Welcome to Metropolis: the City of Tomorrow!

So, traveler, you chose Metropolis as your next destination? You made the right choice. You deserve a nice, relaxing change of pace, and Metropolis is just the city. Situated not too far from that Bat-infested burg Gotham City, Metropolis boasts a multitude of attractions as well as a roster of popular superheroes. Readers of our own Daily Planet newspaper rated Metropolis the safest city in the Multiverse. This is thanks, in part, to our shining beacon of hope: Superman. Yes, ol’ Big Blue watches over us like a silent guardian, a watchful protector. Our bright knight!

Metropolis is a big city. You don’t have enough time to see everything, you say? Never fear, dear reader! Here’s a list of the top-five must-see attractions in Metropolis!

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Centennial Park

Our first stop on our tour of Metropolis brings us to historic as well as scenic Centennial Park. The biggest tourist attraction in the city, Centennial Park boasts acres of beautiful plants and fields, right in the middle of the city! However, the biggest draw? The Superman memorial situated right in the middle of the park. The memorial, put up after Superman’s almost demise at the hands of a bony monster named Doomsday, features a gigantic, gold-colored statue of the Man of Steel himself, with a bald eagle resting on his arm, of course.

You can also catch a glimpse of the tomb where Superman was buried for about four seconds before he mysteriously reappeared with a rockin’ mullet (it was cool at the time, kids). Do us a favor, though. Don’t ask anyone about that half-robot Superman that popped up around this time, especially if they’re from Coast City.

Truly a sight to behold. No false gods here! (Courtesy of DC Comics)

Please note: graffiti is, in no way, allowed anywhere near the statue. Armed guards strictly enforce this rule. We don’t want anyone trying to replicate what they saw in that IRON MAN V. CAPTAIN AMERICA: DAWN OF AVENGENCE movie.


Next stop: the LexCorp building! Home of eccentric billionaire industrialist and former president Lex Luthor! This stunning L-shaped building is a testament to Luthor’s tireless efforts to create a better world for all humans. Previously preoccupied with his work, Luthor now has a new job: superhero. You may have seen Lex’s exploits with the Justice League on the news, but now he’s operating as yet another Superman. How does this affect you? Well, every day at noon, Lex flies out of his tower and greets his adoring fans waiting for him at the entrance. Be sure to get there early for an autograph from Lex himself! Sorry, Lex kindly asks that you take no pictures with him. He’s afraid of industrial espionage.

Ah, the home of the most humble man in existence! (Courtesy of DC Comics)

Side note: don’t believe the lies the media may tell you about Luthor’s anti-alien beliefs. Everything is fine and everyone knows Luthor is best friends with Superman. This tour guide would like to take this time to thank LexCorp for their generous donation to the Metropolis Tourism Board.

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S.T.A.R. Labs

While you’re in Metropolis, don’t miss S.T.A.R. Labs. Take a tour of the flagship branch, where they work to make life easier for everyday people as well as superheroes. One ticket to the lab tour also guarantees you a visit from a real-life superhero! If you’re lucky, you may run into the poster child of S.T.A.R Labs: Cyborg. His dad, Silas Stone, is always in the lab making up new cutting age tech to add to his son’s cybernetic body.

You may even catch a glimpse of John Henry Irons, a scientist at the facility and a superhero himself: Steel. Sometimes he’s assisted by the mysterious new hero, Superwoman. We implore you, please do not touch anything you see. Last week, we had a tourist accidentally touch a Mother Box. It took Cyborg days to clean up all the excess Parademons.

The Daily Planet

Our penultimate stop brings us to the offices of the world-famous Daily Planet. The Planet is home to Pulitzer Prize-winning power couple Lois Lane and Cark Kent, as well as sports reporter Steve Lombard and entertainment writer Cat Grant! Come early to the building so you can catch a glimpse of Lane rushing into the offices to write another of her exposés on the Intergang’s partnership with Apokolips. Interesting note: no one has ever seen Clark Kent enter or exit through the main entrance. There must be a secret employee entrance somewhere, but we have yet to find it. Inside, you can take a tour of the lobby, where many of the paper’s most famous front pages are displayed for all to see.

Don’t listen to Luthor. This is real news. (Courtesy of DC Comics)

Unfortunately, Editor in Chief Perry White does not allow access to the newsroom for a quick tour. He says his friend, another newspaper publisher from New York named J. Jonah Jameson, is coming and doesn’t take kindly to two things: masked vigilantes and strangers in the newsroom.

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After your lobby tour, you’ll meet up with photographer Jimmy Olsen, your escort for our final stop.

Ace o’ Clubs

Situated in the Suicide Slum section of the city, Ace o’ Clubs is a Metropolis institution, despite its unfortunate location. If you worry about any trouble you may find on the way to the bar: fret not! Your escort, Jimmy, says he has a watch that can signal his best pal Superman. Jimmy, a regular at the Ace, will also introduce you to its owner, local Metropolis celebrity Bibbo Bibbowski. You’ll have a nice meal and a few drinks with him as he regales you with tales from when he teamed up with his buddy “Sooperman.” This is also a local watering hole for basically every Daily Planet journalist, so this is the perfect time to meet Lane and Kent.

Please note: Do not question Bibbo’s friendship with Superman. If you don’t believe him, just smile and politely nod, unless you want a black eye and a lifetime ban from the bar.

Come Visit Metropolis!

So, there you have it, folks! The perfect tour of the City of Tomorrow! If you stay here for a bit longer, please let us know, and we can recommend more great destinations, like Project Cadmus and Stryker’s Island!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The Metropolis Tourism Board is not responsible for any injuries sustained while on any of our tours. These injuries include but are not limited to, cuts, bruises, burns, broken bones, incineration, or having the life-force sucked out of you by a giant purple parasitic monster.

Have fun!

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