Is the summer not hot enough for you? Maybe beaches have too much sand that’s “coarse and rough and irritating and gets everywhere.” Or maybe this plane of existence just has too many pesky humans wanting to swim or play games that simply don’t appeal to you. No, you want to go beyond what people do. You enjoy a specific kind of suffering to some degree. Thus, the only place you’d willingly go this summer is Marvel’s Limbo. Your Weekly Vacation hopes to highlight some of the greatest aspects of this pocket dimension. Though make sure to take this offer quick — the stepping discs that allow people from our universe to enter into this exciting landscape are only in existence for a few more weeks.

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Unleash the Demon in You

This vacation destination is perfect for your analogous, hellish needs! Once you enter, you’ll be granted a complimentary package of demonic aspects, if you survive long enough, of course. Make sure to show off your new horns or tails to your friends with the Twitter hashtag: #limbo4life. Hone your nascent magical powers by fighting for your life against the denizens of Limbo. Don’t worry too much about the feeling of your soul leaving your body; that’s just part of the experience. Soon, you too will see why all demons worship the Supreme Sorcerer, the one who controls the landscape and appearance of this existence.


Know Your History

You might be asking yourself, “Who is this Supreme Sorcerer and how do I become that?” The Supreme Sorcerer is the ruler of Limbo. They’re the ones who have successfully conquered the place and have taken the throne that makes them now in charge of the hellscape. The first and most well known of our leaders is Belasco. He was simply a doll. Sure, he captured Illyana Rasputin, but he could have disemboweled her on the spot! Instead, he let her live like the merciful ruler we know and love.

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Of course, everyone has heard of Illyana Rasputin. She was apparently some hot-shot mutant who barged in here unannounced, claiming vengeance on our darling Belasco. We, of course, tried to get a quote from her for you potential tourists, but she simply tried to stab us with her soul sword! Humans who haven’t sold their souls to this place are simply horrendous to deal with. They have the audacity to call us demons!


Ultimately: Limbo exists because of love. Well, more accurately, Limbo lives on through a giant animal heart deep within its surface. Of course, others claim that deposits of promethium keep it around, but personally, I don’t find that quite as romantic. The beating heart of an animal ensures each and every one of us demons gets to haunt another day.

Plan Your Trip to Limbo Today

Whether it’s plotting on becoming the Supreme Sorcerer or bathing alongside our lava beds, Limbo welcomes all who manage to find their way into this realm. So pack the nicest pair of hoove-flipflops, grab some sunscreen and a sword, and journey to the realm people are calling “like hell but better.”

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