly grudge against his torturer and attempts an assassination every few weeks. So place your bets on whether he will succeed at the front desk!

The Farm

Image courtesy of Vertigo Comics.

For your final day, we here at ComicsVerse World Tours have planned something special. So hop on the bus with a stinky little talking pig named Colin and take a trip to upstate New York. Escape the City and enter the vast and beautiful wildlife of the New York countryside. Our destination is the Farm. As New York City grew, the Fables realized that having a number of non-human Fables around was a dangerous proposition. It’s not like many giants go stomping down Broadway.

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The leaders of Fabletown decided that their only option was to disguise their non-human population. Yet, glamour spells are expensive (as you no doubt will learn on the 13th Floor) and many Fables can’t afford the cost. In fact, many don’t want to hide. Talking animals like Mr. Badger, Remy the Fox, and Shere Khan have no desire to lose their identities to the magic of the Woodlands. So the Farm was their solution.

Snow White’s long-lost sister, Rose Red, the current leader of the Farm, will greet you. Don’t be fooled by her party wardrobe and wild hairstyle, though. Rose Red is a kind and intelligent leader who simply wants the same recognition as her sister. Also, she kind of has a fire-breathing crow as her closest friend and adviser. Rose was responsible for quelling an animal rebellion years ago, though the head of that rebellion, Goldilocks, is still at large. The population of the Farm still hasn’t recovered. Do be careful, though, not to step on Smalltown. The Lilliputians and Thumbelina herself won’t appreciate the destruction of their truly tiny homes!

Hoping to See You Soon!

Behind its doors, Fabletown holds a secret world history. Magic and romance abound as you meet many of the world’s most popular literary characters! Though there may be concerns about safety due to the chaotic nature of the magical world, the people of Fabletown have sworn to behave. So here are a few simple rules:

  • There currently is a warrant for the arrest of Goldilocks, of The Three Bears fame, for the attempted murder of our deputy mayor. If you see any strange characters, stranger than usual, be sure to inform the nearest mouse policeman.
  • Fable is magically sustained by the popularity of their Mundy stories. As such, they are exceedingly hard to kill, and physical altercations aren’t uncommon and can stretch through Fabletown’s halls. Do be careful not to interfere for the sake of your life.
  • Keep your children away from swords, maces, and strange looking books.
  • The little kid running around swearing hasn’t lost his parents. That is simply Pinocchio, and he will punch you for mistaking him for a child.

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Most importantly, have fun! This is ComicsVerse World Tours, and we would love to take you on your next great adventure! If you want to learn more about Fabletown, be sure to pick up Bill Willingham’s secret history from Vertigo Comics, FABLES, or Telltale Games’ THE WOLF AMONG US!

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